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***Sarah's Jeweled Navel***(finally)

I can remember, I've always thought navel piercings were the bomb diggety!!! I'm a chicken, I hate needles and because of that...I definitely thought body piercing was not for me. Whatever. You get over that fast. I was flipping through a magazine and my Mom pointed to a picture of this model chick with the cutest gold and jeweled belly ring ever. She said "How cute! Wouldn't you want to get that done?" I said "Of course" knowing in the back of my mind I could never go through with it after hearing horror stories of pain and the after-healing ... read more

Navel Piercing? Well Alright!

n November of '99 I brought up the idea of getting my tongue pierced to my mother (I had wanted it for a while, but thought I should start begging for x-mas). Unfortunately for me, my mother works in a hospital, in infectious disease. So it was an immediate "NO!" I kept on begging and made her feel guilty until I finally decided to start with something smaller, like an eyebrow. Once again, we both remained firm in our beliefs. I managed to go further down on my list of piercings to get, to the navel. In January I had ... read more

Navel at 15!

uring summer '99 I went on a student exchange trip to England and France, and I decided to get my belly button pierced. Keep in mind that I never got permission from a parent or anything. In the US, you have to be 18 to get a piercing, but in England, it's 16. So I tell the host girl (who was really nice) that I am staying with that I would like to get it done. She was 14, a year younger than I, but her sister was 16, so we all had fun together. Anyways, the sister and I ... read more

My Navel Piercing

at you could call a stereotypical "good kid." I make decent grades, avoid trouble, don't drink much, never smoked, and haven't touched drugs, so my mother was somewhat amused when I told her I wanted to get my belly button pierced. "Is this like that whole wanting to run away and join the circus thing?" she laughed, "you grew outta that one!" But this time I meant it. I'm not sure exactly how my obsession (that's really the only word to describe it) with getting pierced started, but I did know that this was just one of those things that ... read more

Good piercing in Limerick, Ireland (navel)

perusing the records of BME and noticed that there were no records from anyone using any of the studios in Limerick, so I decided I would sacrifice my navel for the good of mods everywhere.... (yeah, right, but doesn't it sound altruistic??) I dropped into the reception area of the Living Arts Studio about 3pm - there was noone waiting, but the staff who were around were very friendly, and I got my questions answered right away. I had originally intended just to ask a few questions about pricing and scheduling appointments before deciding whether or not to actually go ... read more

Ouch. Ouch!

had my first piercing experience. I'd wanted a piercing for years, but my family and the companies I've been working for frown on "nontraditional" piercings, and I'm not a big fan of unnecessary pain. I'd considered hidden piercings, navel or nipple, but both seemed a little too painful to consider for a first piercing. I held out until today. I woke up this morning with piercing on my mind. I don't know why I was thinking about piercing, but it was stuck in my head, and I decided it was as good a time as any to get pierced. I ... read more

Piercing + infection + slow healing

getting a second hole punched into my right earlobe, I contemplated navel piercing. I had been thinking of getting my navel pierced for a few months but couldn't get the nerve to go and do it. I researched extensively on the net, and was scared away by the threat of infection, developping keloids and the like. I must admit my initial reasons for wanting to get my navel pierced weren't exactly kosher...I had seen a "celebrity" with one and decided I would look just as attractive with the same piece of shinny metal attached to the skin of my navel. ... read more

Scotch's navel ring

s long as I could remember I had wanted to get a navel ring. It was not until one of my friends got one that my mom would let me get one too. We went to lots of different places to look at rings. When we went to look at places the cleanest and nicest was Absolute Piercings. They were clean, polite, understanding, and best of all sanitary! I went yesterday. (2-9-00) I went in and was really nervous. The artist was really nice about it and it was done really quick. All the procedure was, was that they put ... read more

There's nothing wrong with a big belly

n't been anywhere near thin since I was a really young child. All of the typical comments geared towards larger kids were thrown at me when I was young, making me very self-conscious about how I look. However, after I moved away from home to go to school, things started evolving. First, I was 18. That was the magical number that let me get body modifications without my parents' permission. Being the new college student, wondering how long before I was dirt poor, I started small with things like earrings. First came tragus piercings...done with a gun. I've read how ... read more

My little coping mechanism

ne those people who finds body piercing extremely pleasurable. When i get the urge for a new piercing, just thinking about that sharp, stabbing sensation is enough to make me pick up the phone and call a piercing studio. I've been to The Piercing Urge four times now. First for a nose piercing, then both my nipples and most recently, my navel. My friend had her navel pierced several months ago and i comtemplated having mine done then too, but my heart wasn't in it. Her boyfriend was going to have is nipple done too, so it was meant to ... read more

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