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FINALLY I got my bellybutton pierced- take that Grandma.

In April of this year, I got my first 'real' piercing. I got my belly-button pierced. I have been fascinated with piercings ever since I was about 9 years old, and I got both lobes done for the first time. I ended up getting three in each lobe by the time I was 10, and my addiction began. I always thought that piercings made me look 'cool', which as an overweight, brainiac 9 year old (I've thinned out since) I craved so much. I wanted to be unique, and I guess piercings made me feel like I was. Despite being ... read more

Belly bling bling!

Ever since I've turned 18, I have been interested in tattoos and piercings. Among a few things I got in the first years, I got my navel pierced when I was 19. At this time I didn't know much at all about piercings, so I didn't expect that experience to turn bad, but it did. First, it was pierced at 16 gauge with an externally threaded barbell. Second, the guy who did it (in a shop in Montreal I won't tell about) pierced me while I was standing, and when I missed a breath he got obviously disturbed, he just ... read more

4th time the charm..hopefully

Since I was ten years old I always though that navel rings were cute and I loved the jewelry because they are all so unique. I begged my mom since I was ten years old to get it pierced and the answer was always no, until my sixteenth birthday. The first time I got my navel done was five months ago for my sweet sixteen. I was so shocked when my mom said that was one of my presents because I didn't expect it at all, I thought I was going to have to wait till I was eighteen. I ... read more

Stupidity of a Know-It-All

I will admit that I pride myself on knowing a lot more about piercings then most the people I know. When I love something, I find out as much as I can and usually will talk about it as much as possible. I don't mean to. I'm just passionate. And now I have reached the big 15 of piercings (yes I no that to some it's not that many but for me hehe), I'd like to think I know quite a bit about looking after them, what they're like and how they're done. Anyway enough of the chit chat. I ... read more

Painless Procedure

About two years ago I decided that I wanted a navel piercing because it was such a cute a body modification and it would be a pretty cool show and tell at school, haha. So I hopped onto the internet to thoroughly research my piercing of choice and asked all my friends who had the piercing; I wanted to know how much pain would be involved, aftercare procedures and the best places to go in my area. At first I was kind of worried about my body possibly rejecting the piercing, or me not taking good care of it; but ... read more

My navel piercing

I'm female, thirty two years of age and this is my navel piercing story! I have four lobe piercings in each ear lobe, my previous piercing was May 0f 2006. My previous piercing was more painful than I was expecting, so I was a bit worried about getting my navel done. I had met a lady when I was getting my earlobes done that had her navel pierced and it was beautiful...I wanted one too! I also lost 42 lbs so my abdomen looks much better than it did before. I was originally going to get my navel done when ... read more

My navel experience!

I've always thought navel piercings brought out the stomach and looked really nice...so last year I decided to finally get it done. I asked around as to where my friends got theirs done...and most of them said "Big Ed's" so thats where I decided to go. My mom and I walked in (my younger sister had to wait outside because she was too young) and my mom filled out the necessary papers (which included proof that I was 16 or older) and Big Ed told me to follow him into the back. I chose a diamond barbell that dangled. He ... read more

My gorgeous anti-navel piercing.

A navel piercing was always one of those piercings I had wondered about but told myself I'd never get. Especially an anti-navel, in fact, anti-navel never even came to mind when I thought of getting a navel piercing. Mainly because they never interested me as much as the piercings I wanted before(and have now). But in the past month or two, I'd become much more interested. Ever since my sister had hers done earlier this year. The day I got the piercing I hadn't even planned to get it done. It turned out to be a spur of the moment ... read more

My Inverse Navel

Ever since I was 11 years old, I have been in love with all piercings. I got my ears done when I was 6, then again when I was 11. My second one's were meant to be lobe, but instead the piercer pierced too high up and shattered the cartilage. (Ah, I talk about it like it was so long ago, even though I'm only 13 now!) 3 weeks after my ears were done in Airlie Beach, I had the itch again.. I'd been looking at pictures on BME for years, and I wanted my navel pierced. I wanted to ... read more

Inverse navel, finally!

I have always been fascinated by pierced bellybuttons, but somehow it was not logical for me to have it pierced on the upperside of the navel. And because everyone has a standard navelpiercing I never had it done (I am just like that, I don't know why). Besides, I had an outie untill I was about thirteen or fourteen, so I never expected my navel could be pierced in the first place. A few months ago I found a picture of someone on a forum I visit daily who had an inverse navelpiercing. I was instantly in love, and after ... read more

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