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I Just Cant Keep It Pierced!

It all happened when I was 14. I wanted my navel pierced so bad, everyone had it and I was a follower of the crowds. After months of hounding my parents I was allowed to get it done. So off I went dragging my best friend, mum and brother and sister along to get my navel pierced for the first time. Walking into the shop I was somewhat, shocked, disgusted. I don't really know but I sure know that it wasn't very appealing. It was small and dirty looking, but being the brat that I was I wanted it done ... read more

the long awaited navel...the summer my mother went nuts

Hey, I'm a 15 year old female. My piercings are as follows- *1st set of lobes, done at age five *2nd set of lobes, done at age twelve *Nostril, done at age 15 in June '06 *My newest addition, my navel in August '06 at 15 Yes, I know, I always get an eyebrow or two from conservative people when I tell them that I got my nose before my navel, and I got my navel only a few months after my nose. After all, to them, it's impossible for a straight A student to get piercings, much less facial ... read more

Birthdays Bellybuttons and Deception!

For a very long time I wanted my navel pierced. So being under-age at (the time) I asked my mother and I got a big fat NO!. She said it was too sexy.That just irritated me. There are 12 year olds who have their bellybuttons pierced, now here I am 18 very mature and level-headed and I can't get one. I just had to watch my friends, enemies and girls on TV rave about their newly pierced navels and I just had to sit back and be envious! Well at the begining of September I started to beg my mom ... read more

Spanish Piercing Senorita!

This experience takes me back three years, when I was 16, and went on holiday to Spain with my three sisters to stay in our little beach condo. At the time, I had been considering getting a belly-button piercing for ages, but when my elder sister Rebecca got hers pierced and it had gotten horribly infected to the extent that she had to remove it, I decided against the idea. But when we all went to Spain, we were staying in a resort that had quite a few body modification parlars, and the thought of getting a belly-button piercing kept ... read more

Belly Button, barely hurt at all.

After having my nipple pierced a few years ago, I was very apprehensive about getting my belly button done. I know, I know, everyone says that your navel doesn't hurt much at all, but that what they told me about my nipple too and dear god did that hurt. I guess didn't have such a good experience with that, and it had kind of put me off, but I'd wanted my belly button done for ages, the thing that kept putting me off was that it seems to be the new 14 year old obsession. Then I thought, what the ... read more

Painless poke

Well you know I got a typical navel piercing two days ago. No surface bar or those really complicated one anyway I don't even know the deal behind it so I was not really into it. I persuaded my mom and dad it wasn't really that hard as they weren't against the whole piercing things and I found and researched out the piercing it self and the nearest and most professional piercing studio in my region even though it came with pretty heavy price tag. I mean you would better off going to sterile clean friendly place rather than pay ... read more

My Gorgeous Little 18K Navel!

I had wanted to get my navel pierced for the longest time, but I am super scared when it comes to needles. I wish there was some way for it to be done without having to use one, but that type of technology has yet to be invented! Anyway, my girlfriends all have theirs done and I was so jealous seeing them wear all sorts of cute dangle pieces peeking out under their shirts. Another place to accessorize is always good. I must admit we are dedicated to shopping. What would be better than having a different navel ring to ... read more

my first body piercing(navel)

Well, when I was 12 I really wanted a navel piercing and had thought about doing it myself but I wasn't sure so I just told myself to wait until I was 13. I had asked my mom for my 13th birthday to get it done and she said all right. So my birthday came and for 2 months I kept asking her when are we going to go get it done? Finally after telling my dad to talk to my mom into taking me she said all right. So I prepared myself and told everyone at school so I ... read more

My navel experience!

I've always thought navel piercings brought out the stomach and looked really nice...so last year I decided to finally get it done. I asked around as to where my friends got theirs done...and most of them said "Big Ed's" so thats where I decided to go. My mom and I walked in (my younger sister had to wait outside because she was too young) and my mom filled out the necessary papers (which included proof that I was 16 or older) and Big Ed told me to follow him into the back. I chose a diamond barbell that dangled. He ... read more

My gorgeous anti-navel piercing.

A navel piercing was always one of those piercings I had wondered about but told myself I'd never get. Especially an anti-navel, in fact, anti-navel never even came to mind when I thought of getting a navel piercing. Mainly because they never interested me as much as the piercings I wanted before(and have now). But in the past month or two, I'd become much more interested. Ever since my sister had hers done earlier this year. The day I got the piercing I hadn't even planned to get it done. It turned out to be a spur of the moment ... read more

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