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Spanish Piercing Senorita!

This experience takes me back three years, when I was 16, and went on holiday to Spain with my three sisters to stay in our little beach condo. At the time, I had been considering getting a belly-button piercing for ages, but when my elder sister Rebecca got hers pierced and it had gotten horribly infected to the extent that she had to remove it, I decided against the idea. But when we all went to Spain, we were staying in a resort that had quite a few body modification parlars, and the thought of getting a belly-button piercing kept ... read more

Belly Button, barely hurt at all.

After having my nipple pierced a few years ago, I was very apprehensive about getting my belly button done. I know, I know, everyone says that your navel doesn't hurt much at all, but that what they told me about my nipple too and dear god did that hurt. I guess didn't have such a good experience with that, and it had kind of put me off, but I'd wanted my belly button done for ages, the thing that kept putting me off was that it seems to be the new 14 year old obsession. Then I thought, what the ... read more

Painless poke

Well you know I got a typical navel piercing two days ago. No surface bar or those really complicated one anyway I don't even know the deal behind it so I was not really into it. I persuaded my mom and dad it wasn't really that hard as they weren't against the whole piercing things and I found and researched out the piercing it self and the nearest and most professional piercing studio in my region even though it came with pretty heavy price tag. I mean you would better off going to sterile clean friendly place rather than pay ... read more

My Gorgeous Little 18K Navel!

I had wanted to get my navel pierced for the longest time, but I am super scared when it comes to needles. I wish there was some way for it to be done without having to use one, but that type of technology has yet to be invented! Anyway, my girlfriends all have theirs done and I was so jealous seeing them wear all sorts of cute dangle pieces peeking out under their shirts. Another place to accessorize is always good. I must admit we are dedicated to shopping. What would be better than having a different navel ring to ... read more

my first body piercing(navel)

Well, when I was 12 I really wanted a navel piercing and had thought about doing it myself but I wasn't sure so I just told myself to wait until I was 13. I had asked my mom for my 13th birthday to get it done and she said all right. So my birthday came and for 2 months I kept asking her when are we going to go get it done? Finally after telling my dad to talk to my mom into taking me she said all right. So I prepared myself and told everyone at school so I ... read more

My Double-Lower Navel Experience!!

Ok, so to start off with here's a brief summary of my body mods so far: I have a standard navel piercing that I received 5 years ago, 2 lobe piercings I've had for about 7 years, 2 tragus piercings (one is 3 months old and the other is 2.5 months old), 2 rook piercings (one is 2.5 months old and the other is 1 month old) and 1 snug piercing (which was done at the same time with one of my rooks and is 1 month old).I love all of these piercings and have just had to have another ... read more

my bellybutton piercings

Approximately one month ago, I decided to go and get my navel pierced, as I had wanted it for a pretty long time. Since Latvia is a rather tiny country, I wasn't too sure of where to go to pierce it where I was guaranteed professionals. So I just went to a piercing/tattoo salon where my friend had gotten her tongue and nose pierced, I assumed it was a pretty safe decision. As I walked into the studio, I knew there was no turning back and I began to become really anxious, as this was my first piercing other than ... read more


Ok well I got got my navel pierced three HOURS ago!! I had both of my ears pierced normally with a gun. For me it really hurt and burned like hell. After that I was scared to get any piercings done. four years later. I was 14 and wanted to get my navel done, my parents said ok but never reminded me about it, so we all forgot about it. I always thought navel piercings looked nice and sexy. My friend got it peirced and she said it never hurt and its fine after 1 day she got it done. ... read more

I Wait Years for One

Ok, usual background info: I'm 15, had my navel pierced 15 months ago (I wrote an experience on BME called WAS THAT IT?! in July 2005). It slowly started to reject and became small and shallow and unwillingly, I had to take it out. I had waited God knows how long to get my belly-button pierced. Probably close to five years. It was the one thing in life I wanted and the one thing I nagged my parents about for years. So when the day came I could hardly believe it. Me and my cousin skipped down to ink the ... read more

FINALLY I got my bellybutton pierced- take that Grandma.

In April of this year, I got my first 'real' piercing. I got my belly-button pierced. I have been fascinated with piercings ever since I was about 9 years old, and I got both lobes done for the first time. I ended up getting three in each lobe by the time I was 10, and my addiction began. I always thought that piercings made me look 'cool', which as an overweight, brainiac 9 year old (I've thinned out since) I craved so much. I wanted to be unique, and I guess piercings made me feel like I was. Despite being ... read more

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