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My Navel Piercing

My girlfriend has been nagging me for ages about getting a navel piercing, because she said that with my flat belly (not trying to be vain) that'd it really suit me. Plus, according to every girl I spoke to today, it's apparently really sexy to see a guy with a navel piercing. So today we took our weekly trip into Kettering, the town closest to us with shops and a tattoo parlour, and went to our first trip to Tattoo Inc. We usually make several trips per day, and go every single week, so we are fairly known by the ... read more

My Navel, In Retrospect

Let me begin by starting about 2 years ago, when I was 15 and coming very close to my 16th birthday. And all I could think about was how when I turned 16 it would be legal(with parental consent of course) for me to get a body piercing. At that time, all I had was 3 sets of gunned ear lobes, one set which was stretched to 8g. So, I started on convincing my parents to let me get one. What I initially wanted was an eyebrow barbell. I spent a lot of time on BME looking through experiences and ... read more

My First Non-Ear Piercing

Even though I too got my navel pierced about a month ago, this is really my friend's story, because without her I never would have gotten this piercing. She's one of my best friends in the world, but her parents have always been very strict and conservative with her, and once she turned 18, she was sick of it. Thus how I found myself driving in the opposite direction of the Dallas Galleria, where, as far as our parents knew, we were heading, and she persuaded me to take us to a tattoo parlor another of our friends had mentioned. ... read more

My Double-Lower Navel Experience!!

Ok, so to start off with here's a brief summary of my body mods so far: I have a standard navel piercing that I received 5 years ago, 2 lobe piercings I've had for about 7 years, 2 tragus piercings (one is 3 months old and the other is 2.5 months old), 2 rook piercings (one is 2.5 months old and the other is 1 month old) and 1 snug piercing (which was done at the same time with one of my rooks and is 1 month old).I love all of these piercings and have just had to have another ... read more

my bellybutton piercings

Approximately one month ago, I decided to go and get my navel pierced, as I had wanted it for a pretty long time. Since Latvia is a rather tiny country, I wasn't too sure of where to go to pierce it where I was guaranteed professionals. So I just went to a piercing/tattoo salon where my friend had gotten her tongue and nose pierced, I assumed it was a pretty safe decision. As I walked into the studio, I knew there was no turning back and I began to become really anxious, as this was my first piercing other than ... read more


Ok well I got got my navel pierced three HOURS ago!! I had both of my ears pierced normally with a gun. For me it really hurt and burned like hell. After that I was scared to get any piercings done. four years later. I was 14 and wanted to get my navel done, my parents said ok but never reminded me about it, so we all forgot about it. I always thought navel piercings looked nice and sexy. My friend got it peirced and she said it never hurt and its fine after 1 day she got it done. ... read more

Mein selbstgestochenes Bauchnabelpiercing

Hi, hier möchte ich euch von meinem Selbstversuch erzählen: Das Bauchnabelpiercing. Schon lange Zeit habe ich mir eins gewünscht, doch meine Eltern meinten, nach dem Zungenpiercing seie Schluss. Also kam ich auf die Idee, es mir selber zu stechen. Ich dachte damals: Kann ja wohl nicht so schwer sein, mir eine Nadel durch den Bauchnabel zu rammen. Ich möchte dazu noch sagen, dass ich es niemanden nachmachen will, ich habe es nicht gmacht, weil angsagte Stars es auch habn, oder Freunde oder so, sondern wil es mir ganz alleine gfällt, es hatte also nichts mit Gruppenzwang oder so zu tun! ... read more

Worth the pain?

I'm still trying to decide on this one. A few years ago I got my navel pierced, and for the past few years the only piercings I've had are that, and four in my ears. A few months ago I decided that it was time for something new. Now, my parents aren't exactly thrilled about the whole body mod scene, and the fact that im interested in it let alone wanting to partake in it myself. Facial piercings are pretty much a no-no, with the exception of a nostril piercing, which I'm sure I would have no problems getting if ... read more

ma navel piercing

I had wanted to get my navel pierced for about 2 years but was too scared. First off, my parents did not entertain the idea that I wanted any form of body modification (considering the fact that we're christians). 2 years later however, I became more confident that this is what I wanted and went ahead to persuade my mom to allow me get pierced. I also talked to my boyfriend about it and he encouraged me and told me to be strong. I went around asking for information about piercings and listening to (and reading) other peoples experiences. I ... read more

Two belly piercings are better than one

My belly-button experience began over three years ago, in one of my more rebellious stages. I had pierced my own belly button, and my mother had forced me to take it out. Of course I was outraged because I had spent half an hour shoving a safety pin through my belly button, then stretching it to fit a standard ring. That, if I've ever felt it, was pain. So obviously I complained when my mom asked me to take it out. But of course, being my rebellious self, I repierced it, and this time, my mother let me keep it, ... read more

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