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A Merry Little Belly Button

I am no stranger to piercing, but I am no expert either. Currently, I have standard lobes (two in left ear, one in right), two upper cartilage piercing in my left ear and one in my right. I am also the proud owner of a scar on my right eyebrow, where last year, alas, I had to retire my lovely piercing. This is the story of my belly button (or navel, if you will). I am currently in my second year at uni. Towards the end of my first year (mainly when I had finished exams and had nothing to ... read more

Not Daddy's Little Girl Anymore Is She?

I do have to say getting my belly button pierced is something I always wanted to do. But, when it came time to getting it done, it was very unplanned and spontaneous. Of course I had to come from a strict household where piercings were not allowed. All my friends were getting multiple holes in their ears as we were in middle school, and I was still waiting to just get ONE haha. My parents promised me at age ten I could get my first holes in ears done. But this was at around age eight so I still had ... read more

1st Real Piercing - Standard Navel

Well I've been thinking about having a body piercing for a long time as I had grown bored of having my ears pierced over and over again and I always liked the look of navel piercings on guys. I researched it all on BME by looking at articles and LOT of pictures and I had decided I wanted a navel piercing. Knowing my parents would not allow me to get it pierced as they are very anti-piercing people I knew it would have to be something I got done on my own accord. Being older looking finally has it's perks ... read more

Navel Disaster

My first experience with a non-ear piercing was when I was only 13 years old. The navel piercing was becoming extremely popular on singers and models and I wanted one. When I first asked my mother, she said no, but I would not stand for this. I pestered her day after day until she finally told me to ask my father. She assumed he would say no, but luckily for me, he said he did not care. Reluctantly she gave in and we were to go that Saturday. My mom, my friend, and I were all new to this body ... read more

My shitty first piercing (aka - a lesson learned)

Ok, so I turned 16, what does every sixteen year old do? Get her NYS driving permit, DUH! Besides that? Get her belly button pierced! Back when I was in High School, getting your belly done with a right of passage into womanhood, right? Wrong. When I was in 8th grade, like 13 years old I pierced my own belly button. I did it with a hot sewing needle and put an earing in it. It fell out about six months later when I was in high school. All of the goody goody teacher suckup girls were like "Like, oh ... read more

My second navel - it took a while!

For ages now I've wanted more than one navel piercing. When I was 12 I saw a picture o a girl modelling for Sugar magazine, and she had four navel piercing (in a cross shape) I fell in love with it, and decided then that I really wanted it done. For years people were telling me that it would look gross, and it wasn't possible, but I was determined. I asked my mum at 14 whether I could get the first one pierced (she doesn't know that I want 4) and she told me that I could get it done ... read more

My Navel Piercing

My girlfriend has been nagging me for ages about getting a navel piercing, because she said that with my flat belly (not trying to be vain) that'd it really suit me. Plus, according to every girl I spoke to today, it's apparently really sexy to see a guy with a navel piercing. So today we took our weekly trip into Kettering, the town closest to us with shops and a tattoo parlour, and went to our first trip to Tattoo Inc. We usually make several trips per day, and go every single week, so we are fairly known by the ... read more

My Navel, In Retrospect

Let me begin by starting about 2 years ago, when I was 15 and coming very close to my 16th birthday. And all I could think about was how when I turned 16 it would be legal(with parental consent of course) for me to get a body piercing. At that time, all I had was 3 sets of gunned ear lobes, one set which was stretched to 8g. So, I started on convincing my parents to let me get one. What I initially wanted was an eyebrow barbell. I spent a lot of time on BME looking through experiences and ... read more

My First Non-Ear Piercing

Even though I too got my navel pierced about a month ago, this is really my friend's story, because without her I never would have gotten this piercing. She's one of my best friends in the world, but her parents have always been very strict and conservative with her, and once she turned 18, she was sick of it. Thus how I found myself driving in the opposite direction of the Dallas Galleria, where, as far as our parents knew, we were heading, and she persuaded me to take us to a tattoo parlor another of our friends had mentioned. ... read more

My 13th piercing, a surface under my belly button!

Piercing's: -3 lobe piercings in each ear (1st at 18 months, 2nd at 12 years 3rd at 13years) -scaffolding in my right ear (14 yrs old...well I was 15 3 days after!) -left tragus (15yrs old) -left cartilage (15yrs old) -standard navel (13 yrs old) -Tongue (16yrs old) -and my most recent a surface underneath my navel (16yrs old) Until I was 16 it had always been a fight with my mum to get any piercing, but I always managed to get them in the end, even though it took a couple of months of persuading. Then I turned 16 ... read more

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