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Navel Disaster

My first experience with a non-ear piercing was when I was only 13 years old. The navel piercing was becoming extremely popular on singers and models and I wanted one. When I first asked my mother, she said no, but I would not stand for this. I pestered her day after day until she finally told me to ask my father. She assumed he would say no, but luckily for me, he said he did not care. Reluctantly she gave in and we were to go that Saturday. My mom, my friend, and I were all new to this body ... read more

My shitty first piercing (aka - a lesson learned)

Ok, so I turned 16, what does every sixteen year old do? Get her NYS driving permit, DUH! Besides that? Get her belly button pierced! Back when I was in High School, getting your belly done with a right of passage into womanhood, right? Wrong. When I was in 8th grade, like 13 years old I pierced my own belly button. I did it with a hot sewing needle and put an earing in it. It fell out about six months later when I was in high school. All of the goody goody teacher suckup girls were like "Like, oh ... read more

My loveli Piercing

Jag hade funderat på det här med piercing jättelänge innan jag bestämde mig. Först ville jag ha en i läppen, sen i navlen, sen i både och.....du fattar haha. Sen bestämde jag att de blir bara en piercing, och den skulle sitta i navlen. Många säger att det bara är fjortisar som har piercing i naveln men de tycker jag e bullshit! Vem som helst kan skaffa sig en navelpiercing oavsett ålder, kön eller klädstil. Jag har alltid velat pierca mig men jag har aldrig fått det för mina föräldrar. Jag fick vänta tills jag var 18 vilket kändes jobbigt, ... read more

My Long AWaited-Birthday Navel

I had to write an essay for me l.a. class and so i figure i'll jsut put it up here to!!!! "Through out my life I was known as the good girl. Even though the people close to me knew differently I was still though of a harmless, good girl. Also through out my life I have been fascinated with navel pierces. It had never occurred to me to actually get one, I mean; I was such a good girl and all. I must admit I'm only really seen as a good girl to those who don't know the 'real' ... read more

My Lovely Bellybutton.

Okay, so, I'm really not sure how to start this off, but anyway, yesterday me and my friend Vince were hanging out. All of the sudden he just randomly brought up how he pierced his belly button the night before. He said it didn't hurt or anything and he wanted me to try it. I've always wanted my belly button pierced, but this was kind of spur-of-the-moment. I hesitated at first seeing that he took his out and I didn't have the greatest evidence, plus the fact that he did a surface piercing right below his belly button and was ... read more

My 13th piercing, a surface under my belly button!

Piercing's: -3 lobe piercings in each ear (1st at 18 months, 2nd at 12 years 3rd at 13years) -scaffolding in my right ear (14 yrs old...well I was 15 3 days after!) -left tragus (15yrs old) -left cartilage (15yrs old) -standard navel (13 yrs old) -Tongue (16yrs old) -and my most recent a surface underneath my navel (16yrs old) Until I was 16 it had always been a fight with my mum to get any piercing, but I always managed to get them in the end, even though it took a couple of months of persuading. Then I turned 16 ... read more

I got my way once again!

I always thought Navel Piercing were cute. Although I never actually thought my parents would ever let me get one, so I never asked them. But then in June 2005 I went with my younger sister to Claire's to get her ears pierced, I was browsing to jewelry and I came across this really pretty belly button rings. I wanted one but I didn't have my belly button pierced. That's when it occurred to me to ask my parents if I could get it done. That same night we were out at this restaurant and I asked my mom and ... read more

Can I? Should I? Will I? Yes! My navel's journey...

So my story starts off sometime earlier this year [2006]. I was only 14 at the time, and my mom was the one person that knew of my little desire [to be pierced]. I asked her several times about what she thought of me getting my navel done - but all she ever said was "I don't know"..in a stretched, and somewhat worried voice. In my family, my dad is the parent that makes most of the final parenting decisions. I knew that if I wanted any piercing - I'd have to go to my dad first. Seemingly knowing my ... read more

The story of my self-done belly button piercing.

I come from a one hundred percent Vietnamese family, and they disapprove of almost all piercings (minus ears, but even then they can only be pierced once) and all tattoos, so I have no idea where my fascination with body modifications came from. I've wanted to get my belly button pierced ever since I was about eleven or twelve years old. The idea just always appealed to me. So I asked my mother if she could take me to get it done, but she refused. I then went to my aunt, but she also declined. I then decided to take ... read more

My second navel - it took a while!

For ages now I've wanted more than one navel piercing. When I was 12 I saw a picture o a girl modelling for Sugar magazine, and she had four navel piercing (in a cross shape) I fell in love with it, and decided then that I really wanted it done. For years people were telling me that it would look gross, and it wasn't possible, but I was determined. I asked my mum at 14 whether I could get the first one pierced (she doesn't know that I want 4) and she told me that I could get it done ... read more

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