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how i almost lost my belly ring

Well, I had recently turned 18, and wanted a piercing, as I am sure most 18 year olds do, but I am a procrastinator, so I sat on the idea for about three months, before settling on getting my navel done. The way I looked at it, it was quick, and from what everyone told me, easy to heal, with a low chance of rejecting. I have always worn low wasted pants, so I figured I should have no problems at all. So I got some friends together, and we all headed down to Tattoo mania after my boyfriend was ... read more

Start of the obsession

I was young and giddy. Undebatably dumb, but who isn't when they're young? Even if thats the case, a moment of youthful stupidity has breed a lifetime of obsession. I was 14. Piercings in my community were still practically unheard of at the time. I was pretty cutting edge with my 3 *ekk* gunned holes in my ears. Yet somehow my stepfather's friendship with the men at the local studio had supplied me with the compulsion that seems to overcome every teen girl at some point. I wanted my navel pierced. So badly I was willing to actually do what ... read more

Excellent belly experience

A little background, this was my third non-ear piercing (tongue, nipple) but only my second professional piercing. I've wanted my belly button pierced for awhile but not with that nagging, piney feeling that I had with my tongue, and it's been put off because I had a baby a year and a half ago, and then the matter of no one who could/would take me. I'm married now so I'm a big girl. I had been toying with the idea of getting a tat a few weeks back, went to a couple of places, but ended up chickening out. It ... read more

Piercings Should Never Involve Pliers

My navel was probably my biggest body mod mistake. For the longest time, I swore black and blue I would never pierce my belly button. I just thought it looked slutty. But then I became interested in body mod, and with a job that prohibited facial piercings, my options were narrowed slightly, so I decided to go for it. However, having just spent all my money on a new tattoo and having had ok experiences piercing my ear lobes myself, decided to go for DIY. I went to the local store and bought a navel barbell, very simple, surgical steel ... read more

A Merry Little Belly Button

I am no stranger to piercing, but I am no expert either. Currently, I have standard lobes (two in left ear, one in right), two upper cartilage piercing in my left ear and one in my right. I am also the proud owner of a scar on my right eyebrow, where last year, alas, I had to retire my lovely piercing. This is the story of my belly button (or navel, if you will). I am currently in my second year at uni. Towards the end of my first year (mainly when I had finished exams and had nothing to ... read more

Not Daddy's Little Girl Anymore Is She?

I do have to say getting my belly button pierced is something I always wanted to do. But, when it came time to getting it done, it was very unplanned and spontaneous. Of course I had to come from a strict household where piercings were not allowed. All my friends were getting multiple holes in their ears as we were in middle school, and I was still waiting to just get ONE haha. My parents promised me at age ten I could get my first holes in ears done. But this was at around age eight so I still had ... read more

1st Real Piercing - Standard Navel

Well I've been thinking about having a body piercing for a long time as I had grown bored of having my ears pierced over and over again and I always liked the look of navel piercings on guys. I researched it all on BME by looking at articles and LOT of pictures and I had decided I wanted a navel piercing. Knowing my parents would not allow me to get it pierced as they are very anti-piercing people I knew it would have to be something I got done on my own accord. Being older looking finally has it's perks ... read more

Navel Disaster

My first experience with a non-ear piercing was when I was only 13 years old. The navel piercing was becoming extremely popular on singers and models and I wanted one. When I first asked my mother, she said no, but I would not stand for this. I pestered her day after day until she finally told me to ask my father. She assumed he would say no, but luckily for me, he said he did not care. Reluctantly she gave in and we were to go that Saturday. My mom, my friend, and I were all new to this body ... read more

My shitty first piercing (aka - a lesson learned)

Ok, so I turned 16, what does every sixteen year old do? Get her NYS driving permit, DUH! Besides that? Get her belly button pierced! Back when I was in High School, getting your belly done with a right of passage into womanhood, right? Wrong. When I was in 8th grade, like 13 years old I pierced my own belly button. I did it with a hot sewing needle and put an earing in it. It fell out about six months later when I was in high school. All of the goody goody teacher suckup girls were like "Like, oh ... read more

My loveli Piercing

Jag hade funderat på det här med piercing jättelänge innan jag bestämde mig. Först ville jag ha en i läppen, sen i navlen, sen i både och.....du fattar haha. Sen bestämde jag att de blir bara en piercing, och den skulle sitta i navlen. Många säger att det bara är fjortisar som har piercing i naveln men de tycker jag e bullshit! Vem som helst kan skaffa sig en navelpiercing oavsett ålder, kön eller klädstil. Jag har alltid velat pierca mig men jag har aldrig fått det för mina föräldrar. Jag fick vänta tills jag var 18 vilket kändes jobbigt, ... read more

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