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I got my Belly Button Pierced yesterday and....

Hey, I'm Cassie and I just got my belly button pierced yesterday! To begin with, I'm 15. I've also always loved individuality: piercings, tattoos, different hair color...anything that makes you stand out. My mom is also way into it. She has her nose pierced and a tattoo of a rose on her chest. My dad also has 4 rather large tattoos. Me, I have my lip pierced (bottom lip, right side) and my ears pierced 3 times each. I loved the rush, the adrenaline, of getting a piercing or modifying your body in any way. It was a natural high! ... read more

have you done it???

I had wanted a new piercing for a long time, but I didn't want another ear piercing. I got my 1st holes done when I was Around 6 years old and my seconds done when I was 11 years old. I'd toyed with the idea of having my belly button pierced when I was around 12 or 13, but only seriously started considering the idea in the summer of my 14th year. My mum was seriously considering letting me have a piercing, maybe another ear piercing, was what she was thinking. It was my job to decide which one I ... read more

follow aftercare rules

I'm not really completely sure why I wanted to pierce my belly button... I think it was because I was 16 and I was ready to move on from just having my ears pierced like every other girl my age. I realize that a vast majority of girls my age also have their belly buttons pierced, but at least it was something new and more original than just ears. Some of my friends that had already had theirs done for a little while told me not to expect much pain during the actual piercing, but a more painful healing time. ... read more

Double is Doubly Better!

I had wanted my belly button (navel) pierced for a year or two before I got it done. I was tossing up ideas of placement, how many holes and of course how much it would absolutely cane. I contacted my friend Moodle a few days before I wanted to get it done and we arranged bus timetables and such, so we'd actually have some form of transport (the Adelaide Hills are horrible for public transport). She discussed with me that her piercer, Tim at Hairhouse Warehouse would be the best. She had been pierced by him for many of her ... read more

Six navel rings later

At fifteen I finally got up the courage and parental consent to get my navel pierced. My sister had it done, a few of my friends had it done, but I had never really thought of it as something I wanted. I will admit I saw it as something that only the popular, pretty girls at my high school did and did not see it fitting in with my labret, nostril hoop, eyebrow ring, and heavily pierced ears, but in early September 2005 I was on my way to get my navel pierced and eyebrow double pierced. Things went like ... read more

Against a Maternal Decree.

My mother has always been back and forth about piercings. When I was 8 she told me that I could pierce my earlobes when I turned 13. Well, when my 13th birthday rolled around she changed her mind and told me that I would have to wait until I turned 15. I patiently put up with this game and pierced my lobes when I was 15. The next year I got three cartilage piercings and gauged my lobes. As I got older so did my taste in piercings. I really wanted to get my nostril done. Mom and I discussed ... read more

navel ring

When I was in high school I asked my parents if I could get a navel ring.They said no. Additionally they said if I got one that they wouldn't help me pay for college, though Im not sure they were too serious about that. When I got into college, I waited a couple months, but then decided to get one anyway. I researched a good deal on what the experience would be like and what kind of aftercare it would require and what to look for at a piercing studio. I hadn't had any piercings before except for my ears ... read more

My navel expierence

My piercing experiences have been quite odd. When I was 6, my older sister (who was 16) got her navel pierced. I wasn't really sure what she was doing except that she was crying, and I was contentedly eating ice cream. When she came out and showed my mother the shiny jewelry in her belly, I fell in love and immediately wanted one. I was like "Mommy, I want that too!" I idolized my sister at the time, and I wanted to be just like her. Well my mom of course said no way. She did however, say I could ... read more

Massacred belly button

There's a picture floating around here somewhere of a bruised, wonky, and a bit scabby belly button piercing. That piercing was mine. I had removed this only the day after taking the picture, and only after seeing said picture posted on BME did I realise what a bad job Mr piercer had done. At any reputable piercing studio, you should be able to say stop, ask for your money back and walk out, should you feel uncomfortable. For me, this was not the case. As it was around Christmas time, my usual piercer was closed for the holidays. However, I ... read more

Magical, Unexpected Freedom!

This little story is about my navel piercing experience and its totally unanticipated effects on my state of mind. Just to give a little background information for perspective: I am a lady in my late thirties and, like so many people, always walked around with a negative self-image of my supposedly "inadequate" body. I guess we probably all understand how the media and society can perpetuate this. For me it also carried over into a sense of incomplete confidence in my own capabilities, and together the two really helped hold me back from many things in life. I came of ... read more

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