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Well ever since grade 5 I'v wanted my belly button pierced, and I'v bugged my Mom for it for so long! But in grade 7 I guess all the bugging paid off, because she finally was going to let me, after 3 years of bugging! I was so happy, I got my belly button pierced last May and everything was going fine it was healed and everything. But then about a month and a half ago I was at my friends and the top ball came off and unfortunately I did not have an extra ball, so I had to ... read more

Belly button Piercing

A few years ago, I decided that I wanted to get my bellybutton pierced. I usually tend to try to deviate from what every one else is doing, but when I saw people with it pierced, I knew I had to do it. I pondered my decision for a while, but finally went through with it a few months later. At this time, I had to have permission from my mother so I took her with me to sign the form or release. At this time a lot of girls had been coming in to receive this piercing, so the ... read more

Piercing My Own Navel

When I was younger, in middle school, I really wanted my navel pierced, I already had my lobes pierced twice. I made the mistake of asking my mother first, my mother is very conservative and she obviously said no. I had never really done anything that my parents told me not to do before and I just really wanted to rebel... so I did. One night I just decided to do it. I got some ice from the kitchen and held it on my navel for about five minutes and then I used a safety pin which I had briefly ... read more

A Long Awaited Navel Piercing

I had wanted a navel piercing for quite some time. My mother had hers done when I was 11, and it killed me to think I'd have to wait 7 more years 'till I had the chance to get mine. I was no stranger to piercings; I had 3 each in my ear as well as my cartilage. Pain was not a problem; I just didn't have the patience. Finally my 18th birthday arrived which also happened to be Mardi Gras weekend. My friend Brittany had wanted her navel done as well so she and I decided to make a ... read more

My second piercing in 22 years.

I hadn't really thought about getting my naval pierced until I was 32 years old and I had a whole new look going for me so why not get pierced? I am not much of a jewelry person to start with. I wear my wedding ring and only seldom do I wear earrings. So I never thought too much about it. My husband said he wasn't too thrilled about the idea but after talking about it we realized that if I got a tattoo, it was permanent. I couldn't change it, the color, the style, etc. At least with a ... read more

101 ways not to look after you navel...

My navel has always been done as a pretty, secretive piercing that I liked the look of. I was 14 when I first got it pierced, it was about a year after the craze seemed to have started in my school, and all the time I saw girls pulling up their school shirts and playing with pretty gems and showing their friends their freshly pierced stomachs. But I didn't want mine done at that point. And even if I did, I knew my mother would never let me, it was hard enough getting my ears pierced once. But then after ... read more

My Navel Piercing - A Sign of Independence

After going on vacations to tropical places for so many years and seeing so many navel piercings at the beaches, I always thought about how awesome it would be to have one as my own. Now, my parents aren't very conservative and although my Dad was pretty okay with it, my mom was still not totally comfortable with the whole idea. The only thing she would let me do was get a second hole done in my ears, and even though it's nice to having another one, I wasn't completely satisfied. I researched curiously about the topic constantly and looked ... read more

My first body piercing, and my first convulsion.

It all really started about in April 2006, when I got my ears pierced for the first time. 18 is a little older than average to get that done, I know. But it was so easy and painless, I could now actually see myself getting my navel pierced. Flash forward to August. Some friends and I went to Myrtle beach for three days to celebrate the end of another great summer (we all work at the same Girl Scout camp). I decided it was time to get a daisy tattooed on the second toe of my left foot (a rite ... read more

my bottom bellybutton piercing

After getting my nose pierced and three holes in each ear, i decided to be like everyone else and get my bellybutton pierced. But i didn't want to be like everyone else, I wanted to be unique. At first I thought that there really was not a way to be unique about it, I mean, come on, half the world has their bellybutton's pierced. But then I thought, what if I got the bottom part of it done? How would that look? I tried to think of everyone that I knew that had a bottom bellybutton piercing, and no one ... read more

It's about damn time...

Well I have been wanting my belly button pierced for a while now. In face I have been wanting it since I was 13. A girl on my bus had it and from that moment I fell in love. My mom had always been cool with the idea, only because she knew I was scared of needles... Now my fear isn't bad and I have defiantly been bit by the piercing bug. When I was 14 I got tattoos and then last summer my brother pierced my ears twice himself. Plus after my whole I hate needles thing, I had ... read more

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