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Why you take care of your navel piercing, for God's sake.

Alrighty then. I'll start with the basics. I am Amanda, I'm 15, and I decided one day that it would be fun for my first real piercing to be my navel. What I really wanted was my tongue done, but my mom said no. My friend was over at my house one night, and she had her belly button pierced recently. She told me her mom did it. Her mom was a vet. tech and was handy with needles. I still wasn't sure I trusted her, but my mom did and said "I would rather you get it done by ... read more

one hole there wasn't enough..!

Having nine piercings, and none of them done within the past two years, I came to the conclusion that I was way way WAY overdue for something new! My "to-do list" included: rook, lower navel, industrial, and nose, plus some others. So I decided to do some research. More like a TON of research. I always do this for any piercing I plan on getting, just to make sure I get the most accurate, helpful information out there. You can never be too prepared, trust me. If it were not for BME I probably would not have any of my ... read more

Navel Piercing

I saved up money to get my navel piercing and now I'm pissed because I think it was done wrong. The place I went to was pretty grungy, but my friends had gone to this place before and said it was okay so I went ahead to get my piercing. I didn't really take into consideration the environment because I was so excited. For one thing, the piercer was a JERK. He was young, probably in his late-twenties and completely ignored our presence while talking on the phone. He gave us a lot of attitude and acted as if we ... read more

My birthday present to myself

My parents had never really been into piercing, and weren't particularly happy with the idea of me having a lot of them. I was really pleased when I turned 16 and could legally have piercing without parental consent, and jumped at the opportunity to do so. They'd only ever let me have single holes in my ear lobes, so when my 16th birthday was coming up, I knew I wanted my navel pierced, partly because it looked good, and partly because my parents wouldn't be able to see it and be bothered by it. They weren't particularly happy about my ... read more

I wish I would've Waited!

Around this time of year about three years ago I was obsessed with belly button peircings. Getting mine done was all I could think about! I begged my mom for weeks to take me. Finally she gave in! It was on a Wednesday that we went. We went to one place and they wouldn't do it because I was so young. I was majorly bummed! Before we gave up, we went to one last place. He agreed to do it as long as my mother signed for me! With all the paper work squared away, it was time to get ... read more

Bioflex Navel

I have a whole list of piercings which I am planning for the next couple of years and I chose this as my starting point. Although a standard navel is basic and hugely popular I am not anatomically suited for an inverse (my 1# choice) and I thought it best to start with something easy to gauge my body's ability to heal itself before I embarked upon my more complex ambitions. I basically have a slit for a belly button, so a standard 8mm bottom ball was out of the question and after ridiculous amounts of reading up on BME ... read more

Bellybutton Experience

I'd been wanting to get my bellybutton done since I started getting body mods at age 18, my first being a tongue piercing. Since then, I've accumulated 2 tattoos and numerous ear piercings, but no other body piercings. I was sent home from work early one day, and I figured, "What the heck? Let's do it!" So I got home, woke my boyfriend up, and set up the appointment. The studio I went to has an all right reputation, meaning, my friends that had gone there weren't very impressed with the place or the work done. Anyway, I set my ... read more

The belly piercing I've always wanted

I've been thinking about getting a belly piercing but something has always been stopping me... like how I'm not sure if my parents will let me, my insecurities of my tummy as it is, not a very washboard type, in fact, far from it...and the pain. I've got 6 piercings actually, 3 on each ear. 2 cartilage and an earlobe on my left ear, 1 cartilage piercing and 2 earlobes on the other ear. All of them are done with piercing guns, I choose them despite how many times I've been told that piercing guns are not good or safe ... read more

Belly button massages, breaking my shell, and getting a quad navel.

I've been forever divided by two worlds. In my mind, I'm a unique individual, just trying to get by in life without too many problems. I don't let anyone tell me who to be, what to do, or how to be myself. And yet, I grew up in what you would call the "Dirty South." Born in Chicago, I have city roots. It makes me culturized and intelligent. But I was whisked away to sunny South Florida, where I spent most of my childhood. We never had money, so we lived in what you could call the worse areas's of ... read more


Well ever since grade 5 I'v wanted my belly button pierced, and I'v bugged my Mom for it for so long! But in grade 7 I guess all the bugging paid off, because she finally was going to let me, after 3 years of bugging! I was so happy, I got my belly button pierced last May and everything was going fine it was healed and everything. But then about a month and a half ago I was at my friends and the top ball came off and unfortunately I did not have an extra ball, so I had to ... read more

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