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My Navel Piercing

I am a junior in college, and ever since changing my major from Theater to a double major in Film and English before my freshman year, I have wanted to get a body mod. I have two piercings in each ear, both done many many years ago, but since piercings and tattoos aren't easy to hide depending on the roles you get, I never even considered any others until I changed. For the longest time, I wanted a tattoo. A little more than two weeks ago, my friend came up to visit me at school wanting a tattoo, so we ... read more

my navel - stab of interest

Well - I got my navel piercing done two days ago at the Steel Paintbrush Studio in Durham. I had wanted it since I was around nine years old and I specifically remembering bargaining with my parents about getting it done. They had told me that, if I still wanted it done when I was sixteen then I could have it done. I begrudged them for the amount of time I had to wait, but I suppose I respect that they were not going to let their ten year old daughter get a hole through her stomach! Back to the ... read more

My navel is pierced -- booyah!

Hey everybody! The decision to get my navel pierced was actually made in the spur of the moment... Last week I had my tragus pierced, and because it was so easy and painless I started thinking about other possible places to get pierced. When I was 16 I wanted a labret piercing more than anything in the whole wide world, but nowadays I am happy I didn't go thru with my plans... Facial piercings can be gorgeous, but I am afraid for scarring after it's taken out. So today I decided to get my navel pierced, since it's not visible ... read more

A present to myself..

It was only yesterday that I was able to treat myself with two new piercings. I'd decided that it would be nice to give myself a present once I'd received my re-sit exam grades earlier in the week. I'd decided before hand that whether I'd improved or not, now was the time to mark the occasion. (As it went I actually got 100% marks on the paper taking my grade from a C to an A) After moving to a new area of England only around a year and a half ago, I'd not found myself a piercer that I ... read more

The Love of My Life

When I was 13 or 14 I started seeing belly button piercings and all the cute rings and I fell in love! When I talked to my mom I was 16 and I wanted it for my 17th birthday. She said sure but when the subject was brought up to my dad he quickly shot down the idea of a piercing. So I waited awhile and asked my mom again around winter break (December 2006). She said yes but we had to go behind my dad's back to get it. That wouldn't be a problem for me cause I'm really ... read more

Second time lucky...

This is the story of a happy, healthy navel piercing. It was my second attempt that this piercing, the first experience can be found right here, but the background information isn't that important. Your certainly not going to feel left out by not having read it. So my navel piercing was out, healed up. I had a slight scar where the last bar had been, it looks a little like a purple smudge that I get the feeling will never heal properly, that you will always know I've had something there. It doesn't bother me, on some days I actually ... read more

Piercing a friends navel.

Now, this isn't like the usual stories you read on here, but I felt it worth sharing. About a week ago, my friend (let's call her Amy) told me she was going to pierce her navel with a safety pin. Of course I told her how incredibly stupid this was, and reeled off about a million reasons why not to do this, but she must be stupider than I thought, and refused to go to a professional. I thought about this in my own time, and decided that I would not let her do this; there were too many risks ... read more

My First (Professional) Navel Piercing and My Mistake

I got my first professional navel piercing, sometime after Christmas. To elaborate on the 'first professional' part, I had been one of those stupid little girls in 8th grade who thought it'd be cool to pierce my own bellybutton. Wrong... It leaves scars and tough scar tissue and makes your navel look quite unattractive for awhile so I would never suggest it if you don't know what you are doing and chances are if you are in 8th grade.. You probably don't. Anyway, that part applies later. So sometime after Christmas I had all this Christmas money and decided to ... read more

Why you take care of your navel piercing, for God's sake.

Alrighty then. I'll start with the basics. I am Amanda, I'm 15, and I decided one day that it would be fun for my first real piercing to be my navel. What I really wanted was my tongue done, but my mom said no. My friend was over at my house one night, and she had her belly button pierced recently. She told me her mom did it. Her mom was a vet. tech and was handy with needles. I still wasn't sure I trusted her, but my mom did and said "I would rather you get it done by ... read more

one hole there wasn't enough..!

Having nine piercings, and none of them done within the past two years, I came to the conclusion that I was way way WAY overdue for something new! My "to-do list" included: rook, lower navel, industrial, and nose, plus some others. So I decided to do some research. More like a TON of research. I always do this for any piercing I plan on getting, just to make sure I get the most accurate, helpful information out there. You can never be too prepared, trust me. If it were not for BME I probably would not have any of my ... read more

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