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The Middle of the Line

I had been talking about getting my navel done for a while. I wanted the pretty jewels I saws so many girls with. I even slimmed down and partially toned my body to get ready for the piercing I swore I would get. I was about 16 or so and had been on vacation with my grandparents when I noticed how pretty navel piercings were and I wanted one. I wasn't old enough so I had to hold on to my dream. My senior year started that fall and my boyfriend at the time, told me I should get my ... read more

A Merry Little Belly Button, Mark 2.

A few months ago, around November I believe, I posted an experience on here about the navel piercing I obtained in August 2006. This is a follow up story regarding the healing process. I know when I was researching my piercing, I wanted to know how the piercing healed, not how awesome it looked after four minutes. On with the show. In my last experience, having had the piercing for three months, some account of healing was given. However, at that time, I hadn't experienced any problems. Around the five month mark (some time when I came back to uni ... read more

Second time going

I had always been excited to get my belly button pierced, but mum wouldn't let me. Finally when I was 16 she let me do it. I entered the studio and it was clean and professional. My piercer asked me to lay on the table and she cleaned and marked the area and then proceeded to pierce my navel. The pain was as expected, and I found it virtually painless. She gave me a sheet of paper on aftercare and I was ready to go. When I got home, I was sitting down and when I stood up I felt ... read more

The Love of My Life

When I was 13 or 14 I started seeing belly button piercings and all the cute rings and I fell in love! When I talked to my mom I was 16 and I wanted it for my 17th birthday. She said sure but when the subject was brought up to my dad he quickly shot down the idea of a piercing. So I waited awhile and asked my mom again around winter break (December 2006). She said yes but we had to go behind my dad's back to get it. That wouldn't be a problem for me cause I'm really ... read more

Second time lucky...

This is the story of a happy, healthy navel piercing. It was my second attempt that this piercing, the first experience can be found right here, but the background information isn't that important. Your certainly not going to feel left out by not having read it. So my navel piercing was out, healed up. I had a slight scar where the last bar had been, it looks a little like a purple smudge that I get the feeling will never heal properly, that you will always know I've had something there. It doesn't bother me, on some days I actually ... read more

Piercing a friends navel.

Now, this isn't like the usual stories you read on here, but I felt it worth sharing. About a week ago, my friend (let's call her Amy) told me she was going to pierce her navel with a safety pin. Of course I told her how incredibly stupid this was, and reeled off about a million reasons why not to do this, but she must be stupider than I thought, and refused to go to a professional. I thought about this in my own time, and decided that I would not let her do this; there were too many risks ... read more

My First (Professional) Navel Piercing and My Mistake

I got my first professional navel piercing, sometime after Christmas. To elaborate on the 'first professional' part, I had been one of those stupid little girls in 8th grade who thought it'd be cool to pierce my own bellybutton. Wrong... It leaves scars and tough scar tissue and makes your navel look quite unattractive for awhile so I would never suggest it if you don't know what you are doing and chances are if you are in 8th grade.. You probably don't. Anyway, that part applies later. So sometime after Christmas I had all this Christmas money and decided to ... read more

A present to myself..

It was only yesterday that I was able to treat myself with two new piercings. I'd decided that it would be nice to give myself a present once I'd received my re-sit exam grades earlier in the week. I'd decided before hand that whether I'd improved or not, now was the time to mark the occasion. (As it went I actually got 100% marks on the paper taking my grade from a C to an A) After moving to a new area of England only around a year and a half ago, I'd not found myself a piercer that I ... read more

Five Holes for the Posession of One

I've been obsessed with modification since kindergarten but I was never allowed to have any. I was finally able to get my lobes pierced at about thirteen but only because my sister wanted it done, as well. Unfortunately, as with all peoples of the mod-ignorant masses, none of us knew it was unsafe to have it done at Wal-Mart and that is exactly what we did. To this day it still baffles me that my mother, who worked at a hospital for years, didn't think that it might be a bad idea. But that is not what this is about. ... read more

A navel piercing from heaven.

About 4 months ago on November 12th, I made my way on down to a quaint tattoo parlor in downtown Fredericksburg. Every year my parents have allowed me to get one piercing ever since I managed to convince them that piercings were a healthy obsession. Last year it was my snug, which I recently retired because it was thoroughly against the idea of healing. This time my dad accompanied me to get my navel pierced. I see navel piercings as somewhat of a gateway drug, so I thought it would be a good choice as an addition to my collection ... read more

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