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I got my belly pierced at 13, and i love it!

Okay, so my mum, sister (sara) and I went to Singapore for a week to visit old friends because we lived there for a year and a half. While I was there I decided, since it was summer holidays, to get an extreme hair cut and get an industrial. But when my haircut was all done and over i realized I couldn't get my industrial, since it wouldn't be covered up in school. Since my school is private, you cant have any piercings. So if you still want them in you have to hide them or the teached tell you ... read more

finally i got it donnnee

I have always wanted to get my navel done. After begging my parents for years I finally gave up and decided to wait it out until I was 18 when I could legally do it myself. I don't have the guts to stick a sewing needle threw my stomach and i'm not going to blackmail my parents. So I forgot about my navel for a few months. Fast forward to June of 07 and one of my best friends comes over my house proclaiming she got her bellybutton pierced. Her mom had always wanted her to get it and she ... read more

The Rejected Navel Piercing

So since I was about 15 I always wanted my belly pierced. I would go to the beach and see all those older teen girls walking around, with their navels clad in rhinestones. Those spring-breakers on MTV look so cute in the bikinis and jewelry... My oldest sister got her belly button pierced when she was 18 and I was 13 from my Aunt Dawn as a graduation gift; they got it together. My next oldest sister got hers done when she was 17 and I was 14. This just built up my anticipation. Soon enough, I was faced with ... read more

Standard Navel (diy)

I have loved piercing for a very long time. I also have many piercings including... 10 in ears(most self-done), cartilage, nose (self-done), lip(self-done), tongue, inverse navel, and standard navel(of course self-done!!). I suggest that you know what you are doing before you attempt to pierce yourself or any one else.It could be very very dangerous. You risk infection and a lot of other problems. Just know the facts before you pierce =] Okay. So heres my story about my newest piercing addition. I have wanted my inverse navel done for quite a long time and my mom finally took me ... read more

My stubborn pursuit of a navel piercing

Well lets just start by saying that I am one stubborn person. At the beginning of 2007 I decided I had to have a piercing, I had just turned 22 and felt like doing something just for a rush. Well anyway, as much as I would have LOVED to get my nose pierced, I am a lawyer and it would not go down well in the corporate environment. Due to my job, I obviously had few options in relation to piercings. So anyway the obvious choice was a navel piercing, not to extreme but also very sexy. I have always ... read more

mi perfo en el ombligo!

Bueno, hace mucho tiempo q queria hacerme una perforación en el ombligo, mas o menos desde que tenia como 10 u 11 años, pero mi mama siempre ha sido muy anticuada, asi q ella nunca me dio el permiso, pero eso no me importo y aun asi un dia decidi q era el momento. El dia q me hice la perfo, mi mama y mi hemrmana salieron, asi q yo iba a estar practicamente todo el dia sola; como hay dos lugares de tatuajes y perforaciones cerca de mi casa decidi irme a pie. El lugar mas cerca era uno ... read more

Il mio primo piercing

Ciao a tutti! A dispetto della mia apparenza (sembro una ragazzina e pure molto tranquilla... invece ho 24 anni e sono piuttosto irrequieta!) sono una grande amante di piercing e tatuaggi... ne ho uno al naso e uno all'ombelico, fatto sei anni fa. Per la verità ho dovuto farlo due volte.. la prima l'avevo fatto da un'amica piercier, era andato tutto bene, solita procedura: punto segnato con una penna, poi la sensazione della pinza che stringe forte, poi l'ago che passa. Il dolore non è molto intenso, anzi in sé e per sé non è doloroso, è più una sensazione ... read more

Navel Piercing

In August I decided out of nowhere to get my navel pierced. My boyfriend told me that he didn't want me to, because he thought it was just some impulse decision and I would regret it, and admittedly it WAS an impulse decision at the time. I decided that I didn't care if he didn't want me to; I was going to do it anyway. I talked to my cousin, who has done a lot of piercings and is very good at it despite not being a professional piercer, and he said that he would gladly do it; I just ... read more

Navel Piercing as a Sign of Achievement

My story starts at the beginning of February 2001, I was in year 11 at the time and all the girls at school had their navels pierced. I had just started at a new school and wanting to fit in at the time, also got my navel pierced as well. It wasn't really the piercing I wanted at the time and being quite overweight at the time it didn't really look attractive to me. After a few months it just refused to heal and I decided to take it out and have my tongue pierced instead. Fast forward nearly seven ... read more

My second choice

I had just turned 17 and I really wanted to get my nipples pierced. I had been contemplating getting it done ever since my mom, when I was a kid, told me I can't get any more piercings (I had just gotten the top of my belly button pierced; two holes in each ear). Joking around I said, "What if I wanted to get my nipples pierced?" and she replied, "I'd take you to get them done and then when you have babies, I want to see you try and handle a new baby and your boobs squirting everywhere.", but ... read more

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