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my first true love - homemade spiderbites!

The first time I saw snakebites I was about thirteen (I think!!) and at first I thought "ewww, gross that must have been so painful!" but as I started to see more and more of them I began to think "hmmm, maybe they're not so bad, maybe they're cool" then I actually began to really like them. However I always wanted original piercings and snakebites (where I live anyway) were really common. So when I was doing more research on the internet and I came across spiderbites I instantly fell in love with them. I am only fifteen so I ... read more

My Chelsea Smile

I've been into body mods for quite some time now. When I was eight, I went with my (much) older sister to get her first tattoo, and I was hooked. After much begging and bargaining, my mother allowed me to get my first piercing when I was 15. I got an off center labret, which was not very common at the time. Over the past several years, everyone I see has a lip piercing, and I got frustrated. I hate seeing someone with the same things as me, whether it's a T-shirt or a piercing. After several tattoos and other ... read more

My snakebite lip piercings!

I started liking the idea of 'possibly' getting a piercing... I thought the septum and lip were cool but decided that lip was the one I liked the most. I'd check out the BME website from time to time and decided I really wanted to get my lip pierced on the side. I had talked about it with one of my best friends who had had a lip piercing before; which he later took off and closed up, but he said he wanted to get it re-pierced. I thought, great! We can go together one of these days and check ... read more

Reincarnation or Reiteration?

For a long time I had been wanting to get some piercings. Maybe it was just wanting to be different, maybe it was a subconscious cry to suburban America "I'm different, so DEAL WITH IT!", right now I lean more towards "I can do it because I pay my taxes like you pay yours...". The first piercings I ever had I did myself. At the time, I was 13 - 14 years old, and angsty to boot. If I decided I wanted something, I did it. Simple as that... So one day after much consideration I decided I wanted my ... read more

My Long Awaited Spider Bites

I have always had a fascination in piercing, ever since I seen my first piercing. I loved it I know one day I'd have many of them. Ever since I was little my dad has been trying to get my mom to let me get my ears pierced. But, my mom has never liked piercing. The only piercing she liked was an ear piercing. But, only on girls. She always said, "Not for guys." So, one day my 6th grade year I went up to my mom and asked her if I could get my ears pierced. Well it took ... read more

My amazing medusaaa!

So I had known for a year or so I wanted some kind of oral piercing, and I knew my mom wouldn't let me get my tongue pierced, so I had to choose a lip piercing. At first, I was really into just a classic off-center piercing, on the right side. After I thought about it more, I decided I wanted a bit of a classier, less edgy location. I thought about it and became dead-set on getting a monroe. They are so pretty and classy, yet still edgy. After a couple of months of knowing I wanted a monroe, ... read more

"Does it go all the way through?"

I fell in love with body modification when I was around fourteen.Before that, I never quite understood why anyone would want piercings or tattoos.I was also terribly afraid of needles.I didn't even get my ears pierced until I was in sixth grade.For those reasons, I never thought I would have anything else pierced.That's changed, because I now have eight holes, including my first lobe piercings.And yes, those were done with a gun at Walmart.In my defense, I didn't know that guns weren't the best piercing tools, at the time.Anyways, let's get to the story of my first piercing that was ... read more

Hopefully this one will last.

So, this is my second time having a lip ring done. I had one done last year, and loved it. It lasted through a trip home (where I had to take it out every day and put it back in every night), and a couple other instances where I removed it. However, I took it out one night for a nice dinner, and it had closed up by the time we had gotten home, maybe three hours later. Very aggravating. I missed it a lot more than I thought I would, considering I got it done the first time mostly ... read more

A lot more than a replacement.

About six months ago, I decided that the time was right to get the lowbrets that I had always wanted, and that I did. I was very happy with them after they were done, but unexpected swelling and other complications led to them being taken out, repierced, taken out again, and then repierced again, and then taken out yet again. I was very frustrated, and felt like my face looked naked without the little studs I had worked so hard to try to keep poking out below my lips. So, to fix my problem, I decided to look into similar ... read more

Not So Hard.

I had recently been debating piercing my smiley/scrumper or what ever you wish to call it. I've always really liked this piercing, and one of my friends has it and gets compliments all the time. I especially like it if the loop chosen is pretty thin, without balls or colors other than silver. Being only fifteen, my mother doesn't actually approve of facial piercing so I figured this would be relatively easy to hide, and I would be able to do it myself. I wasn't worried about doing it myself as I have done a number of piercings on myself ... read more

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