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My new pierced lip!

lways been fascinated by piercings, but never thought I could have one myself. This is because my parents are against any form of body modification, and on top of that I'm afraid of needles. Because I can't stand much pain and heard all the horror story's about how painful getting pierced is, I just would read about it and look at some photo's on the Internet. The more I began to know about piercings and the procedures, the more I wanted to experience it myself. Because all the stories I have red are different, I didn't know what to expect ... read more

side lip ring adventure

off let me tell you that i'm not a stranger to piercing. I know that there are way more people in this world with way more piercings than i'll ever have. But at least i know the drill. I wanted a lip ring for so long, i can't even remember when the longing started. I used to take the beads out of captive bead rings and put them on my lip to see how they would look, and to be honest I LOVED IT... but i didnt like how the center lip ring looked Too many people had that... That ... read more

My my, I didn't even flinch!!!!

mes the coolest things happen in life when you don't really plan or think to much about them. Thats what happened with my second facial piercing. After getting my tongue pierced at 16 I wanted so badly to get other things done but something was always in the way, whether it was sports or work or my parents, I just wasn't able to do it. So after waiting 3 years and a few months I finally made the decision to do it. Because I had graduated and college was starting in a few days I figured it was the perfect ... read more

Self Piercings

made you do that?" This was my aunt's first question on the following morning of my dealings with Whiskey and a Safety Pin. My reply: "I got bored." "Oh" And my Aunt goes back to making her-self a pot of coffee. It all started with one of my friends, Rachel, getting her tongue pierced in 8th grade. I knew I wanted my tongue pierced, that was a given, but it seemed like everyone was getting their tongue pierced, Cause "It's the thing to do". Well, after noticing more and more people with their tongue pierced, I decided that I just ... read more

my vertical labret

i'm here to add the story of my vertical labret piercing because i think there is only one other vert. labret experience on here. and i know there are more people interested besides me that would like more information on the piercing. well for a few months now i'm had my mind set on getting a vertical labret piercing. now my parents are completely against body modification and go nuts over the fact that i have a conch and anti tragus piercing done. so i hide most of my twenty three piercings, (12 ga top and 14 ga bottom navel, ... read more

my ringed lip

I don't know what ever made me want to get my lip pierced, but ever since I was in 8th grade and saw Marilyn Manson with his lip pierced I wanted it. I started to get into body piercing when I was in 8th grade. I wanted to get my second and third holes pierced with a gun (ewww). I begged my mother for months and finally she said yes. After that I tried piercing my belly button, my lip several times and my nipples. I finally gave up, and went to a professional body piercer. I have accumulated 20 ... read more

impressed? A monroe on bid night

I'm baaack, you may remember me from such piercing expirences as, "an old piercing turned new" and " a very merry unanniversary" well now i'm here to tell you about my monroe. a tale of woe that involves ethics, capilitlism and yes, sorority girls. This piercing has been on my parts of body to pierce next list for a few months. Now it is tradition in my sorority that on bid night the sisters and some of our new members go and get various and asundry body parts pierced and/or tattoed. So I decided that this would be an good ... read more

About freakin' time...my lip piercing experience

So there I was, on the highway, on my way to get my lip pierced. Finally. I had been expecting to get it done months before but things fell through over and over again. Partly because I live in Massachusetts which doesn't offer very many legitimate piercing studios and partly because people were being very anal about me and my friends IDs. But now we were pulling into the parking lot and I finished my cigarette and me, my girlfriend, and my best friend strode up to the studio door and walked in. I had been at the studio before ... read more


that if I managed to give up smoking for a year I would allow myself another piercing. After looking at BME I finally decided that I wanted my Labret done. That year came this September so on my first available day off I boarded the train to Brighton. I had read, and was worried about, the effect that this piercing would have on my teeth, its not cheap looking after ones teeth and I didn't not want to have to pay out hundreds of pounds on dentist work after one wrong bite or with a stud knocking on my teeth ... read more

My Poor Lip :0(

ght've read my experiances in tongue piercing and my first tattoo....and how I've moaned about the unfortunate story of my lip ring. Well now I'm here to tell the tale!!! My lip was my first 'proper' piercing (I'd self pierced my nose 5 times a year before and they went drastically wrong, so I reckoned I'd leave it to the professionals from now on!), I'd been planning on it a while, and when the day finally came I was so nervous I bought along 2 friends for support. I'd been in L'Homme before when my friend had her eyebrow done, ... read more

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