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My Labret Experience

ret Piercing The labret piercing has long reigned as my favorite piercing. It seemed so simple, blunt even, yet beautiful. I actually got upset seeing guys I knew were jerks, who had it, since it seemed to degrade it somehow. Yes, sometimes I think about a piercing's feelings too much, I know. Anyway, so I always wanted this piercing, but never got it. For several reasons. For one, it was blunt, like I said, and quite noticeable. And I always had a job to worry about. I figured a retainer would do, but most piercings still require some time to ... read more

Super labret.

wanted a labret for a while prior to 'the big day'. My mom, her friend, my brother and I had driven to Kingston for a day of shopping and of course my new piercing. I had researched many piercings and knew what I was getting into. I had been to the studio a few times prior and talked to the girl at the counter and the piercer, both very friendly people who seemed rather intelligent. Buddha's Belly is a fairly new studio so I hadn't heard much about it but after I met the staff and checked out the atmosphere ... read more

The Monroe from Hell!!!!

ever written about other piercing on BME because I've never had to leave anyone foresight. But, after my monroe from hell, I really think people should think about the places they attend before they entrust their bodies to those places. I think the best place to start is how many piercing I have and mention that I've never had a problem. I have 4, 10 gauge nipple rings, 2, 6gauge navel rings, 10 gauge hood, christina, 2 tongue rings, one 10, one 4, seven surface piercing on my torso, tongue webbing, stretched ears and a number of cartilage piercing that ... read more

Labret demistyfied

il Labret demystified. After I got my tongue pierced a year ago with a 8ga 5/8" and a circular barbell 10ga septum, on October 5th 2000, I decided that I want to get one last piercing. I decided on a Labret. Walked in the studio, followed all the cleaning procedures and pierced me with a 14ga fishtail labret jewelry with a ½" primary bending to accommodate swelling. This was the least painful piercing I ever had. The tail of the labret sits horizontally along the bottom gum line. The first 4 days, the inside of the lip swelled to almost ... read more

Lip Piercing, absolutely NO pain.

for about a year I've wanted to get either my lip pierced. However, my parents have ALWAYS stood in my way, I'm 17, and for most places the legal age is 16 (in Toronto at least), legally I'm allowed to do it, but without my parents kicking my ass, well, that's a hard task. My parents seem to be hellbent that putting a hole in your body is wrong. I have no clue why? I've fought with them over this a million times. They are not religious, so I see no foundation to there opinions. However, there opinion has always ... read more

ah, a horrible labret

first facial piercing, i decided to get a labret. i liked the way it looked, nice and centred, and it was something i could still get a job with, most likely. so i drove down to primal urge in new hope, where i get everything done. it's a very clean place, and they've done a nice job with everything i've had done in the past. i told them what i wanted, and they said that they did "lab-rays" with a cbr so it would heal better. i was a little put off by the 'lab-ray,' i felt as though they ... read more

my eyebrow piercing....

been wanting my eyebrow pierced for about oh....3 years beforehand. And even though I found all kinds of informational things I could never convince my parents to let me go and couldn't find anyone to do it for me while I was underage. So after the long wait I finally reached my 18th birthday and was ready to go. A couple days after my birthday, my friend and I were driving and we passed a tatto parlor in our neighborhood. I decided, this is it, it's now or never so we decided to check the place out. I was kind ... read more

the lip ring that scared the parents!

start out by telling you how long I've been waiting for this piercing. When I was in middle school, I started designing my tattoos and trying to learn as much as I could about the whole "scene." I in turn got turned on to the piercing culture as well. I talked my parents into letting me get my ear pierced for my 16th birthday...with a gun (AGGHHH!!It turned out fine but I had to start stretching from a very small hole) I have since gotten 3 more ear (1 more in left (18 and 14, still got a ways to ... read more

My new pierced lip!

lways been fascinated by piercings, but never thought I could have one myself. This is because my parents are against any form of body modification, and on top of that I'm afraid of needles. Because I can't stand much pain and heard all the horror story's about how painful getting pierced is, I just would read about it and look at some photo's on the Internet. The more I began to know about piercings and the procedures, the more I wanted to experience it myself. Because all the stories I have red are different, I didn't know what to expect ... read more

How shall I begin?

all I begin? My 14-year-old daughter Taylor has been talking about getting her labret pierced for at least a year. She has been told that I cannot give her permission to do this because her father will have me arrested on child abuse charges. That, and nobody in town will touch her. Not Forbidden Fruit, anyway, where I have had three piercings now. (I have my belly button and nostril pierced and a vertical labret. The nose ring I got 5 years ago and the belly button about 9 months ago. The labret I'll tell you about later.) It's really ... read more

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