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metal mouth again

'd been after a lip piercing for quite a while, but of course, being a young female, and having quite a few other piercing, my parents weren't too happy, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. I'm very interested in body piercing and have been for quite a few years now. My parents were never too hot on the idea. Each new piercing I would get they said made me look 'more like a junkie' or 'easy' or 'trashy'. I didn't think this at all. I really like all my piercings. I keep them clean and look after them, and ... read more

My crazy labret

I've wanted my labret pierced since way back in the day when I only had a single earring in each ear, and had just recently took out my navel piercing. This is before my 15th birthday. I asked my dad if I could get my tongue pierced, he said "no" and I assumed he wouldn't go for my labret. So I left the idea for a year, and gathered quite a collection of piercings. I had been telling Lee (my piercer) that I was getting my labret done on my 16th birthday (even fell on a day she was working!) ... read more

Balls of Steel

balls of steel on my eighteenth birthday. I had moved to Memphis from New Orleans for school two and a half months before my birthday. I was so ready to get pierced I could feel it. My adrenaline had been pumping forever. I knew I wanted a labret since I was 16. On my 18th birthday, I finally got it. I was visiting home on my fall break from school, it was my first visit home from college. I loaded up my car with my best friends and my new roommate and we headed down to Electric Ladyland on Frenchman. ... read more

The Story Of My Labret..

l im goin to tell you about my experience getting my labret piercing done.. I have always wanted to get my labret and my eyebrow pierced, but my said would say no.. well then I said I was turning 17 and im a good kid so why not let me so he did.. But he said I couldn't get both I had to pick, He preferred me getting the eyebrow but I said lip! I was really nervous about getting it done and then really excited. First I went online and looked at different websites that had piercing.. the pictures ... read more

Second time lucky?

ince I was young I have always wanted a tattoo or piercing. I have always wanted to be diffent. My hair was practically turned into shit as I coloured some gorgeous but not very friendly colours into it, at a young age. I have always loved punk music, perhaps it was something that happened in the womb. Maybe my mother played her Sex Pistols tapes to me. At fancy dress partys I was always the punk, I thought I was sooo cool! I don't live that far away from Central London so I decided to go shopping there for some ... read more

Science Fiction/Double Feature - My lip Piercing

of all let me explain the title for this story. It's named after the song from The Rocky Horror Picture Show but what's that got to do with a LIP PIERCING I hear you say...well that happened to be the cd playing during my little experience and since it's a favourite movie of mine it put me and the rest of the staff in a great state of mind and it was still playing 2 hours later when I returned with a friend of mine. I've had about 5 other piercings at PUNKTURED over the last year, those being 2 ... read more

My Labret Experience

ret Piercing The labret piercing has long reigned as my favorite piercing. It seemed so simple, blunt even, yet beautiful. I actually got upset seeing guys I knew were jerks, who had it, since it seemed to degrade it somehow. Yes, sometimes I think about a piercing's feelings too much, I know. Anyway, so I always wanted this piercing, but never got it. For several reasons. For one, it was blunt, like I said, and quite noticeable. And I always had a job to worry about. I figured a retainer would do, but most piercings still require some time to ... read more

The first one that hurt

s are, if you have found yourself searching through BME, that you possess a certain passion for body modification. I feel in love with body piercing myself over a year ago when I first had my flesh skewered by getting my eyebrow pierced. Several months after that I delved into multiple tongue piercings. Unfortunately, my journey into "corporate America" postponed my plans for future piercings. However, I had a day off and a new paycheck, so I thought "Unrealistic dress codes be damned! I'm going to get a labret!" I cashed my check and drove some thirty miles to Think ... read more

my lowbret perfection

e is Tom, I'm a student who lives in Brighton, England. I've been into body piercing for about two years now which is as a result of Brighton's very multi-culutral attitude and relaxed attitude towards piercing and the pierced. I regularily visit this web site, as it's the world's authority on all sorts of body play. On a recent visit I was looking at lowbrets, and after a while I really came round to the idea of getting two put in, in a triangle formation using my labret as the center point. I went down to Perforations Body Piercing, which ... read more

Paired vertical labret

as the first time I had gotten a piercing done at this studio. Just last Friday I had gotten my tongue stretched from 12 ga to 10 ga and that was a very nice experience. It was tapered by Joyce. I had been in there shop once before and compared to the last two places I have gotten pierced this one was immaculate. Everything is clean, the employees are very nice, easy to talk to, and seem to be highly knowledgable about what they do. I had intended to get these piercings, two vertical labrets, two days ago but apparently ... read more

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