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second time self done lip

ince these stories have to be really friggin long ill first tell you a bit about some of my other piercing experiences. When i was 7 years old i got my first lobe piercings done at a booth in the mall... my mom didnt know any better. That was a horrifying experience if i ever had one. i cried the whole way through and never took care of them like i told my mom i would. Well now lets jump 6 years to the time that i am 13 years old and i want my second set in my lobes. ... read more

My crazy labret

I've wanted my labret pierced since way back in the day when I only had a single earring in each ear, and had just recently took out my navel piercing. This is before my 15th birthday. I asked my dad if I could get my tongue pierced, he said "no" and I assumed he wouldn't go for my labret. So I left the idea for a year, and gathered quite a collection of piercings. I had been telling Lee (my piercer) that I was getting my labret done on my 16th birthday (even fell on a day she was working!) ... read more

Balls of Steel

balls of steel on my eighteenth birthday. I had moved to Memphis from New Orleans for school two and a half months before my birthday. I was so ready to get pierced I could feel it. My adrenaline had been pumping forever. I knew I wanted a labret since I was 16. On my 18th birthday, I finally got it. I was visiting home on my fall break from school, it was my first visit home from college. I loaded up my car with my best friends and my new roommate and we headed down to Electric Ladyland on Frenchman. ... read more

The Story Of My Labret..

l im goin to tell you about my experience getting my labret piercing done.. I have always wanted to get my labret and my eyebrow pierced, but my said would say no.. well then I said I was turning 17 and im a good kid so why not let me so he did.. But he said I couldn't get both I had to pick, He preferred me getting the eyebrow but I said lip! I was really nervous about getting it done and then really excited. First I went online and looked at different websites that had piercing.. the pictures ... read more

Second time lucky?

ince I was young I have always wanted a tattoo or piercing. I have always wanted to be diffent. My hair was practically turned into shit as I coloured some gorgeous but not very friendly colours into it, at a young age. I have always loved punk music, perhaps it was something that happened in the womb. Maybe my mother played her Sex Pistols tapes to me. At fancy dress partys I was always the punk, I thought I was sooo cool! I don't live that far away from Central London so I decided to go shopping there for some ... read more

Science Fiction/Double Feature - My lip Piercing

of all let me explain the title for this story. It's named after the song from The Rocky Horror Picture Show but what's that got to do with a LIP PIERCING I hear you say...well that happened to be the cd playing during my little experience and since it's a favourite movie of mine it put me and the rest of the staff in a great state of mind and it was still playing 2 hours later when I returned with a friend of mine. I've had about 5 other piercings at PUNKTURED over the last year, those being 2 ... read more

Paired vertical labret

as the first time I had gotten a piercing done at this studio. Just last Friday I had gotten my tongue stretched from 12 ga to 10 ga and that was a very nice experience. It was tapered by Joyce. I had been in there shop once before and compared to the last two places I have gotten pierced this one was immaculate. Everything is clean, the employees are very nice, easy to talk to, and seem to be highly knowledgable about what they do. I had intended to get these piercings, two vertical labrets, two days ago but apparently ... read more

The Monroe I'll never forget...

nroe Piercing has a certain quality to it unlike any other piercing. The role that it plays is to mimic the same image of having a beauty mark on your upper lip either on the right or left side. For those lucky enough to be be born with a delicate mole on their upper lip are the fortunate ones, and for those without, there is always body piercing, and with its creativity the chrome mole was born. At the age of 16 and living in the bush, in a village of about 1400 people, there were two 'freaks' in the ... read more

My Labret Experience

ret Piercing The labret piercing has long reigned as my favorite piercing. It seemed so simple, blunt even, yet beautiful. I actually got upset seeing guys I knew were jerks, who had it, since it seemed to degrade it somehow. Yes, sometimes I think about a piercing's feelings too much, I know. Anyway, so I always wanted this piercing, but never got it. For several reasons. For one, it was blunt, like I said, and quite noticeable. And I always had a job to worry about. I figured a retainer would do, but most piercings still require some time to ... read more

The first one that hurt

s are, if you have found yourself searching through BME, that you possess a certain passion for body modification. I feel in love with body piercing myself over a year ago when I first had my flesh skewered by getting my eyebrow pierced. Several months after that I delved into multiple tongue piercings. Unfortunately, my journey into "corporate America" postponed my plans for future piercings. However, I had a day off and a new paycheck, so I thought "Unrealistic dress codes be damned! I'm going to get a labret!" I cashed my check and drove some thirty miles to Think ... read more

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