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happiness is a peirced lip

ince I first saw a pierced lip, I wanted one. I always thought they were so beautiful. But being fourteen with parents that barely let me get the cartilage on my ear pierced, I'd just have to wait. Every time I saw a pierced lip from then on, I wished I would just turn 18 already. Then came the day when I finally did. My parents still told me I WOULD NOT be getting another hole in my head. (After they said I could get more ear piercings I went ahead and got three more on my left side and ... read more

I need someone to hold my hand...

to be different and I know getting piercings and such things isn't really a way of being different but...hey I dress like a preppy so when people look at me they get kinda confused..."hey look a preppy chick with holes all over the place...what's up with that???"...that's what makes me different..GO ME... I'm the kind of person that when they find something they enjoy tend to get obsessed with it...that's the case when it comes to piercings with me. I wanted to get a labret piercing for the longest time, but my parents always said no...for some reason...they know that ... read more

I got my Labret done finally!

been debating on getting my Labret done for about a year and finally decided to just do it. I went to the studio and Brett( probably the coolest guy I've met) Sat me down and fully explained the procedure and how to care for it afterwards. Then he took out the stud and needle, which was new and opened in front of me as was the stud, He then marked the place to be speared and made sure I agreed. Then he said not to focuss on him but something else in the room. As he pearced from the inside ... read more

Is that all ya got?

a history of self-mutilation and have pierced alot of shit that I only kept for anywhere from one minute to a couple of weeks. I was always into Body Mods as a teen, but could never seriously do anything living with parents that were strictly against such nonsense. When I moved out of my parents for some reason I had completely forgotten about my aspirations with body mods. Until a couple of months ago. I had been playing with the idea of double labrets (one on each side of my mouth). I liked cause it looked a bit like fangs. ... read more

A hot piercer and a sweet piercing? what a deal!

long as I can remember, I've always had the desire to modify my body. About a month ago I decided it was time for a change. After a bit of debating, I opted for a 16 ga labret stud. I chose to get my piercing done at a studio that I was familiar with, but had never been pierced at before. I wanted to do it as soon as possible, since I found out I was moving shortly after I decided to go through with the piercing. As I was walking by, I decided to go in, and ended up ... read more

Happy 14th Birthday... My Labret

een planning on getting a septum piercing for about 4 years now. About 3 month ago I worked up enough courage to ask my mom if I could get my lip done. Of course, the answer was no, since I was only 13. In the past, I've pierced my own ears and tongue-web, which was totally painless, until about 1 week into healing. It actually rejected more than 4 times (I've pierced it about 6 times). Well, since I wasn't allowed to get my lip pierced, I asked if I could get a septum piercing for my birthday. Finally, my ... read more

Labret Piercing

started when I got $50 from my sister. (She's paying me off for my Nintendo 64). I spent most of the rest of my day wondering what I was going spend all that money on. (It's not like paying my Visa off is that important *lol*) On my way home I suddenly had a brainwave. I decided that I was going to ring The Piercing Shop and book myself in for a next day piercing appointment. I'd seen people with labrets, and always wanted to get it done. I couldn't see any reason not to either. I work for the ... read more

My second Labret

ed a labret piercing for as long as I could remember. I was working in a tattoo studio and watched multiple lip and labret piercings, so I knew exactly what to expect. I knew of all the aftercare and the possibility of the jewelry rubbing my gums or biting the back of the post. I held jewelry where the pierce would be and knew I wanted my labret pierced. I was slightly worried about the pain. I did not know what to expect as far as having my lip pierced. I had my tongue pierced and that was easy, but ... read more

Bad off-center lip Experience

3 months ago I decided that I needed more facial piercings. I already had a septum but I felt that could to easily be hid with a retainer, and that getting two off-center lip piercings would be a kind of commitment to my love for body modifications. So one day I decided I had nothing to do and the time was right for me to finally get my lips pierced. So I called Jayson at 13 B.C. and make sure he was free, shaved my beard off (as Jayson recommended, he said the placement would be easier to do), ran ... read more

My phatty lip piercing

wanted my lip pierced for a very long time, since I was about 11 years old. I'm 17 now and I begged my parents to let me get it done for my 17th birthday. They were hesitant about it cause they didn't like the idea of my having a piece of metal in my lip. My brother and sister helped me convince my parents that it was all right. So finally about 2 weeks of hassling them they finally gave in. My sister who is 22 told me that she would pay for me and it was my birthday present ... read more

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