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how not to get a labret (but with a happy ending)

unlike all the other experiences I have read, and against anything my English teacher ever told me, I'm going to start at the end, or at least the middle, rather than the start... Right, Saturday morning at Reading festival, I awake to the sound of rain on my tent roof, I look around the tent realising I'm alone (I was sharing with my girlfriend) and while wondering how the hell I had gotten into the tent, and why it was light already (I thought it was still Friday night-I didn't remember being asleep) I noticed the pain in my lip... read more

I yelled "PUSH" like a madman!!!!!!!!!

re the scene. Pounding death metal in a huge dark basement, the only light glowed from the computer screen. The stereo was on a mix with Slayer, Obituary, Cannibal Corpse and of course Deicide. A cute little sexy devil of a girl (hahaha!) screams along with Deicide's "Once upon the cross" , easily mistakable for a grown man. (No really, is true. I go to concerts and I yell louder an lower than the guys I'm with. Its fucked up.) The smoke rises. She walks over to her cousin, a David Bowie looking fellow who is thrashing at his guitar ... read more

sexy like marilyn monroe

t so i've been thinking of getting a monroe for a while...since the summer maybe? but i didn't want to for a while cuz a friend of mine really wanted it so i didn't...also, my parents really didn't want me to get any more piercings. i'm usually able to convince them of anything but it always takes a little while. i just have to be persistent :) so when i got money for christmas i talked to them about it again and told them how i would go to a really good piercing place, and make sure it was tiny. ... read more

A Lovely Labret

am, finally, with a respectable piercing. Not just the pussy one-hole-in-the-ear that I used to have. Something that looks as if it hurt, and damn well did. Something that I can be proud that I suffered and survived. In other words, a celebration of the moral fiber that few give me respect for. I don't really expect to gain more respect from anyone because of my self inflicted pain, I'm expecting two responses to be the most common: "dude, that looks SOOO cool" or "oh, I can't believe you did that to yourself". Hopefully at this site, people will not ... read more

A Medusa

downtown with a friend, who was getting her bridge pierced and upon walking into the studio, (One in Ottawa) I couldn't resist getting a medusa. It would seem I'm not very good with budgeting my money, but I still don't regret getting the medusa (even if it left me half-broke for Christmas shopping). I had wanted one for a few months by that point, and feeling the cash in my pocket, I decided I would get it done that day. After my friend's bridge had been pierced, it was my turn. (BTW, her bridge piercing turned out great. After she ... read more

My Medusa

fter I had my labret pierced, I wanted my medusa pierced. I started holding balls up to my face to make sure I liked the way it looked. In fact, I loved the way it looked, and decided that the medusa would be my next pierce. I was pretty nervous about the whole procedure. I know Maxx is a wonderful piercer and that the pierce would be perfect, but the pain was on my mind. I put it off for weeks, coming up with excuses to not go through with it. I started thinking that my last pierce was months ... read more


s the story of my lip piercing. It's a tale of pain and love and blood and some metal. For a long time I dared myself to get my lip pierced. So I was fresh in college and big on wasting money. I decided now was the time. My mom came up to see, because she didn't believe I'd do it. She paid (thanks, ma) and started squirming in the lobby. (She only has tattoos, so piercings are a new thing for her. She was basing my experience on whether or not she'd get her nose pierced.) My friend was ... read more


een toying with the idea of getting my labret pierced for about 1 and a half months after my first piercing, my tongue. Since my tongue was a piece of cake, so why not go for another one? A friend of mine had hers done not too long ago and I asked her a few questions on the procedures. [Sillie, look her up on IAM BME, she's a Sugar Coated Honey Beetle.] She was completely honest, as always and explained to me what would go on, and how much it hurt her and so on. She thought it hurt and ... read more

happiness is a peirced lip

ince I first saw a pierced lip, I wanted one. I always thought they were so beautiful. But being fourteen with parents that barely let me get the cartilage on my ear pierced, I'd just have to wait. Every time I saw a pierced lip from then on, I wished I would just turn 18 already. Then came the day when I finally did. My parents still told me I WOULD NOT be getting another hole in my head. (After they said I could get more ear piercings I went ahead and got three more on my left side and ... read more

I need someone to hold my hand...

to be different and I know getting piercings and such things isn't really a way of being different but...hey I dress like a preppy so when people look at me they get kinda confused..."hey look a preppy chick with holes all over the place...what's up with that???"...that's what makes me different..GO ME... I'm the kind of person that when they find something they enjoy tend to get obsessed with it...that's the case when it comes to piercings with me. I wanted to get a labret piercing for the longest time, but my parents always said no...for some reason...they know that ... read more

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