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My medusa piercing, my favourite so far.

For years, since I first got into piercings, I've loved the idea of a monroe or madonna. I spent weeks on bmezine looking through pictures and stories, until I came across the medusa. That was it, I fell in love with it. However, at that time I was still at school, which didn't even allow us to wear ear piercings. I must add here that my medusa was not my first piercing, I already had my nostril, labret and belly button pierced, and have been hiding them all for school. My mam, of course, wasn't keen on me getting piercings ... read more

Good Idea, Bad Piercing

So I have had a few piercings done in my day, and a few tattoos, and I have even written of the dangers of going to just any random shop. My problem, and my own stupidity, was that I wrote of the dangers of going to just any random shop for TATTOOS, now I've learned and I will pass on what I've learned to those who may not be so inclined to do their research. It started one long and tiresome day. My fiancee and I had just put in our resignation letters at our job, as we had another ... read more

My lovely vertical labret! Everyone should have one of these.

Throughout the years I've collected a few nice piercings that have interested me. I started out as the girl who couldn't even bear to have her ears pierced and then was suddenly bit by "piercing bug" and sucked it up and got my ears done (with a gun, shh! we won't tell anybody) after that it became second ear holes, third ear holes, lip, navel, double nostrils. Nothing crazy, but just enough to satisfy the itch. I had taken my lip ring out a few years back due to it being off-centre, which took me awhile to noticed because my ... read more

First Experience

I've been interested in piercings and tattoos for a good long while, but had always been a bit apprehensive about getting them myself. I have been an off and on visitor to BME for almost 4 years now, and my interest only increased with time. I have piercings on my ears, and have stretched my lobes a bit, even pierced my ears a few times by myself, but I've always wanted a piercing that is a bit...unconventional. My friend Kat (IAM: PhenoBarbiDoll) told me she was taking a trip to Fairfax to possibly get a new piercing, or speak to ... read more

My lip finally

I finally did it. I got my lip pierced. I don't understand why I was so nervous about the whole thing to begin with. I had a Monroe before, so I don't know why I was so nervous about getting my lip done. I guess the thing that I was most worried about was whether or not the people at work would fire me or not. I work with a bunch of fuddy-duddy old men who wear the same 5 polo's every week, and even the slightest hint of change they freak out about. (You should see them if someone ... read more

Don't Do It Yourself, Go to a Professional With Skills

Hello, My name is Brian. About a year ago I wanted a new piercing. I live in a small town that is not close to a shop. So I decided that I would pierce myself, bad idea. So I decided that a labret would work. I didn't have the jewelry so I decided to use a "tooth" from one of those little black combs. I cut it off as far down as I could go and then I melted it into a round bulb at the end. Then I got the needle ready by burning it and then putting it ... read more

Magic Madonna

Isn't it funny how sometimes the piercing you just got was the one you never thought you would get? This was the case with me and my madonna (a.k.a upper labret). It began over six months ago when I took my beloved piercing book to work, and my buddy instantly decided she wanted a monroe. Two days later, it was done. Two weeks later I decided to re-pierce my retired conch, which was the start of a whole lot of re-piercings for me as well as a couple of new ones. When the piercing bug bites, it hits hard. So ... read more

DIY Snakebite!

I`ve been extremely interested in piercings ever since I pierced my own helix in grade 7. I am 14 now, and I currently have 15 piercings, 14 of those done by myself. Stupid, I know. But my two favourite piercings I have are both my liprings. I`ve been absolutely DYING for liprings since I was like 11. I remember in grade 7 I tried to pierce my lip, I didnt even barely get through any skin, but being in an all girls catholic uniform school, that wouldn`t have been able to stay anyways. So anyways, it was THIS summer of ... read more

Magical Medusa

I woke up one morning last month and decided "today is the day I get my medusa pierced!" Which, the thought itself, was a bit strange as I'd never really liked them. An old best friend of mine had her medusa pierced and, to be honest, it never really appealed to me. But that day, something inside me changed. Suddenly, medusa's were one of the most beautiful piercing out there and I just HAD to have it done that day. Not being one to decide and then leave then and there to get it done, although I'd love to, I ... read more

Dimples to my freedom.

So this isn't really just a story of my new wonderful dimples or sparkles as I call them, it's also about finding my freedom. Way back in high school one way or another I got labeled weird and strange and this was in the Bay Area, home to San Francisco and Berkeley where being different is embraced. My hair was a different color every week and I was one of the first students to get her tongue pierced. At the time, it was all about me being me with maybe a dash of rebellion thrown in. By the time college ... read more

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