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It was fun for a day

I guess you could say that I was your stereotypical rebellious teen just looking for something different to do. I am 16, a junior at an art school and it isn't uncommon to come across tattooed and heavily pierced students. I would approach them and ask "did it hurt?" and all the usual questions just so I could get a closer look. There was something oddly alluring about metal through the skin. I have always loved lip piercings. Specifically, rings, but I knew that I'd have to start smaller. One night, as I was browsing through the pages here at ... read more

it only turned out a little crooked

So, I had always wanted some sort of piercing. I had my earlobes pierced as tradition, I got them done when I was a kid. But I wanted more! I was debating between getting my eyebrows pierced, a labret, or a septum ring. My only requirement was that I got something that was symmetrical, as I'm pretty OCD when it comes to symmetry. My friends helped me decide on a labret. My parents obviously didn't approve. They're old-fashioned, and think piercings are ugly. Not to mention, when my older sister got her bellybutton pierced she got a blood infection. She ... read more

I love my vertical labret! But hated the regular one.

[Recommendations for the vertical labret at bottom] Well, to start off, I decided to get my lip pierced the day after I graduated High School. I took some of my graduation money, and went to the nearest Tattoo Parlor. I went in and told the girl that I wanted my labret pierced. It was a little after midnight [they close at 2am.] and the girl was in a rush to get some McDonalds. So she hastily pierced my labret straight through and I left the parlor with my new jewelry. The next day I left to go to New York ... read more

Being a guinea pig ain't half bad

A few weeks ago I saw a bulletin on Myspace from one of my friends who is a piercing apprentice saying, "Donate your flesh! Get a free piercing!" I read the list of piercings he was giving away and saw "lip" on there, so I immediately wrote him. Now, I have had my eyebrow pierced for 15 months and it still hasn't healed. In fact, it has migrated a lot and it still gets infected and sore! It was my first piercing, and I know I did a lot of things I wasn't supposed to do, like touching it with ... read more

Vertical Labret; not the least painful, but not nearly as bad as others.

I have been wanting a vertical labret for about, three years now, after discovering it on this site. I'd always been too young to get it, and my parents would never approve, so in the mean time I got my tongue, and vertical industrial (through the back of the conch) so you'd only be able to view the bar. But those are other stories. So my "need" and desire for this piercing would come and go in bouts, and I finally took the initiative to get my butt in action, and get it done. I had planned to get it ... read more

Uneven Snake Bites

My mom finally agreed to allowing me and my sister to get piercings for my sister's sixtenth birthday. I had already gotten the left side of my lip pierced on my birthday. and went in this time to get the right side done. Snake bites : ). My mom had been very reluctant to the whole thing, my dad was in China, I think that's why she caved under the pressure. I turn 18 in about two more whole months so she's going to have to get used to it because I'm going all out when I turn 18! Hopefully ... read more

Two in one day? Psht, i'm a pro.

Not really, but that's not the point. Last year one of my best friends got her nose pierced, I liked it but I felt if I got it we would be too similar and it was also a little plain. During the summer I really started getting into body piercings but I had no idea which I wanted to get, plus there's the whole parents thing but my mom can't say much because she's the same way. During the summer I go to a lot of shows and 'course at concerts you're going to see some body holes, so I ... read more

Just a touch of rebellion.

For a long time I had been working at a job that I hated. My boss constantly argued about the smallest things. My earrings were unacceptable, my hair color was unacceptable even though I was hired with it, and I even lost my beloved septum ring to that job. When I had finally had enough and quit, I decided to treat myself to a vacation and flew out to Phoenix for a weekend to celebrate that amongst other things. A few days before leaving I realized it had been a good six months since my last piercings. At the beginning ... read more

Self stretching my labret

So here's my story, Ive self-pierced my labret a long time ago and always had trouble finding unique jewelry for it. I bought long spikes, half domes, and whatever else I could find that wasn't some plain steel ball. After so long, I really got tired of my limited options. I had visited BME's website several times and had always had an interest in the subject of Lip stretched/scalpelling but I knew I could never be able to handle scalepelling my labret, and even if i did I would probably have trouble finding a reputable person to help me with ... read more

I want a piercing old people still don't approve of!

If you've ever had a cavity filled at the dentist, you know they numb your mouth with numby-stuff that's injected into your cheek by a huge needle. THAT hurt way worse than piercing my lip. I'm 16 years old. A year and a half ago, my older brother pierced his own lip in a very un-safe and un-sterile way using a safety-pin and an earring. (For the sake of this being available to lots of people, I must say PLEASE PLEASE DON'T DO WHAT HE DID!) "Eww" was my first thought. But after a while (and after he got real ... read more

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