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My love lip piercings!

Here lately, I've had quite the piercing addiction. I've always loved piercings, even back in my 'Piercing Pagoda' stages. My mom had my ears pierced when I was a baby. When I was about 14, I started going to the mall to get my ears 'gunned' with my parents. All together, I've had my ears 'gunned' 9 times. (3 lobe piercings on each ear, 2 cartilage on right ear and 1 on left ear) Those were all before I turned 16 and didn't know any better. When I was about 15 or 16, I got my belly button pierced and ... read more

Awesome, go get your vertical labret done!

So...I'd seen a picture of this piercing over christmas and as soon as I saw it I had to have it. I'm the kind of impulsive person that does something not necessarily without thinking but once i want it, I want it. I showed some pictures to my friends and to my parents, I don't think my dad would even notice and my mum didn't really like it but that was not even slightly going to stop me. I didn't want to get it done at home cos it's so much more of a big deal back home whereas at ... read more

My first one

I have always been interested in Tattoos and body art ever since I was a little kid. I used to get in to trouble as far back as kindergarten for writing and drawing on my self, and I have just been fascinated with them and the tuff pirate's and bikers from the movies I used to watch when I was a kid. I have been getting tattoos since I was 20 but did not have any piercings. Until in August on my 29th birthday that I decided to get my first piercing, I had been giving it a lot of ... read more

A happy, centered, large labret

When I was young I remember seeing a gentleman with a labret piercing at some point in my youth. The details of situation, time, or place escape me now but I found it so fascinating that the simple piece of metal sticking out of his lip stuck with me for about ten years before coming to fruition in a shoddily done "center" lip piercing. I was fairly young and uneducated about piercings, but I still liked it and kept it for just over a year. At that point I chose to remove the poorly placed labret and give it plenty ... read more

my first lip piercing

On the 21st December 2007 I got my first facial piercing. Before this, I had only ever had my ear lobes pierced. I've been wanting my lip pierced for about 4 years now and I had pestered my parents for years, but they finally agreed to let me get the piercing. First, I went straight there after school with my parents and a friend. I told the piecer what I wanted done and she took me through the whole procedure. Of course we had to sign a consent form and go through the procedure of checking my general health and ... read more

My 2nd lip ring...now their snakebites =D

I have been waiting to get the other side of my lip done for a long while now, about a year I think. Because I know someone, who I met online, who said she wanted to do it for me. So I said yea, and decided that she can do my piercing, because I trust her enough to shove a needle through my flesh and make it look good. I finally managed to organize a day where I can go into the shop where she was working that was a) On my school holidays b) At a time that was ... read more

Un piercing par autodérision

Bonjour ! Je m'appelle S., j'ai 18 ans et cela fait quelques années que je suis intéressée par les modifications corporelles. J'aime bien BME pour me documenter et généralement je consulte beaucoup ce site avant de faire quoi que ce soit qui touche à une partie de mon corps, exepté bien sûr pour ce qui concerne la coupe des ongles. J'ai déjà quelques piercings aux oreilles, et également un au septum (c'est-à-dire la cloison nasale), au rook (une partie du cartilage de l'oreille), aux tétons, au nombril, un génital, etc. Je suis aussi tatouée. Aujourd'hui, j'écris sur mon expérience du ... read more

Two in one day? Psht, i'm a pro.

Not really, but that's not the point. Last year one of my best friends got her nose pierced, I liked it but I felt if I got it we would be too similar and it was also a little plain. During the summer I really started getting into body piercings but I had no idea which I wanted to get, plus there's the whole parents thing but my mom can't say much because she's the same way. During the summer I go to a lot of shows and 'course at concerts you're going to see some body holes, so I ... read more

The Importance of Your Words, Or I hope I have something meaningful to say.

This is supposed to be a story about my labret piercing, but before I can go into that I must say a few words on my history and my other piercings. I grew up in a very conservative house hold where my grandmother would say things like "Oh my!" when something "dirty" came on T.V. , and my grandfather would not let me ride by bicycle any further than just in front of the house until I was over twelve years old. I spent a lot of time in their house growing up because my mother was always working. Still ... read more

My Fabulous Labret Piercing!

So I have been putting off getting my Labret done for the longest time. well, mainly because my boyfriend didn't really approved (he hates piercing, especially facial ones.)However, we talked about it and he said he will be fine with it so I didn't hesitate when he finally did approve of it! The only reason why he even said yes is because he hopes I'll get bored of it and takes it out just like I did with my eyebrow :) so here I am two and half weeks later telling you of my experience. I woke up to my ... read more

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