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did-it-myself lip piercing

I had always admired body piercing. My favorite, of course, is the lip ring. I had friends in Florida that had lip rings and snake-bites and stuff, and I always wanted to get one for myself. Growing up in a household where my parents barely let me cross the street by myself, I knew they would never let me in a million years. So I figured I would just wait till I was 18 and get one then. In the last year, my family moved to North Carolina, and I got a girlfriend up here. She's freakin awesome! But anyway, ... read more

A late-night spontaneous self-piercing

Ever since I was thirteen, I had wanted some sort of piercing and my favorite would change all the time. One week I was set on convincing my mother that an eyebrow piercing didn't look trashy, the next I was holding earrings up to my nostril to get a feel for what I'd look like. As I got older, I got more into the piercings that weren't seen around my small town too often. This included my septum, monroe, labret, smiley, etc. Like I said, my town was small so even a nostril or tongue ring was seen as some ... read more

The Fun Of A Monroe Piercing!

For the longest time, I had been wanting to get my monroe pierced (way before the trend started becoming... well a trend HA). Me being the age of 13 when wanting to get the piercing put an impact on the decision of my mom to sign for me. After a year and a half of convincing, I was now 14 and it was a few days after Christmas, when I had money to actually pay for my own piercing. My friend recently before, had got her nose pierced at a place called Full Spectrum, which is a local place a ... read more

Smile like you mean it...

Ever since I was 16, I have been a fan of piercings. I have my nipples, vertical labret, 5 ear piercings, and I used to have an eyebrow piercing. It's become somewhat of an addiction, but due to lack of money I've had to deal with what I have now, and haven't gotten anything new since last August. A friend of mine is a piercer in my home town, but I had never had the chance to get something pierced by her before, whether it be issues with money or scheduling. Last night I was in town, and decided to ... read more


It all started in a town named Waco, Texas... I'm in a band called Breathe Carolina. Recently we have been touring like crazy and have been able to call Texas our second home. We looked at our itinerary and ended up in Waco, Texas where the promoter happened to also own a tattoo/ piercing shop, and was awesome enough to offer free plugs as well as any piercings we wanted for free! When I heard this I almost lost it in excitement! I began to think of all of the piercings and or other mods I wanted (which they also ... read more

Lip Rings Are Fun!

I am a beast of impulse, if I see something I like I will make it mine but if too much thinking is involved I will typically get disinterested and walk away. This was not the case with my labret. It was going to be my first venture into a non-lobe piercing and I had given it a lot of thought. I cleared things with my work and my parents and had semi-arranged a trip to Anomaly Studios to get it done. It was to occur after grad night, an evening (8pm-4am) to goof around with friends while enjoying the ... read more

Impulsive Piercer

I just got my lip pierced a week ago and I love it. I remember taking my earrings out when I was about 12 and playing in the mirror by putting them around my lip, pretending I had a lip ring. I just thought it was so cool, and bad ass, and sexy, maybe how some perceived smoking at that age. I kept doing it as I got older, putting earrings on my lip, I was just too scared to pierce my face. I told everyone at work I was going to get one for my birthday and we all ... read more

Finally! My self done lip!

So for a little background about myself: I am 16 and I currently have 18 piercings. My piercing obsession started when I saw my best friends' boyfriend with facial piercings. Before that I never really like piercings. I had begged my mom for my lip piercing but she always said "no" and that I could get anything on my ears though. So I settled for ear piercings and she let me get an eyebrow but that rejected. I have 4 experiences of piercings on my IAM page so go check them out. 17 of my 18 piercings are in my ... read more

A Positive Horizontal Lip Experience

Over a month or so ago, I won a free piercing at a bar. I had heard about the parlor through a few other people who had had positive experiences there. I also did some research online, to see if there was any negative feedback. Everything online looked good, like they had all their ducks in a row. I already have several other piercings and the only other one that I had planned was for a genital piercing, which said coupon did not cover. I did a bunch of research through the bme wikipedia section until I finally settled on ... read more

NEW PIERCING Snakebites. Love Them

So my birthday was on march the 16th and I've wanted snakebites for a while now, I got given the right amount of money for it and persuaded my mum into taking me seeing as I had just turned 15 and wasn't legally old enough to get them by myself. So on the 19th we went to Cambridge after I got back from school. I wasn't nervous until I was in the shop but could see the studio was clean. When I was 12 I got a navel piercing and since then I've wanted more piercing, although I have a ... read more

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