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Labret gone SO wrong...

Hey, everyone this is the story of my very first labret piercing. I've had my lip done 4 times now, and the last 3 have turned out absolutely great, but the first one have turned out so horrible!! I had always loved oral piercings and am extending all of mine. The first time I had gotten mine done was at Hardcore Tattoos, it was downtown in a small city. I had gone with my friend, who was getting her tongue pierced and we sat in the waiting room looking around at tattoos and whatnot. Before we had gotten pierced we ... read more

Marilyn Monroe would be proud.

So in 8th grade I got an itch for a new piercing. I have my ears pierced and have them gauged up to a 0. But I never got a real, different piercing before. So I searched around the internet for places to get poked. I thought about my nose for a long time, but then I came across the monroe. Which I thought was absolutly gorgeous. I was a bit apprehensive at first, because mostly I was scared of the pain. But I was ready for it, because I wanted it really bad. I wound up getting it pierced ... read more

Many mistakes, but eventual happiness.

Well I have no idea where my fascination with piercings originated, but it seems to me that I've always been interested. So about a year and a half ago i decided that I would get my lip pierced. At that time i was only 14, so it was a bit extreme. Another factor being that my parents hate anything out of the ordinary because they are pretty ignorant people. So I thought I would do it during the summer, you know, how much could it hurt, getting grounded for like a week, blah blah blah. Being that I was only ... read more

Lip Ring On a Summers Day

This is I suppose a little coming of age-esque tale. It is the tale of my first facial piercing. I have multiple holes in my ears, two of which are stretched to 4's, but I decided I just wanted something more visible. Since it was either a lip ring or a septum I decided to do a little research. I read a lot of the experiences and checked out a LOT of pictures. Finally, I decided on a lip ring. I liked the way they looked and aftercare seemed like no big deal, plus I have allergies and blowing my ... read more

First piercing (snake bites)

When I was 13 I decided I wanted to get my lip pierced. In normal teen fashion I fought and fought with my mother and father over it. My mom told me to ask my dad and my dad's response was just "I don't like the way it looks" to which I came back with the standard its my body speech. This went on for about 3 years in that time I got a job, got my grades up, and started to drive. After leaving the subject alone for a bit I reproached it with a more calm attitude. My ... read more

"Whoah. I'm bleeding"

Well. It had been six months since my last fix and merely gauging my lobe just wasn't keeping me satisfied, so it was time for a new addition to fuel the addiction. I decided on a labret, because I hadn't had a lip piercing before, and I decided it was a good place to start my facial project. It was the first Monday of my two week holidays that I decided to get it done. Partly because I couldn't wait any longer and partly because I'd get a good two weeks of healing done before I had to start worrying ... read more

Facial piercing isn't exactly the done thing in Finance!

I'm not like the majority of people who write their experiences on BME, I get piercings and tattoos purely because I like how they look, none of my tattoos or piercings have any particular meaning – they just look good!! Probably about a year ago I was browsing the galleries, looking at all the piercings, and came across, totally by chance, pictures of lowbret piercings. I saved a few pictures to my computer, and went back for a look every couple of days, not really sure if I actually wanted this piercing myself, or just liked looking at it. After ... read more

Vertical Labret.

I've wanted to get my lip pierced since I was 10 and experimented with self-piercing at 14-15, which was stupid and I got really, really lucky that I didn't end up with some horrible infection. I let all of my self-pierced holes close up once I hit 17 and decided to wait until I hit 18 and could go get it done professionally since my mum wouldn't let me have it done before that. I was first introduced to the vertical labret piercing when I went with my girlfriend to get hers done and have been madly in love with ... read more

A Needle Through My Flesh

For a while, my vertical labret piercing seemed like it was destined to fail. First, my living area is not a large body modification area, so I had to be very careful about which shop I went to. Many of them would not even perform the piercing! Finally, I found a shop I liked- they were relatively cost-effective, professional, friendly, and clean. Next stop was getting there. One of my friends, who I should note hated the idea, said she would come with me. We first went in the day after my birthday- no go. The piercer was not in, ... read more

Shouldn't It Have Stopped Bleeding By Now?

I had managed to resist having a second lip piercing for quite a while before I caved. I kept telling myself I had two fresh anti (forward) helix's to care for and I had promised my friend we would get our side lip piercings done together but when it came to my three year anniversary with my boyfriend I couldn't resist any longer. We went down to Brighton on our anniversary day with the aim of buying each other a piercing to celebrate the three years together. He had decided on getting his anti helix pierced on his right ear ... read more

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