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Lower Scrumper

My and my best friend (at the time) were seniors in high school, and we wanted to do something that we would both remember forever. We decided to go with piercings. Our piercings had to be easily hidden, as neither of our parents wanted us to get anymore (we were 18 and 19 at the time). She had decided to get her tongue done (smart move, i know..haha) and i decided to get a scrumper on my bottom lip. There were a few pictures I had seen of smiley's/scrumpers on the webbing of their top lip. I wanted to be ... read more

Lip piercing.

I had been wanting to get a 2nd lip piercing for quite some time now. And once my parents agreed to let me have one I went and had it pierced the following week. The idea of piercings excite me. I adore how something gorgeous can from just a small amount of pain. I remember a time when I was engaging in a conversation about piercings. The person I was talking to was making a comment that went something like this, "Getting a piercing is just like getting a shot." Obviously they were being somewhat ignorant at the time. But ... read more

Is that needle on my nose??!!?

At the time of my vertical labret piercing, only one other person I knew had it, one of my close friends, and she was adamant that if I was going to get a lip piercing, I should get hers (this was also because she hoped that the two of us would deter people from getting it - she likes her piercings to still seem strange and new, and because my dentist refused to work on me with any piercings that actually went into my mouth) So, Kier (my friend) and I decided for a good three hours on a vertical ... read more


This little story is all about the day I had my labret pierced. A little background information...This is my third piercing. I also have my ears and nose done. It all started when I was browsing BMEZine. I knew I wanted a lip ring, I just didn't know where and what on Earth the piercing was called. So, I decided I'd try to convince my parents to let me have it done. It took two weeks. (My ears took one day and my nose took a week.) The next day I booked my appointment at Hairhouse Warehouse, which was where ... read more

I should have done it sooner!

I spent about two or three years considering the idea of getting a lip piercing before I actually did it. Mostly, I was worried about it being painful and concerned about how long it would take to heal, plus I'm a bit of a coward sometimes - and I'd never been pierced with a needle before, and had no idea what it would feel like. I still really really liked the way they look, though, and I even had a fake one that I'd wear sometimes to get an idea of how it would look on me. In the end, ... read more

Finish off my canines

Before I go into my day where I was actually in skin decisions, there is an awesome story behind getting there. The day before I went, I was searching the internet for maps, bus schedules and of course the fees. After I had my great knowledge I went to bed, set my alarm for 8 and booted it to sleep. I don't think you need to know about my morning routine because it is pretty basic, and that winds me up to right before I'm leaving. My mom stops me at the door (she knew I was going to get ... read more

To add to my many body mods...

I have been getting pierced since I was twelve years old and had already been begging my parents to let me get a nose ring for several years. I think both of my parents realised that I was going to get it done, regardless of their answer - my step dad accompanied me to get my nose pierced (eventually done by some inexperienced idiot with a gun in a place I won't name). I guess they thought letting me have that done would be the end of it but countless piercings later they seem to have given up moaning at ... read more

Oh snap

I guess I'll start this story with what everyone always starts there's with: I've always been attracted to piercings. Ever since I can remember really. Since I was 16 I've had my nose pierced twice, my tongue pierced, my lip and my eyebrow. All retired now, and I miss them dearly. Why did I take them out? Because I get way to nervous, way to easy and as soon as something swells or turns a bit red I panic and take it out. I decided a while back after I retired my tongue ring, that i was going to stick ... read more

My labret piercing

So I decided that after my first piercing that I was addicted and I wanted tons more. The facial piercings I have at the moment are the right side of my lip, my labret, and the left side of my nose. I had my nose pierced twice on the left because the first time it got infected. Anyways, I went to my mom and told her, "Hey I want a labret piercing" and she said, "that's going to hurt like a bitch but whatever". So we called up the guy who did my last piercing and we asked him how ... read more

My Ashley/Inverted Vertical Labret Piercing

I think I had my last piercing, a medusa, done in 2006, and then decided that 4 visible facial piercings (Medusa, labret, eyebrow and septum) would be enough. In my new job, 2 of my coworkers were constantly talking about how awesome my piercings are, and that they were planning to get pierced themselves soon. When I heard them talking about their plans, I suddenly got in the mood for another piercing. After all I had taken my eyebrow piercing out anyway, because it was starting to migrate, so I could as well get another one. I had always wanted ... read more

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