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Metal that sits on my lip.

My body mod obsession began young, to say the least. My parents pretty much hate the idea of "marking up my face" but some how I convinced them into getting my lip pierced. I have a monroe piercing that I had gotten almost a year earlier, and they thought another oral piercing was pushing it. But now, I sit here with a pretty silver ring in the right side of my mouth (: At first, it started with a surface pierce that I was dying for. But the more I weighed the pros and cons of it, the more I ... read more

Vertical Labret / Eskimo Piercing

Vertical Labret / Eskimo Piercing Tatatadaaaaam! Heute (15.09.08) war es endlich so weit! Einen Tag nach meinem Urlaub (ich hab extra bis danach gewartet von wegen Angst das was passiert und so, shcließlich gabs da wo ich war ganz viel Sand und Wind und das will ich einem frischen Piercing nicht unbedingt antun^^) Ich hab es getan, ich hab es wirklich getan!!! Ich kann's immer noch nicht so ganz fassen... aber der Blick in den Spiegel überzeugt mich dann doch immer vom Gegenteil^^ Ich bin, wie immer in mein Stammstudio nach Waiblingen bei Stuttgart gegangen (Highlander-web.de) , bzw. mit dem ... read more


I have very rebellious tendencies. After giving up certain habits for my boyfriend, I was in need of an adrenaline rush. I had been perusing BME earlier that day, and was feeling this strong want for another piercing. I just wasn't sure what yet. I compiled a short list of piercings I liked, and that I would be willing to do myself. This would be my first self-piercing, and after having eleven others done professionally, I was sure I knew what to do. I have friends that are in the body piercing business and have witnessed countless piercings. One has ... read more

Third time's the charm for my lip... I hope.

I got the itch for a new piercing about 6 months ago. I already had a ring in my left nostril, 2 captive bead rings in each earlobe, and a belly button piercing. It had been 6 years since my last piercing, during which I had been super-busy with college and became interested in tattoos, so piercing had been put on the back burner. But here I was again, trying to figure out what I could stab with a needle. I decided on a labret – simple, easy to heal and I LOVE the way they look. So for my ... read more


I have just reached the age of seventeen, and for quite a while, I've been desperately wanting multiple piercings, including my medusa, vertical labret, cheeks, and septum. However, my dad was not so keen on the idea of me having any holes through my face, let alone my 7/16" ears or my tragus piercing. After quite a bit of convincing, he said I would be allowed to get a lip piercing if I kept my grades up in school. For quite a while, I tossed around the idea of getting snakebites, but those were too trendy and not really my ... read more

The lovely dimples I now have!

So my name is Lizz MFK and this is all about my dimples and a few tips at the end that might help some of you who might consider getting them done. It all started about three months ago, the day I walked into a wonderful shop called "Good Times" in Manassas V.A.. My piercers name was Rob, and this man was fresh from the start. He said he had never done cheek piercings before; but I put my faith in him that he could get it done, and he did. He asked it i was nervous?? I shook my ... read more

Just four stings and it's over

Getting "snakebites" was a long-term (as far as piercings go) dream of mine. A friend walked into Spanish class with his lips pierced and I instantly fell in love. However, since I was.. Oh, 13 or so I knew I wouldn't be able to do it for a while. Even after I had gotten 10 other piercings, I was still slightly anxious to go for these, as they would be more "in your face" than all my others. I brought it up this summer, the time right before I was about to enter college, and so began the long, arduous ... read more

Snakebites - My gateway piercing.

I'm not sure I remember when I first saw a 'major' piercing. I'm sure I was younger, about nine or ten, and easily impressionable. And by major, I mean something besides your 'average' ear piercing, like a tongue piercing, or an eyebrow. Now, fortunately, I have been quite blessed with a mother who is a veteran of piercings, having two tongue, a bar through the front of the neck that, unfortunately rejected, several eyebrows, a Monroe, two nose studs, an an uncountable array of ear piercings that I'm scared to count, among other body mods. Well, about two month's ago, ... read more

Het verhaal van mijn labret van 2,4mm naar 3,2mm. (10g to 8g)

Disclaimer: Ik raad het niet aan om zelf te stretchen. Er kunnen altijd verschillende dingen verkeerd gaan. Het beste is nog altijd om naar een professionele piercing shop te gaan. Zelf piercing/zelf stretching is nooit de beste keuze! Op zaterdag 3 mei 2002 heb ik mijn labret laten piercen op 1,6mm. Ongeveer 2,5 jaar later had ik mijn labret naar 2,4mm gestretcht. Maar zelfs op dat moment, wist ik dat ik zeker nog niet aan mijn einddoel was. Mijn einddoel was nog groter dan 2,4mm.... Donderdag 7 augustus was het dus zo ver. Ik wist dat dit de dag zou ... read more

Great first piercing (Labret)

Well... I have wanted a lip ring ever since I saw Shaun Morgan (from the band Seether) had one. I asked my mother around a year ago, received a strict "NO!" and left it alone... Fast forward around a year. Around early summer, I decided I wanted that piercing again, this time, with the intent of piercing it with a stud, and later move onto a 'Labret Claw' (inspired by David Draiman of Disturbed). I was surprised to find that with only a simple 1 minute conversation with my mother, she agreed to sign the slip and let me get ... read more

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