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My Eyebrow Piercing Experience

This story is about my recent eyebrow piercing. I should mention that the way I did my piercing (i.e. not in a studio by a professional) is not recommended. I knew the high risks I was taking, and have made mistakes in the past, so I was very thorough and new what I was getting into. I recommend that everyone go to a professional for their piercing. If you have the slightest doubt, I advise you not to do it the way I did it and that you consult with professional. The risks I took could have ended in fatality ... read more

Is it technically a surface piercing?

My name is C.J. I just recently got my bridge pierced. A while back, when the band The Used first started seeing their first signs of success, I bought their cd, and fell in love. I then proceeded to buy a poster of the band to put on my wall. I noticed the drummer, Branden Steineckert had a bridge piercing. I thought it was Distinctly the most individual and original piercing I had probably ever seen. Since I was young, I've always been heckled for the size of my nose. I don't think that it's that big, and in fact ... read more

Third time's a charm

It was less than a year ago that I first entered the modified world. At the end of last July, I got my first real piercing. It was a self-done labret and ever since then, I've been craving more and more piercings. I would browse bodmod sites for hours on end. There I discovered fascinating new things that people would do to their bodies. What stood out most to me wasn't something serious like suspension or a scarification, but a piercing. More specifically, the horizontal anti-eyebrow. Ever since then, I knew I was going to have one. The problem is, ... read more

My new Bridge Piercing

The idea of a bridge piercing had always scared me. As much as I wanted it being told from friends it hurt, it bled and it swelled lots put me off. Despite this fact for the last six to twelve months I have been wanting one very badly, so I started looking at different shops and prices, I thought I could look further a field and find another piercer that I could go to. I had been wanting to visit "Eclipse" in London, but I had received mixed reactions as to what they were like, most of them being against, ... read more

a long awaited eyebrow piercing

Just like everybody else on here I like body mods a lot however this is only been recent since leaving school last summer and since then I have had 23 piercings this is including my eyebrow. I also have my nipple and my tongue pierced and all the others are on my ears which are my daith, scaffold, tragus (both), anti-tragus, outter and inner conch, horizontal and vertical lobe, 2 forward pinnas, 4 other pinnas, lobe at 6mm and 3 more above that and I also have 2 tattoos done which I found was a lot less painful then most ... read more

the tale of an eyebrow

I got my tragus pierced back in September. Since then, I've had the itch to get another piercing. The problem was I couldn't decide what to get. After a while, I decided to get my eyebrow done. This was the start of my piercing mission. There are a lot of piercing parlors in the area, but I chose to go to Lucky's without hesitation. I've heard nothing but good things about their piercer, Penelope. Whenever I've been in there, all the staff has been nothing but friendly and accommodating. Even though I had never gotten a piercing there prior to ... read more

The return of Erl

At the end of last August I started a new job. I was working for the Civil Service and while I knew a few people working there who had various mods I still wanted to make sure that there wouldn't be any problems if (when) I decided I wanted to get some more visible tattoos or piercings. I had the interview and got through (even with my tattoos and piercings on show) and turned up bright and early for the induction on the 31 August. Funnily a friend who I hadn't seen for about three years had also applied, and ... read more

my first facial piercing - eyebrow

Well, a few months ago I decided that I wanted to get my eyebrow pierced. At the beginning my parents didn't like the idea, so they kept saying no. But I had it in my head that I was going to get it done, so I researched everything about it on the internet( mostly on BME) and I finally persuaded them.i thought my mum would be easy to persuade because she has one or two piercing's and a good few tattoo's, but she wasn't because it was my face and that if i got an infection it would kill me ... read more

The first I have of many I plan to get

I'd been against piercings of any kind other than in the ear lobe since I was about 10 years old. I'd been taken back then to have an ear piercing and since then I never even once thought of getting another. That was fine for me I thought. Nine years on I meet Laura who's got more piercings than most other people I've met. I knew her for about a month or two and used to question her piercings all the time but over time I started to get used to them and then wanted more piercings myself. I'd not ... read more

Are you a heavy drinker?

I've wanted my eyebrow pierced for a few years now. With my eyes being my favorite part of my face, I figured it would accent my face and I would love it. My parents weren't thrilled; they agreed to a tattoo for my 17th birthday but piercings were strictly out of the picture. (My mom is convinced that an infected piercing will kill me, which is an adequate fear but regardless, I know what I want) A few months after my birthday, I persuaded them to let me get my nose pierced with my best friend, but still the eyebrow ... read more

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