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Bye bye, facial piercing virginity.

On April 25, 2007, one of my close friends died in a car crash. Of course, I was completely crushed and it wasn't until a week later that the whole thing hit me [and like a ton of bricks, at that]. Well, this friend had had her left eyebrow pierced; and me, being fascinated with body modification of all types decided that this would be how I payed her tribute. Getting my mother to agree was no issue. So on May 7, my mom, aunt Judy, little brother, and my cousin came with me to get it done. The parlor ... read more

Eyebrow ring of DOOM

About 3 years ago, I wanted to get my eyebrow pierced so badly. My parents agreed to take me, since I was only 15, and we went to Greenwich Village. Little did we know that they had recently passed that law, where even if you're with a parent, you cannot get any body modifications untill your 18. So we went from place to place until we found someone who didn't care. Finally we did, and I was a little weary, because the guy who was piercing me looked like he was high. I didn't know much about the sterilization process ... read more

A Most Awaited Piercing.

So I have wanted to have my bridge pierced ever since I first saw one several years ago. I can't remember where I saw it, but I do remember it was on a girl, and I thought it was the sexiest piercing I have ever seen. Ever since I wanted one for myself, but never got round to doing it. So several years passed and I had put the piercing to the back of my mind, like so many other piercings I had seen and liked at the time, until about 7 months ago I started to get myself pierced ... read more

14 years old. I love my eyebrow piercing.

Hey, Yesterday was my 14th birthday. Months before that I told my mother I wanted an eyebrow piercing, and yesterday she surprised me by stopping in front of Strange City, one of my city's best piercing studios. I was so excited, yet scared at the same time. I'm quite different from most girls, I never had my ears pierced and I don't think I ever will. I've never been fond of them, and was never bothered enough to go get them done. So I have never experienced any piercings before this one. I was really jumping into the experience by ... read more

My first facial piercing (eyebrow)

I started getting into body modification two years ago when I was 16. I liked the aesthetically pleasing shine of a well placed, well healed piercing and I decided that I wanted some of my own. I had just started college and they had no rules about appearances (well, piercing wise anyway...) and so my only obstacle was my mother. My dad lives in England so he really got no say in the matter. My mum was very typically against body piercing, it had been a fight to get my cartilage pierced and that's not even on my face. I, ... read more

A horizontal eyebrow please.

I had a hankering for a new piercing and was searching the web with something new in mind I have a few piercings (16 at the moment) and was going through BMEzine to have a proper look at what I could get. I had seen horizontal eyebrows on a couple of guy and thought they looked hot, so after a good look though I decided that a Horizontal eyebrow would look good on me and decided to go for that one.. Now the only problem was to find a new piercing studio as I have moved up to the dark ... read more

My Spontaneous Eyebrow Piercing.

The Latest Addition... 13 piercings down and I was getting the taste for another. It had been four months since I got my conch pierced and I needed to get my piercing fix again. I already had 3 standard lobe piercings in each ear, a helix in both, a daith, a tragus, an anti tragus and a rook to go with it so I was no stranger to piercings. I had originally planned to keep on with my ear project and get a snug in my left ear but as I started trawling thru the photos on BME I became ... read more

My Bridge! Finally!

I have always had a keen interest in all aspects of body modification, and enjoy adding to my knowledge whenever possible, as I aspire to be a tattooist/piercer one day. A year ago I began a work placement at Needle Asylum, Cardiff, and this is where my interest in body mods really took off. While working there, I saw many piercings come and go, but the one that struck me as the most beautiful and intriguing was the bridge piercing, and I just knew I had to have one. Unfortunately, the area in which I live is rather old fashioned ... read more

Demon Eyebrow

I never really liked piercings when I was younger. I had my first holes when I was six and hardly ever wore earrings and they closed many times. Then in 8th grade I got my 2nd holes pierced. I got my right cartilage in 8th grade too with a gun and I took it out too soon and it healed so I couldn't get the stud back through. Then my freshman year I met some friends who loved piercings. I got my right cartilage pierced again and then wanted more but didn't think my mom would let me get 3rd ... read more

DIY Eyebrow Piercing

I've wanted an eyebrow piercing since I saw my friend's mom with one, she had a purple banana barbell with spikes on either side. I know that's weird but it looked really cool. I had tried it before with a sewing needle and an ice cube. But I never could get it through the other side. I kept trying but quit when my granddad came home. Ever since I had wanted to do it again get it through. Then one day at school my friend was whining about how his parent's wouldn't let him pierce his ear. So I did ... read more

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