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My first piercing..

februari 2nd 2003. Two days after I turned 18. I just lived with my boyfriend (who is now my husband), so i felt it was time for some big changes. I decided I wanted to have my eyebrow pierced. My boyfriend had pierced his eyebrow half a year before, so he could tell me what to expect. So I picked a date.. februari 2nd. I didn't tell my parents about what I was about to do. I knew if I did, they would be really angry. So I would tell them when I did it. We lived in Zoetermeer, and ... read more

My one true love.

It all started On November 3rd, 2007. It was a Saturday, yes. I remember the day well because it was the day that I got the piercing that I had been waiting the longest to get; my anti eyebrow. Now, I'm not new to the piercing routine. I've been able to sign for my own for over a year. That's about how long my personal debate about this piercing lasted. After consulting with some close friends, random passers-by on the street [Not really], my professional Steve and (Most importantly) myself, I finally decided that I would try it. I had ... read more

My anti Eyebrow

First off, I would like to let everyone reading this know that piercings scare me an awful great deal!! I have heaps of tattoos, but the smell of a piercing studio horrifies me, I would rather have my body tattooed top to toe than get a piercing. Everytime I get a new piercing, I get panicy, and anxious. So it was with great fear that I set about going to get my anti eyebrow done, I had seen lots of pictures online of this piercing, and had been wanting it done for a while. It was a lovely Sunday afternoon ... read more

14g bridge DIY

Having pierced my lip myself about 2 months ago, I figured piercing my bridge would be a piece of cake. I was right, for the most part. I had wanted to pierce my bridge for a while, I had just moved to Bremerton, WA, and my buddy said they sold piercing kits at the hot topic. I begged him to take me there every day, I guess its kind of a pain to get to Silverdale when your just a broke hardcore kid. Last night, I lucked out. We were roaming around Bremerton, and he calls his bud to hang ... read more


I have been getting pierced since I was about nine years old. Doing most of them myself, I knew i should start seeing a profession for more extreme piercings that needed a lot more skill. I have always envied those who perceive beauty in a diverse way, and that is why i believe i went for piercings that were very unusual to the public eye. I have had over 28 piercings and was tired of the old tongue and belly button deal. I was looking more into surface piercings one day on BME. Although I have only had one previous ... read more

"Did that hurt?"

I finally got it done! Wewtttttttttttttttttt! Ok, I've been wanting to get an eyebrow piercing for a long time (since I was about 11), but there's always been quite a bit, okay, a lot of parental disapproval. But that all changed. Back in April, I offered to get a blood test done on my own free will in exchange for permission to get my eyebrow piercing. I have severe needlephobia and panic disorder, so blood tests don't go down with me too well. I decided to suck it up for one day and just get it over with. And I ... read more

The Life and Death of an Eyebrow Piercing

It's amazing how many emotions one can experience in the course of two months over a single, tiny piercing. Mine went in this order: nervousness, excitement, nervousness, unconcerned, worry, hope, and sadness. It was the 13th of June. Not a Friday, but a Wednesday. The weather outside was nasty, but I had my mind set that something was going to be done that day, no matter what. I had wanted my eyebrow pierced for a while, and that day before leaving the house, I got it in my mind that that was the thing to do that day. I was ... read more

My first facial piercing - eyebrow. (and how it went a bit wonky)

For a really long time I've wanted a facial piercing. About two years back I wanted my lip done, but then it became a bit of a craze and quite a few people I knew got lip piercings. After really thinking about it, I decided I wanted something different that no-one else had. In my head I started imagining all sorts of crazy and extreme piercings that would shock people, but I faced the problems that many other teens face - parents and school. My school has recently changed the rules from 'No Facial Piercings' to 'No Facial Piercings Unless ... read more

My first body modification

Here I was, standing in the studio with a Beaming smile, it's finally going to happen! Rewind to about four weeks ago I was boarding a series of planes to eventually get to Upton park, London to stay with my dad. I'm from London but I moved to Tallahassee, Florida a few years ago to live with my mum for numerous reasons. Well for months I wanted to get a piercing and decided that it was going to be on my eyebrow since anywhere on my ear seemed to cliche, lips didn't appeal to me, a tongue seemed like something ... read more

micro dermals

Well I had just gotten my tax return. My sister and I had planned on going to Las Vegas together for awhile. I had never been. My sister is a certified body piercer out there and knows alot of people. Her and I had talked about how I wanted to get two anti eyebrow micro dermals. She had told me about her friend Tony who does them and lives out there. I had met him in Phillidelphia six weeks before at a convention. She called him asked him about doing my micro dermals. He said for us to come on ... read more

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