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Meine Augenbraue die 2.

Vor ca. einem Jahr ließ ich mir meine Nase piercen und ungefähr 6 Monate danach zum ersten Mal meine Augenbraue. Das piercen hatte mir schweineweh getan und ich hatte danach einen Bluterguss ums Piercing. Schon mal ein schlechter Anfang. Aber das kann passieren und ich machte mir weiter keine Sorgen. Doch durch mein ständiges dranhängenbleiben und dranrumfummeln hat es sich noch in der Heilungsphase entzündet und es fing an rauszuwachsen. Nach einiger Zeit wurde es nur noch von einem kleinen Fetzen Haut gehalten und ich hab dann beschlossen es raus zu machen. Jetzt hab ich eine verhältnismäßg große Narbe an ... read more

Eyebrow Piercings are Fun.

So I've been pierced before, and I plan to get pierced again - but at the time I figured why not get my eyebrow pierced? - it's about as discreet as you can get for general facial piercings, and I had been aching to get another piercing done anyways. You know even if you say, "Okay well I'm only going to get one, and then that'll be it, I swear," six months down the line, you'll want to get pierced again. I promise. But anyways. I had gotten my lip pierced in October, so I knew the general rules and ... read more

Chickened Out / Went Through with it

Well I had been thinking about getting pierced. Had been thinking heavily on it for quite some time and was fascinated with getting my nips done. That'll come later I think though, but lets get back to my eye brow. I am sure you all think that it's stupid to feel as nervous about getting an eye brow done, but I was. This was my first real piercing besides my ears. Which I have my left one done 5 times and my right one once. Also I did my ears myself a long long time ago. The day came that ... read more


Well it all started about a month before my birthday...I had this idea to get an eyebrow piercing. I thought about the piercing all the time. However I was 14 and not turning 15 till the day after a trip I was about to go on. The whole time between then I planned out where exactly I should put it, tried to imagine how much it would hurt then went to my mother to see what her thoughts were. Right away it was "NO, never". Having two sisters both at one time had or currently have piercing or tattoos this ... read more

Piercing Virgin

I begged my Mom for months. Let me get my nose pierced, let me get more ear piercings, let me get my lip pierced, let me get my eyebrow pierced, let me pierce my belly button. I grew up with pretty much no rules, so this one was somewhat of a shocker. I'm not allowed to get any piercings. That changed fast. Maybe my Mom got sick of me asking every night. She finally agreed to an eyebrow piercing. So, I started reading up on it. I found a whole page of horror stories about eyebrow piercings. People getting eyebrow ... read more

No, you're still hanging on.

Hello, I've posted here before. But this is almost a new experience. Well, almost being the key word. I've been pierced before, but never something so simple. Maybe I should explain? For some reason I'm a person who connects plain with pleasure maybe too often. Most people would just consider me a cutter though. My life seems to be an emotional roller coaster right now. So it only seemed logical to get a new piercing, right? The last time I got any needles stuck through my skin was in May. Obviously I have cut since then, but maybe it would ... read more

And In Goes the Needle...

I have always been way into piercings and tattoos, planning with my friends to go out on my 18th birthday and be scarred for life together. This worked out well because I am the last of us to turn 18. Becky turns 18 in March and she's not entirely sure if she wants to wait for me yet. Claire turns 18 in April and she may have changed her mind. Laci, hell, she could already have everything she wants, she doesn't have to wait to turn 18. Well, as it grew closer and closer to my 17th birthday, (July 28, ... read more

100% painless... seriously!

I've wanted to get a real piercing for so long. I have my ears pierced twice one each ear and a cartilage piercing, but I wanted something different. I wanted something that little girls walking down the street don't have. Seriously, even babies get their ears pierced now. So I decided to get my eyebrow pierced. I asked my parents about a week ago, and they said it would be okay! They want me to get my nose pierced though. I really don't care for nose piercings. I want to draw the attention to my eyes, not my nose. Anyway, ... read more

Becoming me

At my high school, we had every clique conceivable. There were the jocks, the stoners, and the preps.... the rich kids, the skateboarders, the pill heads, the geeks, farmers....you name it, we had it. These groups had their members and they stuck to it. I, however, didn't belong to these groups. I had my own group– the migrating group. It sounds pretentious and egotistical, but I was the one person that could make it in any group. I didn't necessarily do what they did (or didn't), but I could get along with any of them. Somehow, though, in kicking it ... read more

What and what not to do with an anti-eyebrow

I have wanted to get my anti-eyebrow done for about a year and a half. Maybe because it is quite a unique and rare piercing. I have not seen anyone in real life (not from the internet) who has had it done. On the right face and position it looks simply amazing. So it just felt like my kind of piercing to go after. Being me, I love to try things out myself first before getting help to do it. So I thought 'Well I did my lobes and lip easily, why not this?' I was completely 100% wrong about ... read more

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