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Eyebrow pierced and shaved at 14

Eyebrow piercing and shaving at 14 My family is into piercings, and I like them myself, but there was no way I'd be allowed an eyebrowpiercing at the age of 14. I mean I even didn't ask, I knew the answer already. I had asked about nose and earcartiladge before, and the answer is always : yes, later. Or sometimes : no, maybe when you're still crazy enough at he age of 21. So what happened 2 years ago when I was 14 was quite funny. There was this theatre competition (I'd never heard of it) of experimental and new ... read more


About half a year ago, I took my yearly trip to Phoenix (I live in Wisconsin, mind you). Of course, this time, I brought a friend with me. I had been into the body mod scene for a couple years, and I had planned on getting something done while I was in town. I had my heart set on a facial piercing, and I already had a list in mind. My friend already had a facial piercing in mind as well, along with a tongue piercing. We called the shop beforehand and asked if they did these certain piercings. When ... read more

Rebuilding myself from the ground up.

I remember having hair, in fact, in my dreams, I still have it. It seems bizarre to be defined by one part of your appearance and even more bizarre to define yourself by it but my hair (thick, black, slightly curly, down to the small of my back almost) was so much a part of me that I couldn't imagine myself without it. Yes I know it's pathetic, but we all have our comfort blankets. Anyways, why all the hair talk? well because things went wrong, very wrong, and because of a fairly crappy illness, I lost a lot of ... read more

Liberated eyebrow

The nature of my work had meant that the only piercings I could have were those which could be easily concealed. For this reason I had only been able to have my tongue, nipples and septum pierced. Although I longed to add to my collection with some facial piercings, this was not an option...at least not until last summer. I was becoming relatively bored with the dull routine that was my life, and decided that this would be a good time to take a career break for a year or so, go do some travelling and take stock of things. ... read more

I went poof!

It all started about a month after I got my second nose ring. I was getting a little bored again and decided I needed something else done... School was finally out and I was deciding when to get my ears done. I wanted them stretched but they weren't even pierced yet. I heard from my friend that it would probably cost about $20 more to get them pierced on top of the stretching, and the jewelry I'd need. Then I realized that I didn't really want to bother with all that cos it sounded a bit complicated. I didn't have ... read more

Is that...blood?

A week before my 18th Birthday I decided that I wanted a piercing to commemorate the day of me turning "legal," and another simple hole in my ear was just not going to do it. After checking out tons of piercings, I had settled on getting my tongue done, and I asked my parents what they thought about it and in a rather blunt way they told me if I had it done they would kick me out of the house. For fear of living in a cardboard box on some street corner, I decided to go to my next ... read more

Great bridge piercing experience.

This is the second piercing that I've had. The first was my septum, which I had done back in February, which is what started my love of piercings. I wanted to get my septum stretched so I booked an appointment at Divine and told them I wanted to come in to do a stretching so they booked an appointment for me. Simple. But later that day I was on BME looking at pictures of piercings where I came across bridge piercings. So after looking at a few I thought about it and realized I didn't know anyone with one and ... read more

Finally got it done!

I had been wanting to get my eyebrow pierced for about a year and a half. During the first few months, I kept tossing the idea around of getting it done - but at the time I had first started wanting it, I knew my mom wouldn't really approve of it, and I didn't think I could really afford it or go through with it. I put the idea aside for a while when I went to college - but then I came back to town to visit and show my friends around, and they wanted to go to the ... read more

eyebrow gone weirdly wrong

It all started June 03 when I decided to have my eyebrow pierced. Instead of getting the end done I had the middle done. I went down to the same studio as I had my lip piercings done with my mum as I knew them in there and it was clean and they had all the hygiene certificates. I had it done and all was fine, I cleaned it with salt solution for the suggested period then left it alone. It looked really good and as I had had o trouble with it I decided in september I wanted another ... read more

My First Pay Day

Hey people, I would first like to say that I have tried to read all of the stories in this category, and I like them all; even the disturbing ones. Yea, I decided to add my own story to the list. I also want to say that I never read any material or did any research before I got mine done, I had wanted it for so long, that when I finally had the chance to get it, I decided to just go for it. But it's not like anything is wrong with me, I just feel like maybe I ... read more

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