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I'm now known as "The 4-Eyed Girl"

I've contemplated getting my bridge pierced for a few years already. I never got to do it, mostly because college and my rent are sucking up pretty much all my money, and also because I usually have bad luck with piercings with rejection risks like eyebrow ones. But after researching a little, I found out it'd be a lot less likely to reject than I thought. So I told myself I had to find the money and get it done. Two weeks ago, I was walking around town and wondering what I could do, I was kinda bored and my ... read more

El momento mas Vergonzoso de mi vida

Bueno, esta es mi comica historia, seguramente se van a reir bastante aquellos que ya tienen piercings hechos. Fue hace mas o menos un año, yo hacia tiempo que tenia muchas ganas de hacerme un piercing y para mi cumpleaños el que en ese momento era mi mejor y mas grande amigo (ahora la relacion paso a cosas mucho mayores), me reagaló la posibilidad de hacerme el piercing que tanto me gustaba y hacia tiempo queria. Nos escapamos del medio del cumpleaños para ir al local donde lo iba a hacer sin decirle nada a nadie, cosa de que nadie ... read more

Ballerina gets an eyebrow peircing!!!

Yep, you got it right- I am a professional ballet dancer--and ballet dancers are PROPER. WE are not allowed to have any visible piercings or tattoos apart from tiny stud earrings in earlobes. Ballet academies like the one I lived in until I turned 14 are totalitarian societies, so until recently the idea of piercing anything other than my earlobes didn't cross my mind-it was simply impossible. For professionals, of course, it is not a written rule-but if you show up to an audition with a facial piercing or a tattoo, there is no chance in the world you'll be ... read more

The path to the anti-brow

The first time I saw this piercing was probably about 2 years ago at a concert in columbus. The person was in a band I don't particularly enjoy, but he was a very pleasant young man and I was very intrigued by the metal in his cheek. That night was when I decided that spot was the coolest spot ever for a piercing (although my thoughts have changed about that since, I don't really think any spot is the coolest or best spot for a piercing) and if I ever got the balls to get something pierced, it would be ... read more

No pain! That's all I care about.

I don't want to bore you with my whole life story that leads up to me getting my eyebrow pierced (because frankly, it's not all that interesting), but I'll say a little bit about what lead up to my decision on this piercing. This was my first piercing, aside from my standard ear piercings that were done when I was about two. Originally I had planned on piercing my lip, but that didn't work out. I ran the idea past my mom and well, lets just say she didn't take it too well. She threatened to kick me out of ... read more

Bridging the boredom

It was another boring as day at work and I had a lot of time to think. I decided I needed another piercing, but what? I wanted something a little different but not too extreme, something aesthetically pleasing to me. I remembered how cool IAM:v_lup2us's bridge looked, and hadn't actually ever seen anyone else around here with one, so decided upon this as my next piercing. After work I stopped into Insane Ink (Dee's shop), this is starting to become a weekly ritual of mine, and had a chat with Dee for a bit. After a while I asked if ... read more

Absolutely Honest - The skinny on my eyebrow piercing.

Well, I'm twenty-four and just turned twenty-four a few days ago. I've been entertaining the idea of getting my eyebrow pierced for several months but I, like everyone, was nervous about this new idea. How much would it hurt? That was my main question. Things like, how long will it take to heal were next in line, but my pain threshold is very low, so I was worried. I think what actually convinced me to do it were the stories on this site. So many of the eyebrow piercing stories swore it was practically or completely painless and after reading ... read more

A normal eyebrow with a normal barbell

I wanted a piercing for years and years and never had the courage and the information to go get one done. One day I was at my boyfriend's house and I was feeling really depressed because I felt like I was unable to get over my fears. My fear wasn't the piercing itself but mostly the talking to the piercer that goes with it (I know I am weird). Than, my boyfriend who knows me better than anyone knew that I really wanted that piercing so he said : ok I'll go with you to the piercing parlour. Unfortunately I ... read more

My eyebrow experience

I've always been obsessed with people with body modifications for as long as I can remember. When I was about 11 my mom let me get my ears done, and after that I wanted to get more and more! I got my ears done again, and then I got kind of bored with doing just my ears. I asked my mom if I could get other things done but she said no to everything. After looking at pictures of different things I could get done, I was convinced I wanted to get my eyebrow, but I was scared I would ... read more

I did it myself!

I've had my ears pierced since I was younger and I loved them. For a few years now I've really wanted a piercing other than my ears. I knew it would never happen though. I had asked my parents about it around a year and a half ago and they said no. And I knew they wouldn't now because they wouldn't even let my sister get anything done and she was almost eighteen. I had pierced my ears myself before, and gauged them, and I had thought about doing something else my self, but I never thought I could ever ... read more

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