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The Piercing That Started my Addiction

I think my obsession with body piercings started when I was quite young, I was around age 7 or 8 I believe. I remember watching those 80's "punk rocker" movies and thinking man these people are the coolest. I loved everything about them. They way their dressed, the color of their hair, but most importantly I LOVED the way their piercings looked. Being raised by a very old fashioned father getting anything pierced was way out of the question. Hell, when I got my ears pierced at 8 years old my Dad was not a very happy camper. He told ... read more

My second eyebrow piercing after the first closed up.

There is a back story to this. I had wanted to have my eyebrow done for awhile, ever since I saw a picture of someone with two piercings on the outer edge of the eyebrow with different-sized rings in them. I thought this looked incredibly awesome, and wanted to get it done. So, you could call me a copycat or what have you, but I don't claim to be the first one who thought up the idea to get their eyebrow pierced in any case. Yet, I digress. About a year ago, I got my eyebrow pierced. It was for ... read more

Kindness goes a long way

Two years ago, with much research and persuasion, I finally got my mom to consent to letting me get my navel pierced. I chose to go to Unique Ink in Marion, IL. Truthfully, at the time, the reason I picked UI was because it was one of the only places in the area that does which shop to go to, but now after asking around and having multiple body mod expierences, I will go there as long as I'm creative and they're open because they're unbeleiveably kind and their work is amazing. Now there are a lot of piercing and ... read more

The First of Many...and more to come!!!

When I was a kid I can remember a friend of my brother's named Chris that lived with us. He was the first person I had ever seen with piercings. I had a natural curiosity about his facial piercings, (he had his eyebrow, tongue, and lip pierced). I always wanted to look at them up close and touch them. A few years later, another friend of my brother's, oddly enough also named Chris was another fascination for me. He had his eyebrow pierced as well as his tongue, (this Chris also had pocketing work done on his arm, but I'll ... read more

My Eyebrow

I had always liked piercings but I was too scared to have any extreme ones even though I'd love to, and anyway I'm still at school so having a really ''showy'' piercing is out of the question. (And my mum would probably chuck me out) I was torn between having my lip pierced or my eyebrow pierced, I chose my eyebrow seeing as loads of people at school have their lip pierced and I wanted to be a little bit different, and I had seen it on girls and I thought it looked really pretty. I was in town one ... read more

Heres a story...about an eyebrow piercing

I have wanted a piercing since I was 10 years old. It started off after I saw Clueless and wanted to get my nose pierced. I thought it looked cute and I wanted a tiny diamond. I asked my mom and she said I had to wait till I was 18 to do any piercing other than my ears. I gave up on my piercing dream for about 5 years, and then I found a new piercing. I wanted a sexy eyebrow piercing. I decided at around age 15 that I didn't want my nose pierced, my fingers were too ... read more

left eyebrow

First of all I'd like to start with why I decided to do this hole experience like this. My dad hates piercing, tattoos and well just about anything that involves change with your body. Besides maybe his thoughts about getting plastic surgery for himself ("if it doesn't serve you let it go" quote from my mother who knows where she heard that). I didn't dare ask him if I could get pierced or ask if I could get proper tools at least. Considering this is the man that didn't even let me get my ears pierced till I was fourteen ... read more

Dare me to pierce my bridge?

So, I have this kind of reputation of doing anything to prove I'm a badass. Sometimes it gets me in trouble. Sometimes it gives me an excuse to do something I really want to do. One day I had a bunch of friends around watching me poke holes in my ears (which I do quite often with any sharp object available) and one of them handed me a thick safety pin (if I had to put a gauge on it, I'd say 16 ga) and asked me if I'd ever pierced anything but my ears. Sure, I said, I did ... read more

Bet ya can't stop at one...

Cape Breton, this could arguably be one of the most closed minded places to live in Canada. When I was just a kid I wanted to get piercings. I wasn't really concerned about getting any more "exotic" piercings done. When I was about 10 I wanted to get my left lobe pierced. My parents wouldn't let me, saying that only girls got piercings like that. So being a kid, mom and dad said no so I didn't bother to fight it. Around here ya never really saw too many people with piercings other than ears up until about 4 or ... read more

My Self-Pierced Bridge Experience (and the Brother who Almost Fainted)

Ok, I guess I should start with a bit of background first. My name is Zack and I grew up in a family where piercings were something only the 'freaks' of the world did, well at least that's why my grandparents led me to believe. Well, about three years ago I got my left ear pierced with intentions on stretching it (I saw someone I knew with gauged ear lobes and I had to have some) so after months of persuading, and many promises, I got my ear pierced. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world and ... read more

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