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bridging the gap, (pun intented)

It was during the summer that I decided that I wanted to get pierced, so I got a Madonna; all went well accept I wanted more. I didn't want another lip piercing or my nose done, so the search was on to find my next one. I was looking through pages and pages of piercings, at different faces, I wanted something that suited my face, (it's shallow I know). So I found the bridge piercing, it looked stunning on some folks and totally silly on others, some folks were squint, some were too high, some looked stuck on, so it ... read more

Vertical Anti-Eyebrow

Well, I guess this whole thing started on BME. I had never heard of the anti-eyebrow (or the high cheek surface piercing) before sometime last year, when I had been perusing the site and came across pictures of this adorable little piercing. I don't think I even bothered asking my mom if I could get it, because at the time, she wouldn't even let me get my tongue pierced, so it seemed pretty hopeless. I had gotten my navel pierced sometime in January two years ago, so my parents said that was more than enough for me. However, it all ... read more

My eyebrow piercing

I only had 2 piercing and those were my navel and my right nostril. I wanted more piercings but I wanted something like my tongue or my lip. I never thought about getting my eyebrow pierced. I saw many people with eyebrow piercing but I never thought I would have one. I didn't even like the piercing. But my opinion would soon change. My best friend, Karen always wanted her eyebrow pierced. I can remember in the 6th grade she would draw pictures of herself with an eyebrow piercing. She always looked at the eyebrow jewelry and asked if she ... read more

My ears hurt more than getting the eyebrow piercing!!

I'm writing my story here because BMEzine is the whole reason I got the courage to go get this piercing done and I probably wouldn't have done it without reading all of the other stories posted. So my piercing experience begins when suddenly about three weeks ago I was searching around the site and decided I wanted to get something pierced (eyebrow, lip, and industrial are on my list). I decided to go with eyebrow first because of everything I've read on this site and how everyone kept saying it was really painless. Plus I liked how it looked. This ... read more

I love my spiked eyebrow!

I went to Oz Tattoo to see Spiccoli on October 1st, 2004, at first to get my nipples pierced, but decided against it for a few reasons at the time. Instead, I got my eyebrow and tongue pierced, and I am so happy that I chose to do them. I arrived, and at first got my tongue pierced. Then my friend, Meg, got her cartilage pierced and my other friend, Corey, got a tattoo. During the process of him getting his tattoo, someone else came in and had their eyebrow pierced. I really liked the way it looked, and despite ... read more

18th Birthday Present

It was about a week before my 18th birthday, I had already gotten *almost* everything else pierced that I wanted to, and my 15 year old sister didn't know what to get me for my birthday... so she decided to pay for my eyebrow piercing. Yes! She had me choose the studio, she figured out the cost with tax and all that good stuff, and made me a cool certificate with pictures of pierced eyebrows on it to put in a card. January 8th, my birthday, finally came and we took off from school a couple hours early to find ... read more

She said yes?

Well to start you off my name is Holly. I have wanted an eyebrow piercing for a while but my parents aren't really the type of people to have piercings besides your ears, and if your skinny they agreed on the belly button ring. I've asked my dad before if I could have my tongue pierced, and that was out of the question. Then one day I asked my lovely mother can I have my eyebrow pierced. Of course she also said no. So I just dropped it. As the days went on I had seen my friend Amanda have ... read more

Family Fun at the Tattoo Parlor.

So not too long ago, I decided I wanted to get my eyebrow pierced. Actually, I decided that when I was in middle school seventh and Jonathan Davis had it. Korn was probably my first favorite band...other than KISS when I was really little...and it was through Jonathan Davis that I was first led into, what I would come to know as body modification. But that was about 7 years ago and for some reason or another,(maybe the age factor) I didn't get around to actually having any holes punched into my body until a few months ago. Anyways, I ... read more

Eyebrow by Rosa

It's been about 3 weeks since I got my eyebrow pierced, so I'm trying to remember the details of the event as best as I can. I had my eyebrow done the first time a year and a half ago, but took it out for work. My current mods include an off-center lip, septum, and now my right eyebrow (with many more to come, in fact, one tomorrow). I've been pierced at Expressions in Boone before. Not Acceptable by most professional standards (they still believe in betadine and Listerine, hell I'm not even a professional and I know they're not ... read more

An Unexpected Birthday Gift

This is my first real piercing experience that my parents have known about, I would like to write about my wonderful experience. For any of you that haven't already read my other experience, I'm Maddie. I just turned 14 a week ago and 1 day ago and couldn't be happier. I'm in 8th grade and have good friends. Like most teens, I have restricting parents. I was told no piercings until I'm 18 which really angered me. I should be able to get one! Everyone knows that I have a passion for piercing and they think it's awesome(Probably because most ... read more

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