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My favourite piercing ever

When I was thirteen I found a band called the Prodigy. I think this was the starting point of my infatuation with piercings. It was five years later when I actually got the nerve and 'ahem' permission to get my lip pierced. I was so nervous going into the parlour with the permission slip. I felt like I was buying a pack of cigarettes but instead of telling me off for being underage they were going to shove a skewer through my lip. The weird thing was it didn't hurt at all. Actually I can't remember it hurting or bleeding ... read more

Até que enfim!

resolvi colocar minha experiecia aqui pq esse site me ajudou mto a tirar algumas duvidas atraves da experiencia de outras pessoas, por isso prometi a mim mesma que quando eu colocasse o piercing eu escreveria aqui. Sempre achei lindo piercings principlamente na sobrancelha, sempre quis fazer mas tinham 3 fatores que me seguravam: meus pais, medo da dor e minha idade. Eu sempre tive pavor de agulhas é uma odisséia quando eu vou tirar sangue ou levar injeção, sempre que eu via alguma perfuraçao de piercing na tv ou na net ficava com um frio na barriga por causa do ... read more

Starting an addiction

My eyebrow was the first piercing that I ever got. I had always admired how it looked on people and wanted to get one of my own when I turned 18. I was a little concerned with how my parents might react although it was something that I had thought about for at least three years and I felt that my parents would ultimately be understanding even if at first they reacted a little brashly. Whenever I saw people that had their brow pierced I just liked the odd symmetry that it added to their face. A simple proclamation that ... read more

Por fin!!

Siempre me gustaron los piercings, pero fue hace unos tres o cuatro años que realmente me empezaron a interesar. Hace casi tres años me hice uno en la nariz, pero esa es una historia aparte (llena de errores por cierto) y ya la escribiré después. Hará poco más de un año empecé a barajar la idea de hacerme un piercing en la ceja. Pero por varias razones no me sentía del todo convencida: el famoso "nervio" que te paraliza la cara, que se te caiga el párpado, que me lo rechazara, que se infectara, que se me enganchara en algo... read more

please read before considering an eyebrow piercing

In my search for accurate information regarding body modifications, I have come across some stories that did not, I feel, prepare me for the actual piercing. This may be a result of a unique, unintentional scar I have that goes horizontally across my entire eyebrow. I've had this since I was a baby and I will never know what it feels like to have "normal" eyebrows. However, my boyfriend thinks it's beautiful, and most people ask me about it when they first meet me because it is "the coolest damn thing" they've ever seen. I felt this was reason enough ... read more

My First Facial

Ok, so I've wanted some facial piercings for a while now. Prior to this experience, I only had my nipples, tongue, navel, and hood. Three of those piercings weren't readily seen. I really wanted something (besides my tongue...blah every one has those) that I could show off. There were two problems with this. My husband (who is also pierced) doesn't care for facial piercings. Also, due to work, I didn't know if it were possible. My last boss said ABSOLUTELY not! I really wanted my labret pierced. I have wanted it for 9 years now, but due to money, pregnancy ... read more

My first real piercing

I had my eyebrow pierced at Damian's City Tattoo in PA just over a month ago. People all over my area had recommended this place, and I'm glad they did. The people were extremely friendly and the work was excellent; I definitely plan to go back. It was my first "real" piercing, too. My parents had my ears pierced when I was only about a month old, so I had an early start. I had wanted to have my eyebrow pierced since I was in elementary school. I ended up going with my mom and sister, who each got their ... read more

Det andra ögonbrynet.

Jag hade länge velat pierca mig i ögonbrynet men det var först för drygt ett och ett halvt år sedan som jag började fundera ordentligt på det. Jag sökte runt på Internet efter bilder, berättelser, saker att tänka på före och efter och liknande. Pratade med en mängd olika personer som hade piercat sig i ögonbrynet och alla hade fått fina ögonbryn efter det och ingen hade haft problem med dem. Nöjd med resultatet från mina efterforskningar och än mer beslutsam i att ta det för mig stora steget att köra igenom en nål genom mitt ögonbryn, försökte jag få ... read more

Brow of Might or How I ended up with my Eyebrow Pierced.

Even since I was a wee little tyke (alright 8 years old isn't that wee, but you get the idea) I've been in love with not only ink but piercings as well. I've usually had friends who had work done as well. A very good friend of mine named Becky helped to get me this wonderful new addiction I've had for many years now. I've since retired my eyebrow piercing, albeit very sadly, but it is gone now. It was my first piercing and I will always remember it. I still have the jewellery I wore in it, on the ... read more

Broken Heart vs Bridge a-Piercing

Preface: Not that anybody needs a bunch of background information. You're like, I want to know about the piercing, not your inability to maintain a decent, charming relationship (ever), you sad, sad spinster. So I'll make this brief: In fact, I'll make it an algebraic equation because I'm real awesome: Astrid (a) gets spontaneous body modification done at troubled times. Her boyfriend (x) soooo dumped her yesterday. (a) + (x) = Bridge piercing, duh. Yeah, so that sucked. Upon rolling out of bed after about ninety-three million hours of being depressed and pathetic, I decided it was due time to ... read more

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