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Re-piercing my eyebrow - something was missing

I got my eyebrow pierced when I was thirteen. And I loved it. It was my second 'real' piercing, and my favorite one too. But of course, with my luck, it had to migrate. I was so angry when I realized that it was not going to stay. At first, it migrated a little, then it migrated to half its size, and it just kept going. When there was only a small piece of skin left, I took it out. But I was already planning to pierce it again. I still blame it on my friend. She doesn't think before ... read more

Anti- eyebrow or "Trinity"- you tell me.

I am fairly new to the piercing industry, I have been a full time piercer only for about twelve months now and that includes my training so I am fairly new but I am a fast learner and have a good teacher, he was trained by the great Fakir himself. This was my first big opportunity to be left in charge of the studio for about a week and a half and so far, seven days into the stint, all was going perfectly. No unhappy clients, no mistakes, all calm and good, in fact I was thinking to my self ... read more

My newest addition (double eyebrow)

Alright, it all started with me getting my left ear pierced, which soon moved to right and now I have a total of 4 piercings in each ear lobe. This is when I started becoming interested in body modification. About a year later I got my lip pierced and then 4 months later (now) I got my left eyebrow pierced twice. I began wanting this piercing about 6 or 7 months ago but didn't plan on getting it anytime soon. It took me a while to be able to do this, after I got my lip pierced my mom began ... read more

My first piercing

I had wanted and eyebrow piercing for a little while, since someone I worked with had it and I was a bit envious. I made plans to get it done and decided I wanted to go to Zebra, since it's a very established place and I wanted to hang out on Telegraph Avenue anyway. I took a couple weeks to save up some money and made the necessary plans in order for a smooth delivery. I also checked out this website for a lot of the information about piercing, and it was a big help. I went on a Saturday ... read more

My First REAL Piercing

After I wrote my first story about my self done navel I got a couple emails about how I was crazy, but I finally get to write a story and redeem myself. Yesterday, which was November 16th, I got my report card in the mail. My mother and I had made a deal that if I got good grades she would let me get pierced...if we could find a place that would do it since I am not 16. Our first stop was a small studio on Main Street. We walked in and we were greeted right away which was ... read more

Long awaited eyebrow!

Since I was about thirteen years old I have wanted a piercing of some kind. Every kind looked appealing to me, but the one that stuck out most to me was the eyebrow ring. I thought it looked sexy, different, and cute all at the same time. No one around where I lived really had one, so I thought what the heck i'll do it. When I got around to asking my parents they flipped out and said no way on any piercing and they were trashy for girls to have. I myself disagreed and kept on asking till I ... read more

I'd do it again and again!

About a year and a half ago, at the age of 23 I got my first real piercing. I had always been interested in piercings, but my job at the time didn't allow them. After I left my job and started my own business I was free to do what I wanted. My husband and I decided to get our eyebrows done at the same time. We went to one of the very few places in our area that do piercings. We knew the place had a good reputation for tattoos, but we knew nothing about the piercer. I was ... read more

he said he never seen so much blood from an eyebrow piercing

This happened about, 8 months ago. I woke up one day an thought, 'hmm, I want my eyebrow pierced' but I didn't know were I could get it done because I'd never had any other piercing apart from one set in my ears and my right cartilage and they were done at a hairdressers. So I asked my mate if she knew any were that did them and she came out with the name 'Tiger Tattoo's'. So, I went to the bank and got out £30 (I did no research in to this at all, I didn't even know how ... read more

Tomm..With two M's!

I'm 16 and from England. I already had 9 ear piercings, and a nose piercing, all self done. I had wanted my eyebrow pierced for about 4 years, Mum always said it would suit me, so getting permission wasn't a problem. I was just SO scared of needles. I'd been having trouble with my teeth recently, and had to have of injections when I went to the dentists, so I was getting better with needles. Mum had promised me she'd give me the money to get my lip pierced when I'd had all my work done at the dentists, cause ... read more

My great off center eyebrow!! I love it!

I had thought for some time about receiving another piercing. I really liked how the eyebrow piercings looked, but I wanted a bit of a twist to it. This all started when a friend wanted to get her nostril pierced. I told her if she would get it, that I would get my eyebrow done. We went down to Body Rights where I always go for my piercing needs! I talked to Frank, Shannon, and Sarah for a bit about what we were thinking. I always have Sarah pierce me, that's just who I feel comfortable with. I told them ... read more

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