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Bew-tee-ful Bridge

I have wanted to get my bridge pierced since the first time I laid eyes on it while browsing the bme website. I of course then read everything about it, because that is just what I do. I must know anything and everything there is to know about a piercing that I would consider getting. My sister James' boyfriend Jawsh is buddies with Tyler from the Way Cool studio in Waterloo, so a hole bunch of us planned to go for a "piercing party" one summer day. When that day came, me and James woke up early and got ready ... read more

The First Piercing

I always felt like I was different than other people my whole life. Ever since I can remember, I have always been attracted to tattoos and other kinds of body modification. I can seriously say that I remember wanting a tattoo when I was 9 or 10 years old. I would get those fake ones and put them on my body, all walking around thinking I was the shit. I liked the way it made my whole arm or leg look totally different, and I remember thinking how much I wanted people to "check" me and my fake tattoo out. ... read more

My first piercing

I had wanted and eyebrow piercing for a little while, since someone I worked with had it and I was a bit envious. I made plans to get it done and decided I wanted to go to Zebra, since it's a very established place and I wanted to hang out on Telegraph Avenue anyway. I took a couple weeks to save up some money and made the necessary plans in order for a smooth delivery. I also checked out this website for a lot of the information about piercing, and it was a big help. I went on a Saturday ... read more

My First REAL Piercing

After I wrote my first story about my self done navel I got a couple emails about how I was crazy, but I finally get to write a story and redeem myself. Yesterday, which was November 16th, I got my report card in the mail. My mother and I had made a deal that if I got good grades she would let me get pierced...if we could find a place that would do it since I am not 16. Our first stop was a small studio on Main Street. We walked in and we were greeted right away which was ... read more

Long awaited eyebrow!

Since I was about thirteen years old I have wanted a piercing of some kind. Every kind looked appealing to me, but the one that stuck out most to me was the eyebrow ring. I thought it looked sexy, different, and cute all at the same time. No one around where I lived really had one, so I thought what the heck i'll do it. When I got around to asking my parents they flipped out and said no way on any piercing and they were trashy for girls to have. I myself disagreed and kept on asking till I ... read more

I love it!

Ever since I've known what they were, I thought eyebrow piercings were awesome. I've wanted one since I was six. I started bothering my mom about it when I was in sixth grade. She always said "Wait until high school". Well, I did. This summer was the summer before my freshman year. My mom tried to tell me that she meant that I could get it after high school, but to no avail. I wanted my piercing, and I wanted it now. I saw an article in the newspaper about body piercings, and it had Studio One Tattoo featured. It ... read more

Hearing that your piercer has done a procedure without tools doesn't help...

My first non-ear piercing was my left eyebrow. It was pretty much a "lets get something pierced" sort of moment, which are sometimes regretted, but I'm happy to say that over a year later, I still love my third piercing as much as the day I first got it. I owe my interest in getting my eyebrow pierced all to one person. Previously to meeting her, I had only known one person with an eyebrow piercing done and he had wore a ring in his, which never remotely appealed to me as something I'd like to have as an addition ... read more

First Piercing.

My story begins while I was on my summer break in northern Ontario, near the end. We ended up stopping off at Wasaga Beach on the way back home for the day of relaxation, swimming, tourist traps, and more. I was looking for a way to change my appearance before I went back home. Just to make a bang with everyone back at home. Just to cause a stir. I ended up bleaching my hair blonde, and walking into a tattoo/piercing parlor on the Beach. (I can't remember the name right now, and I can't find any of the products ... read more

Find a piercer who won't mess up!

Wellll it all started out a week before Easter. I had been begging my dad for months to say OK. He didn't like the way they looked, especially "on me". But I gave him a huge lecture on "appearance shouldn't matter"... and he finally gave in. (I'm a good convincer ;) )Amazing! Unfortunately I couldn't get it done that day, it took me a little longer to save up the $40.00 than I expected, being that I didn't have a job. Eventually I got the money saved up... and I made my appointment! The day of my appointment I was ... read more

What on earth was I worrying about?

Well this is the "story" of my eyebrow piercing! I have always been really interested in Body "Modification" since I was a teenager but never really got anything done except my ears (lobes 3 times) and my cartilage which was done with a gun eeeeekkk!! When I got to 20 (not sure why it had taken me so long) and after years of wanting I finally got a (rather large) tattoo on my right arm and a few more since then but I still had a yearning for piercing!! I always fancied having my eyebrow done, which, I think looked ... read more

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