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The Conservative Facial Piercing

I had wanted to get my eyebrow pierced for almost a year. It isn't the most common piercing where I live, and if considered common-only for males. I had used BME as my research guide; reading up on the stories of other people's eyebrow experiences. I also made time to read the horrible side-effects. These included, migrating, cysts from infection, and bruises. The fear that perturbed me the most was that of migration. Paying $70.00 for a piercing, only to have it migrate half-way down your face was not my idea of a good deal. So, I talked to a ... read more

The Beginning Of Many Mods

When I was a little girl, my cousins had their noses and navels pierced and I never really understood the concept of piercings. And as I grew older, i've been introduced to body modifications; piercings mostly, and it intrigued me! So after YEARS of asking and complaining and many many hours of research and demonstrations and explanations to my parents, my mother finally decided to give in. While I was at school one day, my mother had called and made the appointment at a very local and new studio, Myriad Of Muse. When I got home, she told me that ... read more

My first facial Piercing

OK I have interested in Body modification ever since I had my ears pierced. I went through the usual stages of having 3 holes in each lobe and having the cartilage pierced and then a belly button bar but doesn't everybody! Anyway I was surfing the net one day and came across eyebrow piercing and after a few hours of research I decided that it was the piercing for me. As I was only 15 at the time I had to face the only thing standing in the way of my beloved eyebrow piercing – my mother! I got the ... read more

Make sure yo trust your piercer

Hi! So here's my story of my horrible eyebrow experience! In about October of last year I decided I really wanted to get my eyebrow pierced because I thought it looked so awesome. I was also trying to pull of the punk, I'm hardcore look but it just wasn't my thing. Anyways. I talked to my sister about it and she decided that she too would like to get hers done. We weren't sure where we wanted to go but she said she there was place in Weyburn where she lived that did tattoos and piercings. The guy did her ... read more

my painless eyebrow piercing

I started the obsession of piercing about 6 months ago, after a lengthy trial with my parents over them bringing me to get my eyebrow pierced. Originally it was supposed to be my nose, but after careful consideration I decided I liked my eyebrow better. I probably would've done it myself if I hadn't told my dad that, and somehow I think it was that statement that led him to the final decision that it would be ok If he just let me get one piercing. The hardest thing about getting a piercing at 14 is actually GETTING the piercing ... read more

My eyebrow piercing experience

Since I was 10 I have wanted to get some sort of facial piercing. I thought about getting a lip ring, but no way in hell would my parents let me. I thought about getting a nostril piercing, but it was too un-original, as too many people I knew had it. I already had my ears pierced four times, it was already starting to get boring. So it hit me. I wanted my eyebrow pierced. It was nothing too crazy, it is one of the most subtle facial piercings available. I began asking my parents, who are pretty conservative. I ... read more

My Experience with my eyebrow

To anybody who wants an eyebrow ring I would say go for it but be careful out of the piercings I have so far I loved my eye brow ring the most. i will tell you the story o my eyebrow ring about how I got it in March 2003 and lost it by September of that year. So I guess i will start at the beginning so here: My sister got her right eyebrow pierced , at Tattoo Lous by some guy named Sharpie, when she was 16 and I totally adored it. The guy was so nice and ... read more

I'm a Bleeder

I've always been told that when you get pierced more than once in the same area it can bleed a lot. I didn't really think this would apply to me because none of my other piercings (belly button, nipples, tongue, nose, labret, and eyebrow) had bled before. So getting my tongue pierced for the second time was a slight shock, it hurt a hell of a lot more than the first one and to add to it I gushed blood and slobber into a garbage can for almost twenty minutes, not to mention that it took me about five hours ... read more

I hate ripping things

Before I begin, let me say this – I detest needles. They scare me. Maybe it's from a scary pediatrician, maybe I sat on a tack as a little kid, I don't know. I just do not like needles. They scare me. Pain too. Pain is a new one for me. My boyfriend, one of the sexiest men sent to the earth, changed my thoughts of body modification and made it seem like a great possibility. He had already had his labret pierced, and was about to add his ears, eyebrow, and septum to his collection. As I watched him ... read more

Fricken Hell what a painless piercing...but a very painfull after effect

I had been wanting a piercing for a really long time. I have been a needle freak since I received my first shot as a little kid and my parents weren't to pleased. But when I turned 16 my Mom said as long as I was passing all my classes it was ok with her to get something pierced. Unfortunately we didn't have the same last name (Since my parent's divorced and my Mom was remarried, she changed her name). So I was stuck trying to persuade my Dad to let me do this. He finally gave in after pulling ... read more

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