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my eyebrow and what it felt like

Today being friday, i just got pierced on Monday. All of you who want to get this done, I highly recommend it. I am the biggest needle wus I have ever met, and I didn't pass out or get into hysterics. I'll give you guys an example of how weak my stomach actually is. I had to get tested for allergy shots in April, which means I got poked with a very small needle about 20 times on the same area of my arm. For those who don't know, the needle just barely goes under the skin. Point being: I ... read more

Shots are scary, but piercing needles are okay...

Ever since 4th grade, I had always wanted my eyebrow and/or labret pierced. All of my friends thought I was crazy and thought that I would NEVER go through with it. They didn't even understand why I had my ears pierced. Though my friends obviously didn't approve of my desire to get the piercing's, I kept my little dream. In 7th grade I had wanted to get my ears pierced a second time and after I had done that, I fell even deeper in love with piercing's. By the time I was in 10th grade I had my ears pierced ... read more

My second and most anxiously and nervously waited piercing

I have never really been a keen fan of body art until recently. I got my first piercing on upper ear when I was on summer holidays and just added a normal silver barbell to it which shows how much I haven't studied body art as of yet. Later on I was looking to get my eyebrow pierced, which I felt like doing completely spontaneously. I called my friend and asked him on which was the best place to go for it and she replied to me by saying station. I went in there and it looked like a really ... read more

Mon premier contact avec le monde fascinant des bodmods

Les modifications corporelles m'ont attirées dès le début de mon adolescence, mais à cette époque, mes envies de piercing et de tatouage étaient largement bridées par ma mère, qui a eu l'intelligence d'exiger que j'attende ma majorité pour réaliser mes projets ; elle voulait par ce biais éviter d'être responsable d'une éventuelle erreur. A 15 ans j'ai passé mon bac, et j'ai commencé des études exigeantes, j'avais donc d'autres priorités et il me fallait de toute façon attendre quelques années avant de me lancer dans les bods mods. Cette année, je suis en 4ème année d'école de commerce, mes études ... read more

Horizontal Eyebrow

I've got 28 piercings as of right now, but I've had over 50 holes poked throughout my body in the last 20 years. I think I've pretty much had every piercing that's possible, minus the cheeks, smiley or anything like splitting, etc...The one regular piercing I knew I would NEVER even consider getting was the eyebrow, until 2 days ago when I saw the horizontal eyebrow piercing on this site. It was beautiful... I was going to drive into Vegas (about a 45 min. drive from here) but it was too rainy, so I decided to go to ******** and ... read more

Finally my eyebrow is pierced

I have wanted my eyebrow pierced for just over a year now but our school does not allow facial piercing so the only way I could get it pierced was to wait until Christmas school holidays so it would heal enough to use nylon plugs during school. (Go to this website if u wants information on nylon plugs: http://www.pierceoff.com.au/ViewProduct.aspx?ProductId=392 It's easier than fishing line) Well it wasn't that easy to get it done. Although in Australia the legal age or body piercing without parental consent is 16. My mum and dad made me an offer that the only way I ... read more

"You're Not Done!!"

Okay, I think I'll bore everyone with the pre-piercing information!**EVIL LAUGH** I've been harassing my mother to let me get a piercing since I was ten. It started with a bellybutton ring. But my mother said no. She couldnt stand the the thought of letting her "little girl" get a piercing. (By the way when I was ten I looked 14) By the time I was eleven I had three sets of piercings in my lobes and my cartilage pierced once on the left side. By this time my father was going ape shit and said that I could no ... read more

Wanting to be different. It really worked..

Since I was about seven years old I've been into piercings. Couple of years later I decided needed to change my look, I already had the "Punk" look going on and everyone at my school knew me by the name of "the girl that's weird" yup, well you get the idea. Anyway, I was 12 years old and I really really wanted a piercing, this girl in my grade 7 class had her belly button pierced and I was just completely amazed by it, I asked her so many times if it hurt and she said it didn't hurt, but ... read more

The Inbrow

This was, by far, one of my most anticipated piercings. Every other piercing, I've always just done it, without any thought, planning, preparation, or concern. I'd just wake up one afternoon, look in the mirror, realize something was missing, and 2 minutes later, I'd have a new ring. But not with this one! I actually thought about it for a full 2 weeks beforehand. Those two weeks were the most confusing of my life, honestly. One minute, I was all for the piercing, the next, I was rethinking it. And just when I'd convinced myself it was a good idea, ... read more

The Conservative Facial Piercing

I had wanted to get my eyebrow pierced for almost a year. It isn't the most common piercing where I live, and if considered common-only for males. I had used BME as my research guide; reading up on the stories of other people's eyebrow experiences. I also made time to read the horrible side-effects. These included, migrating, cysts from infection, and bruises. The fear that perturbed me the most was that of migration. Paying $70.00 for a piercing, only to have it migrate half-way down your face was not my idea of a good deal. So, I talked to a ... read more

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