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Piercing Virgin

So here's my story. I am a 19 year old college music major, and I live in Eugene Oregon, a fairly hippie city located in West-Central Oregon. And as of 2 months or so ago I was a piercing virgin. Yes that's right folks. Not even the ears. And don't get me wrong, I wasn't from some uber-conservative family or go to some ultra strict school. My parents didn't want to have me get my ears pierced until I was old enough to choose it myself and fully understand the process. I think that's pretty cool. Anyway, that supposed age ... read more

I bled like a stuck pig...but no surprise there.

Let me start this experience off by stating that I have Von Willebrand's Disease (or VWD for short). It's been mentioned briefly in some experiences I've read here, but for those of you who have never heard of it, let me tell you a little about it. It is a hereditary blood disease, similar to hemophilia. It's common, but unheard of, affecting 1 in 100 people, most of which have no idea they have it. This disease's severity can range from mild to very serious. I, obviously, have had VWD all my life, and I am one of the lucky ... read more

Boredom leads to a self done bridge

I had retired my bridge piercing a few years ago because it had started to migrate, because of where I was working my second job, I was constantly changing the jewelry in it and that lead to it starting to heal itself out, so out of necessity I had to remove it. At the time that I had it done, there were very few if any people in my area that had the bridge piercing let alone knew what it even was, and as with all of my mods, it is the ones that are not as common that I ... read more

An Overall Good Experience

For years I've been interested in getting a body piercing. As my 16th birthday came near, I decided that I wanted to get a piercing as a birthday present. I figured, it's my 'sweet sixteen' so my parents would for sure go for it. Turns out they didn't want to get me a piercing, and they told me that if I wanted one, I'd have to pay for it myself. So I was disappointed, to say the least. Considering I don't have a job right now, and, alas, no money. Fortunately, on the Monday following my birthday, two of my ... read more

A crooked bridge

I only recently started wanting my bridge pierced. Then I started looking at pictures on bme, and decided that I really wanted it pierced. Having a bigger nose led me astray from my septum, so I needed something different. So I went to Electric Chair to get it done. This was two weeks ago. First of all, just let me say, Electric Chair is my favorite tattoo shop. It's the only one I'll go to. The staff is extremely friendly, the shop is very clean, and they do wonderful tattoos and piercings. There is a fairly new piercer there, Jill, ... read more


So I decided to get my eyebrows pierced. The only mod I had prior to this was a lip ring that I had gotten a couple months earlier. I decided that I wanted both eyebrows done (I have an issue with symmetry) so it seemed like a good idea to get both at the same time. So I walked into the shop, sans appointment, and luckily they had an opening for me right away. So they asked me all the standard questions and I filled out the standard forms, and now, it was go time. What I didn't know was ... read more

new years piercings

I had wanted some new piercings for quite some time. I got my first piercing at age 12 which was my lip and from there on I got many more I got my libret done then the other side of my lip then i got my tongue then both eyebrows then my septum then my vertical bridge I also had had my ears stretched for quite some time before I got any real piercings. I now have my septum stretched to 00g my tongue stretched to 00g as well both lobes stretched to 2 inches and just recently I got ... read more

My firts eyebrow piercing

I have always wanted to get my eyebrow pierced because I thought it was one of the best things ever. I already have five piercings (two on each ear) regular lobe piercings, and a cartilage piercing on my left ear. I have been begging and begging my parents to let me get my eyebrow pierced for the last year or so, but my mom would always say stuff like "Well what if it catches on something and rips your face off?" and my dad would say stuff like "It's going to leave a scar on your face forever". But I ... read more

my eyebrow and what it felt like

Today being friday, i just got pierced on Monday. All of you who want to get this done, I highly recommend it. I am the biggest needle wus I have ever met, and I didn't pass out or get into hysterics. I'll give you guys an example of how weak my stomach actually is. I had to get tested for allergy shots in April, which means I got poked with a very small needle about 20 times on the same area of my arm. For those who don't know, the needle just barely goes under the skin. Point being: I ... read more

my bridge piercing....

I remember the first day I saw someone with their bridge pierced. I honestly thought it was the ugliest thing in the world. But then after a few months I began to fall in love with the piercing that I used to think was so horrible. I really don't know why I changed my mind but I found myself starting to make plans to get my bridge pierced. I hadn't had any concerns about it except I wasn't sure if it would suit me or not. But I finally decided that I would get it done and now it is ... read more

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