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Min första "professionella" piercing

Ja... Jag är en artonårig flicka från nordöstra Sverige. Jag bor med en kompis som har en skarp passion för pierings (men för feg för att ha många) och Döden (gubben med lien alltså) Jag själv... Har bara en besatthet. Med tyska dvärgar och datorer. Numera är även Body Mods även min passion Jaja, saken som ledde mig till min första professionella piercing (jag har en mouche som jag gjorde själv, en annan historia) var att min vän hade varit i Umeå på en av juldagarna, där hade hon velat göra en piercing i ögonbrynet men tyvärr gick det inte ... read more

Bridge of Spiritual Wonder

I've been heavily into piercings for almost 2 years now, and after acquiring myself a healthy number of piercings, I decided that getting my Bridge pierced would be the next best piercing to get. I've had a few facial piercings so the thought of a needle near my eyes didn't bother me the slightest. I chose to go to METAflesh that day because I was with a dear friend of mine who knows Joe and Rob of METAflesh very well, as they used to babysit her when she was a kid. Nothing better than having close, (professional) friends pierce you. ... read more

Breaking My Piercing Virginity

The day was the 20th December 2004, why is this relevant? Well it is my Brother's birthday. For his 21st birthday I said I'd pay for this tattoo he wanted. He got his tattoo done at Sims Tattoos, Croydon. Where Sims is located the building is split halfway, so the Bodyworks piercing studio is in the bottom half of the building and Sims Tattoos are in the top half. I'd thought about getting a piercing for such a long time, and had considered a few options (large lobe, nose, eyebrow, etc). We headed to the studio. I had a good ... read more

Big Hunks of Metal in my Eyebrow

Ever since I was a teenage boy I've obsessed about my eyebrows. At the time I saw thick male eyebrows as boorish or brutish looking...... certainly not a feature I wanted to be prominent on my face! But during adolescence I noted that mine were getting thicker and thicker. Not only were they getting more prominent and darker, they also were growing together! Today don't we refer to that as a monobrow? At the time I was literally horrified. So at age 17 I got up the courage to pluck all those bristly hairs that were growing between my eyebrows. ... read more

What I wanted first, but got second...

It is now nine and a half months after getting my eyebrow piercing. I do not like writing experiences until I have actually had a piercing for some time... When my interest in body modification began, I started talking my mother into the idea of getting my eyebrow pierced. She was not all that against it. Which makes me question why I then got my lip pierced before my eyebrow. Since this experience I have acquired ten more piercings so I may base a bit on those experiences, as well. Let us continue... It was April Fool's day of 2004 ... read more

Piercing Virgin

So here's my story. I am a 19 year old college music major, and I live in Eugene Oregon, a fairly hippie city located in West-Central Oregon. And as of 2 months or so ago I was a piercing virgin. Yes that's right folks. Not even the ears. And don't get me wrong, I wasn't from some uber-conservative family or go to some ultra strict school. My parents didn't want to have me get my ears pierced until I was old enough to choose it myself and fully understand the process. I think that's pretty cool. Anyway, that supposed age ... read more

My first professional piercing

Well... I'm an eighteen year old girl from the northeast of Sweden. I live with a friend who has a severe passion for piercings and the grim reaper. Myself... I only have an obsession with german dwarfs and computers Anyhow, the thing that led me to my very first professional piercing (I had a mouche done by myself,another story) was that my friend had been to Umeå on one of the days on our christmas holiday, while there she wanted to get her eyebrow pierced, but she couldn't since that studio only had bookings by the hour. Frustrated she went ... read more

My first "Normal" facial piercing

Before the piercing You know that need to be poked once again? Well, my eyebrow piercing was pretty much a spur of the moment decision. I had the itch for a new piercing, months before I got it done in December 2004. Before that I went about six months before I got a new piercing, which is a long time for me. I have had many piercings in my life, ears, facial, tongue, and navel, have even had my nipple done once. So six months is a long time to wait for me. Before I went in to get pierced, ... read more

Horizontal Eyebrow Rejection

The day that Hurricane Ivan hit the Gulf Coast (mid-September) I got my eyebrow pierced. Since I go to near the coast, school was canceled and everyone had prepared for the worst. Luckily the hurricane just missed us and the sky was blue and cloudless all day. It did hit my hometown of Mobile, AL though. So since I don't have a vehicle I decided it was the perfect opportunity to walk to the nearest tattoo/piercing shop and get my eyebrow pierced. Now don't get me wrong, this wasn't a last minute decision. I had wanted one ever since I ... read more

eyebrow piercing

I had wanted my eyebrow pierced for a very long time. I had wanted my eyebrow pierced for a very long time. One of my mates had got it done and another wanted it done so I thought I would as well. I thought they looked amazing so I went up to oasis to check on prices as well, I checked out Selfridges body piercing as well but it was £40. I simply could not afford to have to pay double what I would in oasis as I was told it is just as good. So when I finally asked ... read more

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