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With college comes freedom, and new mods - my eyebrow story

2.17.05 Part 1: The Usual Introduction Crap An eyebrow piercing is something I knew I eventually wanted, but I wasn't exactly sure when I'd get it. I always thought they were cute and I thought if done with a barbell, it would compliment my face quite well. However, once I started college, I realized how much freedom I had. As long as I had the money, I could basically do whatever I wanted when it came to tattoos and piercings. No longer would I have to ask permission from my mother to get a piercing, despite my being over 18. ... read more

Vertical + Horizontal Eyebrow

About 8 months ago, I got a typical run-of-the-mill eyebrow piercing in my right brow-a good choice for a first piercing, considering it's virtually painless and easy to hide when necessary. After that, I told myself I was done with piercings. That was the only piercing I had ever wanted, so I waited until I turned 18 to get it and thought that was that. Wrong. One day at band practice, our guitarist's room-mate had just gotten a horizontal eyebrow. I hadn't really seen many of those and I thought it was pretty neat. Then I got the bright idea ... read more


Let me start off by saying that this was a very sad experience for me because I had wanted my eyebrow pierced for the past 5 years and when I finally got it, I had to take it out. Here's how everything started... My boyfriend and I were bored a week ago, so we were talking about what to do to cure the boredom. He knew I really wanted my eyebrow pierced, so he suggested we go sometime. I was thrilled, because eyebrow would complete my piercing cravings, I already have 9 piercings, so this would be it for the ... read more

Eyebrow'd! You brow, too!

Let me start out by saying I do not like pain. Oh, and I'm needle phobic.... I didn't even get my ears pierced until I was 15. However, I had seen body mods on other people and commended them for their bravery. In my opinion it takes a lot of guts to sit there through the pain, even only a few seconds worth, and show the world a piece of your individuality on the surface. The eyebrow piercing caught my attention early on and I had rolled the idea around in my head for quite awhile but I was still ... read more

Eyebrow piercings

Here is a story of my third body piercing, my eyebrow. I have had my two ears pierced since about 2nd grade. I love them, I simply do! Well it was about 7th grade, when I became interested in other body piercings. The ones I was most interested in, were the eyebrow, and lip. I would never dream of getting my lip done because of all the instruments I play, im a major musician. But for 3 years, I waited, until the day I felt I should get an eyebrow piercing. I never asked my mom then though, I knew ... read more

Did my eyebrow piercing hurt? Just a pinch!

I'm writing my story here because, like other stories I've read, I started to really want my eyebrow piercing after I had read many stories here on BMEzine. On June 31st for me and July 1st for my friend, right after Driver's Ed (we were both 15) we decided we wanted to get something pierced that barely anybody at our school had gotten done. My first choice was an industrial and her choice was her lip. After we had gotten these done, we felt pretty proud of ourselves. On the 4th of July my friend, her boyfriend of the time, ... read more

Min första "professionella" piercing

Ja... Jag är en artonårig flicka från nordöstra Sverige. Jag bor med en kompis som har en skarp passion för pierings (men för feg för att ha många) och Döden (gubben med lien alltså) Jag själv... Har bara en besatthet. Med tyska dvärgar och datorer. Numera är även Body Mods även min passion Jaja, saken som ledde mig till min första professionella piercing (jag har en mouche som jag gjorde själv, en annan historia) var att min vän hade varit i Umeå på en av juldagarna, där hade hon velat göra en piercing i ögonbrynet men tyvärr gick det inte ... read more

Bridge of Spiritual Wonder

I've been heavily into piercings for almost 2 years now, and after acquiring myself a healthy number of piercings, I decided that getting my Bridge pierced would be the next best piercing to get. I've had a few facial piercings so the thought of a needle near my eyes didn't bother me the slightest. I chose to go to METAflesh that day because I was with a dear friend of mine who knows Joe and Rob of METAflesh very well, as they used to babysit her when she was a kid. Nothing better than having close, (professional) friends pierce you. ... read more

Breaking My Piercing Virginity

The day was the 20th December 2004, why is this relevant? Well it is my Brother's birthday. For his 21st birthday I said I'd pay for this tattoo he wanted. He got his tattoo done at Sims Tattoos, Croydon. Where Sims is located the building is split halfway, so the Bodyworks piercing studio is in the bottom half of the building and Sims Tattoos are in the top half. I'd thought about getting a piercing for such a long time, and had considered a few options (large lobe, nose, eyebrow, etc). We headed to the studio. I had a good ... read more

Big Hunks of Metal in my Eyebrow

Ever since I was a teenage boy I've obsessed about my eyebrows. At the time I saw thick male eyebrows as boorish or brutish looking...... certainly not a feature I wanted to be prominent on my face! But during adolescence I noted that mine were getting thicker and thicker. Not only were they getting more prominent and darker, they also were growing together! Today don't we refer to that as a monobrow? At the time I was literally horrified. So at age 17 I got up the courage to pluck all those bristly hairs that were growing between my eyebrows. ... read more

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