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Hitting the double digits

Since September, I've had only 9 piercings. It's something that's bothered me, simply because I wanted to have my piercings in the double digits but I couldn't think of anything else to do. I had just gotten my nose pierced and I had a bunch of piercings in my ears, but I wanted something a little more uncommon among my peers. Also, since I'm in a sorority, and almost every girl I know has her nose and belly button pierced, I wanted to be different. I knew that the only way I would actually go through with the piercing was ... read more

Road to eyebrow

I wanted for a long time a piercing but I didn't know where I wanted to be pierced. So I went to the piercing studio one day, Black Sun in Montreal to have a look a the different possibilities because I didn't want something really extravagant but just something simple and nice, just something in my face different. After looking at some heavy stuff in the shop like 40mm stretching tunnels and some massive jewelry like 50mm stretching wood tunnels, I decided to go for something a little more simple, something less extravagant. So the guy told me to go ... read more

My favorite piercing, and no it really didn't hurt.

So it was about a year ago now, that I had my anti done. The way that it's placed though, my piercer at the time was calling it a "crow's foot piercing" or a "temple". Lucky me (stupid me?), I got to be the first person he did it on. The story goes something like this. I was at the Motor City convention last year when I saw this beautiful piercing for the first time. And it was like a dream come true, let me tell you. I instantly wanted to have it done. Honestly, I'm not sure why I ... read more

My eyebrows

I already had my lobes pierced twice on each side, my belly button (done at the Underground), tragus (done at the underground) and a few more ear piercings that I did on my own (I don't reccommend it though). When I first started wanting my eyebrow I was thirteen or fourteen. My older brother Greg had gotten his done, then about one year and a half later I decided I wanted one. I asked my friends what they thought, they said yea that would be cute me. So after talking with some of my friends deciding on how to approach ... read more

I finally found me!

I recently found a way to express myself, to be myself, to see myself as I want to be seen. I have found the art form of piercings and what it can do for someone like me. I always wanted piercings, As far back as I remember I loved piercings. When I was little my mom took me to the mall and I always saw people with their eyebrows, noses, lips, tongues, and other things pierced and I just liked how it looked. I would draw people with piercings and I thought it looked beautiful. I grew up in a ... read more

How my piercings have helped me connect to my transgendered body

In order to help the healing, I just had the bars on my piercings shortened from a 3/8" to a 5/16"; but truthfully the experience started July 1 of last year. Two weeks before the lease expired in the house that I was living in, I left to go to my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary. All of my possessions were already in storage, and my cat was being taken care of by a nice couple, casual friends, one of whom was an ex of one of my best friends. I knew that I would have no home when I returned, ... read more

With college comes freedom, and new mods - my eyebrow story

2.17.05 Part 1: The Usual Introduction Crap An eyebrow piercing is something I knew I eventually wanted, but I wasn't exactly sure when I'd get it. I always thought they were cute and I thought if done with a barbell, it would compliment my face quite well. However, once I started college, I realized how much freedom I had. As long as I had the money, I could basically do whatever I wanted when it came to tattoos and piercings. No longer would I have to ask permission from my mother to get a piercing, despite my being over 18. ... read more

Vertical + Horizontal Eyebrow

About 8 months ago, I got a typical run-of-the-mill eyebrow piercing in my right brow-a good choice for a first piercing, considering it's virtually painless and easy to hide when necessary. After that, I told myself I was done with piercings. That was the only piercing I had ever wanted, so I waited until I turned 18 to get it and thought that was that. Wrong. One day at band practice, our guitarist's room-mate had just gotten a horizontal eyebrow. I hadn't really seen many of those and I thought it was pretty neat. Then I got the bright idea ... read more

V-Day love for my eyebrow

I am in love with my body mods. I know that a lot of people, especially people my parents age, look down on piercings/tattoos but I think that if it's something that you really want and has importance to you then it shouldn't matter what others think. It's been about four months sense I got my last mod, a 16 gauge industrial in my right ear and I decided that I wanted something new. After some debating and searching through pics and stories here on BME, I decided that my 14th piercing would be my right eyebrow. I work at ... read more

My Scary Clamp Experience.

In the summer of 2003, my sister, my mother and I took a trip to England to visit some relatives. We got on the plane on my fifteenth birthday and I was very excited to finally have permission to get a piercing. (My mother wouldn't even let me have my ears done until I was fifteen because that's when her mother let her get it done.) Lame eh? We where shopping one day when a saw a little spa sort of place with a tattoo and piercing studio below it. Naturally I wanted to check it out. After about an ... read more

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