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My eyebrow- not very painful

I shall begin at the beginning. I have been getting ears pierced for over two years (since I was 15), lobes done three times at claire's (not a good idea, gunning is bad for your ears, then three times more at LPS (helix on both sides, and left rim). So I'm no stranger to the piercing idea. I always wanted something facial pierced, and seeing as nose, lip and so on don't rally suit me, I thought an eyebrow piercing would be ideal. About two months ago I went to get my left eyebrow pierced. I had had my right ... read more

My eyeraising eyebrow piercing

I have always had a thing for piercings and tattoos. As soon as I turned 18, I started adding more and more piercings to my ears, but that was about as far as I got. When I was 19 and with my best friend in the other side of the state I live in, Michigan, we went to go see a concert at Saginaw Valley State University. We were super pumped up after the show and looking to go do something crazy. We couldn't get into the bar, so opted to go to the tattoo parlor. My friend got a ... read more

My enjoyable eyebrow piercing experiences

Since about the age of 14 I have had an interest in piercings and tattoos. After having five holes put in my ears, and my bellybutton pierced, I became bored and wanted to do something a little different. Getting a tattoo just was not an option because I just can not handle the thought of having something on my skin permanently. So I began researching all the facial piercings, from the actual procedures to the healing and after care. Unfortunately, piercings and tattoos are pretty much taboo where I live. Most of the people I know do not like them ... read more

Wow, I had balls last night~

Last night was definitely interesting. (March 9, 2005) I have been an admirer of piercings for many years, but have been hesitant to get any myself. It is mostly piercings of the nose, lips and brows that I love, not really the tongue (ugh). I think that they are very elegant and sexy, and can accent most people's faces very well. However, I have been with almost all my friends when they got their tongues pierced at this same Shop, so off hand...I kinda know how it feels, I just don't care for that type of piercing. Anyways, I have ... read more

The hole above my nose

It was the 1 year anniversary of the relationship I am in now, so we decided to go get piercings to celebrate. My girlfriend got a 6g through her conch, and I decided to get my bridge done. I had wanted it done months and months ago, but money and various other restrictions would step in a postpone the event. But I was finally going to have it done. We ate at a China Jade buffet right before it, so we were both a good bit full. I made good use of Funhouse's bathroom prior to the event. We came ... read more

My little bit of character

An earl was a piercing I never thought I'd have, but then again had you asked me a year ago you'd have been told I'd never have a septum or three labrets... I'm absolutely terrible at decisions and had a niggling urge that an earl would be my next mod, not being one to wait for things I also decided that it should happen that very day (Christmas Eve!). Since we were already in town I dragged my boyfriend into Asgard (he has a lack of money and a serious jealousy complex when it comes to piercings) to talk to ... read more

My first professional piercing.. YIKES!

I had just received my summer-job pay-cheque, and decided I wanted some piercings. I'll admit, the only reason I wanted one was cause it looked cool on others (stupid reason). But luckily, it all worked out for me. At the time, I only had six gunned lobe piercings so I was terrified at the thought of pain. I had butterflies in my stomach from just booking the appointment! I decided to go with something non-complicated because it was my first piercing (I also chose a lip piercing, but that's (literally) a different story). After looking at different shops' websites, I ... read more

Eyebrow Experience of a Symmetry Junkie

I never was really too fond of eyebrow piercings. I never thought one would look right on my face, so I said that I'd never get one. Then again, that was back in the day when I thought stretched lobes were icky too. And now I have beautiful 0g lobes, with plans to stretch larger. The idea to get my eyebrow pierced came to me one day when I decided I needed to get a piercing on the right side of my face. I'm all about symmetry, and since I have my left nostril pierced, I didn't feel even. Since ... read more

eyebrow piercing that grew out

Well in 2002 I got my eyebrow pierced. It was a great experience although it didn't last long. I finished high school and got my results so to celebrate my freedom from conformity I decided I was gonna get pierced (only 16 so too young and naive for a tat). I went to the studio with my MUM who was more than happy for me to have it and to pay for it! I got there and there were a bunch of guys my age laughing about getting their dicks pierced and picking out big designs from the flash cards ... read more

A piercing I didn't know I wanted until my brother said something

I have loved piercings since I was about eleven or twelve. I had pierced myself two times because I was an idiot. I then got my labret professionally done and I loved it, but I wanted something else I thought about getting my labret done again but I wasn't sure. One night my brother was over my mom asked him if he'd go with us to get my labret pierced again he said,"Your labret again?" I said, "Yeah." He asked why, I just looked at him and shook my head. He said, "Well in my opinion, I think it'd throw ... read more

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