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The Eyebrow Piercing that Wasn't Meant to Be.

The first piercing that I ever got in my life was a horizontal eyebrow piercing. I had thought over which piercing would look best on me and be somewhat unique, therefore I chose the horizontal eyebrow piercing. At this time, I also had to beg my parent's permission to get the piercing because I was still living with them at this time. I went to get it with my dad. He paid for it, so I had to let him come. It was done and over with in 10 minutes. I don't remember it hurting at all. The only thing ... read more

My Spontaneous Anti- Brow

Well I guess to be fair it wasn't too spontaneous. I've more or less filled my ears with piercings (I'm still looking for the perfect orbital/ industrial,) and had my nose and tongue sorted as well. All fairly mainstream really, I wanted something a bit more original so I was having a look around. I found a picture on BME that immediately appealed to me. A girl with eye shadow just the way I do mine, offset perfectly with two blue balls right below the corner of her eye. Fabulous! At first I dismissed it; sure I loved it but ... read more

My Horizontal Brow Piercing

This story is about my horizontal eyebrow piercing. I got it done on Feb 25th '05. I have been wanting a piercing for a while since the last one I got was about two months ago, I had the urge. So I looked on BME to find an awesome piercing, and I found it, the horizontal eyebrow. I heard that the chances of it rejecting are high but I thought o well I will try it and if it gets messed up I will take it out and pierce my brow vertically. Perfect timing too, I just turned 16 on ... read more

My eyebrow my love

I always wanted my eyebrow pierced. So when I was 13 I asked my mom and dad and they said yes. So we started calling everywhere some places said you had to be 18 and half of them said you have to be 13. We found a good shop it was called Lambadi City Tattoo. About 4 days later we drove down to Fairfield were Lambadi was. On the way I asked my dad alot of questions because he had seen alot of piercings. I asked him if the clamps hurt he said it is really painful. We finally got ... read more

The second time around...

My experience actually took place just yesterday. This was my second time getting my eyebrow pierced (I had to remove the first one even though it was beautiful and perfect for other unrelated reasons...) so I called up my favourite studio, Soul Survivors, but they were booked solid. Usually, I'm a very patient person, but when it comes to mods, when I want one, I WANT one. (Bad, I know.) Now, I've read tons of these handy little articles on BMEzine and figured that my chances were good if I tried out a different studio...it seems most people are happy ... read more

eyebrow piercing, escaping my torment

It was last year just after my 16th birthday that I decided to get my eyebrow pierced. This wasn't that much of a big deal for me because I knew I really wanted it done. I had been getting piercing since I was 15 years old. My labret and tongue had already been done and I needed something that none of my friends had done and something that I knew would look really different on me. I had never had a piercing done at this particular studio before but I had heard good things and decided that I should go ... read more

Third time's a charm

Okay, I'm 17, but was 16 when I first had my piercing done. I had wanted my eyebrow pierced since I was 13 I believe, but I was not even going to attempt asking my parents, who aren't completely strict, they're just not as loose as some people. For awhile I had asked about my lip, but my parents are totally against oral piercings. So, to start my parents finally agreed to let me get my eyebrow pierced, the first time was quite awhile ago and was done by a girl named Charlie when the shop was called Unusual Expressions. ... read more

Road Side Bridge

Now I don't recommend you do this but I really wanted a bridge piercing and being young and stupid. What you want you have to have in what ever way you can, with out thinking of the potential damage and the germs you are infecting your body with. So anyway here is my story. Ok first of I'd like to state I've been into Body mods since I was around 10-11 this procedure happened when I was 14-15 I can't remember but almost all my friends from school, when I see them at some of the clubs still to this ... read more

No Pain, No Gain...Wait... THIS DIDN'T HURT!

Let me tell you about myself so you know how hard I had to work to get this beautiful piece of metal in my eyebrow. It didn't come easy, and I had to work really hard. Here's my story. I am in 8th grade, and am currently taking Honors Algebra. I have never been very good at math in general, and this class has been a struggle for me. I started doing pretty poorly in the class. I was barely scraping by with a C. So, my mom told me that if I got a B on my report card ... read more

my first real piercing

I started getting into piercings when i was about 12 years old and obsessed with blink 182. Tom DeLonge had his lip pierced, and I wanted it too. I begged my mom for the longest time to get my lip pierced and she said it was ugly and distracting. When my best friend who was younger than me got her eyebrow pierced I complained even more and so we compromised. My mom said I could get my eyebrow or my nostril pierced when I was 13. I believed at the time that nostril piercings were ugly. So I decided to ... read more

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