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After I regained consciousness.... I loved it!

It all started about a year ago. I've wanted to get my eyebrow pierced for a long time but I never thought my parents would ever go for it so I never asked. I've just always liked the way they looked and thought that one would look good on me. Like I said, about a year ago I casually brought it up to my mother saying that I think I might want to do it someday. My mother is a very conservative, old fashioned, church-going mother and she just about had a heart attack. She completely flipped out saying that ... read more

Be Gentle, This is My First Time

Since I was 10, I'd wanted my eyebrow pierced. I don't even remember the first time I saw it, I just remember that I'd always really liked them. It's only been a week, but I know my four years of waiting were way worth it. The first step was convincing my mom. Trust me, this was far from easy. The key is patience, because the begging started around 9 months ago, and 9 months is how long it took. I had heard nothing but good things about a small piercing shop nearby, called Westcoast Piercing. I visited their site a ... read more

At last....a new hole

I got my first piercing when I was about two weeks old. My mom got my ear lobes pierced at the mall and I think that's when my addiction began. Growing up I always loved piercings. My mom had her ears done a bunch of times and I always envied her for it. After piercing my ears many times I finally moved on to a different type of piercing. My next piercing would be my eyebrow. I asked to get my eyebrow pierced a few weeks before my 15th birthday. To my surprise my mom actually agreed with it. Although ... read more

A really bad eyebrow experience

A really bad eyebrow experience So let me just set the scene. This all takes place about two years ago in a studio that I worked in at the time called Area51. My direct boss and the guy who owned the studio is called Duncan. I started working as his apprentice tattoo artist with only a couple of tattoos and two body piercings (labret and navel) and didn't have any intention to get any more piercings as I know I don't react well to them. So I had been working at Area51 for about three months when a new piercer ... read more

My pride and joy

Around Christmas time, my friend got her nose done, and I added that I wanted to get my eyebrow done, just off the top of my head. I had been obsessed with getting my bellybutton done, but seeing how I'm short and bound to grow, places wouldn't do me because I would get stretch marks.I went with my friend while she got her nose done, and it was done in seconds. She said she only felt pain for one second, and we were in and out in minutes. I asked the place what their age limit for eyebrow was, and ... read more

My eyebrow piercing experience

I will be describing the experience of getting my eyebrow pierced and the healing process that it goes through afterwards. I have two holes in my earlobes, one in the cartilage, my eyebrow, and my tongue pierced. The tongue piercing was by far the most painful, and was also the hardest healing process. Getting my eyebrow pierced was a piece of cake! I had it pierced around two years ago, and it just seems like a part of my face because I've had it so long. Sometimes people say "Did that hurt?" and I have to think for a second ... read more


Living in Hawaii with a face full of metal is pretty amusing, especially on the island of Maui where the most common piercing people have are typical nose studs and belly button rings. You can only imagine the stares and questions I get because of my appearance. Already having triple lip rings and a septum, I decided to get my bridge done. I am a huge fan of symmetry and like things to look and feel balanced so I thought it would compliment my face very well, not to mention I adored the piercing on other people. I asked around ... read more

My eyebrow - trying out a new studio

I've been interested in piercings for as long as I can remember, but it wasn't until recently that it dawned on me, "Hey, I'm over 16 now, I can get almost anything I want pierced!" Thinking my parents would be peeved, I started out with getting both my nipples pierced. Of course, they found out (through word of mouth), and they were a little upset. A month later I came home from school with my septum pierced, and they were slightly annoyed. When I walked in with my tongue pierced, they were actually interested. That led to my mom actually ... read more

My and My Best Friend's Bonding Experience

I remember it was 1995 when I first saw someone with an eyebrow piercing. It was a girl at my college, and I remember seeing it in passing. Honestly, at the time, I was like, "How could someone do that to themselves?" and "Man, that looks painful!" But as time went on, it sprouted a seed of longing in my and my best friend's, E., minds, and soon we began talking about actually getting our eyebrows pierced. However, issues at the time were that A.) Neither of us had the money to get it done at the time, B.) We ... read more

lil stoner freak gets pierced again

Again I've pierced my eyebrow for now the second time. If you've read my tongue piercing story then you should know I'm sort of rebellious. That story is under the name C.J.O's Pierced Princess. The reason I wanted my eyebrow pierced in the first place was because I liked my boyfriend's, and his friend's eyebrow piercings. Also because not very many girls at school have it done, which is cool, so it makes me feel special. Well anyhow let me get to this wonderful story. I pierced my eyebrow before Christmas break and my boyfriend told me to take it ... read more

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