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Eyebrow Piercing that lasted...for awhile

I have never been that afraid of getting piercing. The first piercings I got were my ears when I was one. I guess that helped conquer the fear, Getting started at such a young age. I had always gotten ear piercings. Currently I have 14 In my ears. I had wanted my eyebrow pierced for some time. I asked my Mom and of course the first reaction was "No!" My sixteenth birthday rolled around and by this time I was begging her. I finally got her to say yes, and I couldn't be happier! She said she would take me ... read more

bridge over troubled waters

This is the terrible story of my bridge piercing. It actually took me awhile to submit this because I was kind of embarrassed that I'd gone through with the piercing despite the giant, flashing, neon warning signs. And granted, mine turned out ok...well, sort of ok, but this is still a story of warning. Go to a good piercer, seriously! So my bridge was my second piercing. I was in sort of a weird mood that day, so I took off without telling anyone and went to read in the park. After a few hours (and falling asleep on a ... read more

My first piercing with a needle

I started piercing two months after I completed my secondary school education, when I was 17.(which was like 5 months ago, secondary school education here runs in Jan-May, July-Nov semesters) I wanted to do it earlier, but there were rules against boys having piercings in school, so to avoid all the hassle I decided to wait. After my finals, I got a friend to follow me to get my first piercing, in my left earlobe. This was done with a gun, apparently its not very safe, but at the time I had not known about this, and it was the ... read more

I'm SO glad I got this done here!

I actually live in Kansas City. I have several other piercings, which were either done in Kansas City or in Berkeley, California, where I used to live. I'd been thinking about getting my eyebrow pierced for a while, and since I'm here in New Orleans on business, I thought this would be the perfect time to get it done. Usually before I get any piercing, I do a little reconnaissance mission to the studio to check out their procedures, and ask questions. I highly recommend this to anyone thinking about getting a piercing, because it really helps put me at ... read more

Scaredy Cat gains courage!

Okay, so I have always thought that getting an eyebrow piercing would be awesome, but never wanted to get it done because I knew my parents would freak out and everyone around me was getting their navels pierced. One of my good friends had her eyebrow pierced when she was 16 and said it hurt like hell. That did not make me want to get one, as I was squeamish just about getting my ear lobes pierced.Even when I turned 18, I was too scared to get it. Everyone around me was getting tattoos and piercings, and I was so ... read more

On a whim, lets pierce my eyebrow!

Hello. My name is Laura, and I am addicted to IAM and BME. My relationship is suffering for it, as I spend all day on the computer talking to my new friends, and I feel like I losing touch with what is real and what isn't. I need help. Is such a support group exists, I would be there. I may not have as many holes as some people, and I have no tattoos, but I was sure as hell going to amend that! I needed a new piercing, and I needed one today. I spent so much time on ... read more

My Eyebrow Adventure

About two months ago my mom, sister, and I went out to eat at Ruby Tuesdays. Well, one of our waitresses had an eyebrow piercing and ever since than i wanted one. My mom was so supportive and kept telling me I should get it done and that it would look so good on me. For a couple of weeks I took time to research all the precautions that go along with the piercing (I also looked through a lot of the pictures and articles on this site). So finally a month after my first encounter with the waitress, I ... read more

It enchances your face and eyes!

The eyebrow piercing for me was done on a whim, I liked the way it looked so what the heck. I went into my local piercing parlor one Sunday to get my tongue barbell downsized when I asked my piercer to tell me more about the eyebrow. She proceeds to explain to me what to expect, what it's like, and the whole science behind it. Well, all this did was get me more and more excited about getting it. Then I figured, well I am already here so why not. Plus I'll have something new to show off once I ... read more

A PAINLESS Eyebrow Experience

Well, it all started about 4 years ago. I continuously said "I want to get my eyebrow pierced", but every time the opportunity came along I would get something else pierced instead. Well, after having several other piercings, I figured if I got the eyebrow piercing I had been wanting for so long, I would finally feel complete. So, without much hesitation, that's exactly what happened. My best friend Tiffany and I planned a week ahead of time to go to this piercing studio called Body Links. We both had been pierced there before and knew it was very sanitary ... read more

An awesome piercing, and super cool!!!

I had my eyebrow pierced about a year ago. I had always wanted something pierced but I wasn't sure what, for awhile it was my belly button, but my mom said I was to young and she wouldn't let me. Then I started seeing people with eyebrow piercing, I thought it looked cool, and it looked good on girls that weren't punk. So I looked into it reading stories from people that had it done. I had my mom read them and I got pictures of people with it so she could she. She didn't mind it so she said ... read more

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