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My first Melbourne piercing is a foxy bridge!

I like bridge piercings. Along with eyebrows and centre labrets, bridges never seem to look bad on people to me. If they're healed and pierced correctly, they suit all types of faces and people, in my eyes. To some people that might make them generic or over done or whatever, but I think they look good, and that's why I got mine pierced. Also, I love symmetry in my piercings, and since this is a centre face piercing - kaching! Seemed like a cool piercing to put on my to-do list. But I never actually set a date or some ... read more

My favorite piercing

I've already had my belly button pierced since I had turned 18. Went like the day after. I know it's kind've poser, but the belly button was the only one I could hide from the parents. Even though I ALWAYS wanted my eyebrow. So finally here I am 20.. Have got my own place. My friend mentions it to me and I'm like fuck it let's go for it. I wasn't nervous about the whole pain issue with it because I have a real high tolerance. Plus about 6 months prior I gave birth, if I could do that.. I ... read more

I was poked!

For years now, I have always been attracted to body modification and tattoos, but never thought I would be the kind of person to get anything like that done. Since I've discovered my true self, I realized they ARE me and an important part of my life. Needless to say, I only had my ear lobes stretched to 4G, but I am fantasized by this community and what it has to offer. I started itching for a different piercing about a few months ago, but could not decide what kind to get. I didn't want one that looked inappropriate for ... read more

Eyebrow Self-Done

One day I was sitting on my bedroom floor in front of my mirror, I was sewing some shirts up, and was thinking, 'hell I have needles in front of me, and since I want to pierce my septum so much, I should just do it now'. Well I had already had my navel, ears [8x],clit,and nipples, done so piercings weren't a new thing for me and I wasn't afraid of how much it would hurt. But after much self debating, I decided that I wanted my eyebrow done more. But wasn't quite sure since I drew my eyebrows and ... read more


THE BACKGROUND Mi chiamo Valeria [ iam : ShellyDraven ] e da poco più di due anni sono una piercer professionista presso uno studio della mia città pur non ricevendo l'appoggio di nessun familiare che credono che io sia completamente matta e che questa "crisi adolescenziale" debba passare al più presto.. In ogni caso, se fino a poco tempo fa la body modification era solo un hobby nell'ultimo anno è diventato per me un vero e proprio stile di vita. Questo probabilmente anche grazie a BME ed IAM che sono grandi fonti d'informazione per tutti. Nonostante tutti i problemi che ... read more

Brow at 14

I am a 14 year old male currently living in Monterrey, Mexico, and I am from Brazil. Well I decided to get my first body modification about 2 months ago and my idea was to get my tongue pierced. I was almost 100% sure that my parents would not let me get it but I decided to go ahead and ask my mom. My mom said that it was my body and that I could what I wanted with it except tats and large gauges. I told her that I wanted my tongue done but she told me that the ... read more

Saint Sabrina

This happened on June 23, 2004 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was a good summer. Well, no, actually it wasn't. My piercing experience was one of the most positive memories for me from that period in recent history. But this isn't a space to bitch about how miserable I was. I'd been contemplating getting an eyebrow piercing for...a good while. At least a week. I was hesitant because the only other piercing I'd ever gotten was my ear when I was about seven, and that wasn't a great thing. (It was done at a mall boutique with a piercing gun, so ... read more

Nursing School Drop Out

My eyebrow piercing came as a certain celebration. It was a reward to myself so to speak. While I had managed to work around my previous 14 piercings in my first year nursing program, there was no way I could heal a new one or keep a facial piercing, regardless of how badly I was feeling that familiar itch to get poked. I was halfway through my second semester when I decided that I would finish off the program, but that I would choose to drop out and fail the clinical component and switch majors the following year. While I ... read more

my long awaited 2nd piercing.....

I had been wanting to pierce my eyebrow for the longest so when the opportunity came up I jumped at it. I had been telling people for the longest that I was gonna do it so I decided I better do it instead of just talking about it. There was a weekend long party at some friends house about 2 weeks after my 20th birthday and I heard there was gonna be a piercer there so I figured then was the chance. On the second day the piercer and his apprentice showed up and I sat around for hours thinking ... read more

My first "real" piercing

My first "real" piercing was my standard eyebrow. I say that is my first real one 'cause I got my ear cartiladge pierced about two years ago, and even 9-year old girls have that. Anyway, I was curious about the world of body modification, and I was eager to get my body modified, not because I wanted to be cool or something, it just felt like it fitted me, I love piercings and tattoos, so why not give it a shot? After all, you can regret a piercing, so I started with a piercing. My parents was a little against ... read more

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