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Excellent first time experience - Eyebrow piercing.

I went to have my eyebrow pierced in Manchester the day before my fifteenth birthday. To make sure I got it done, and to save trouble and arguing (probably ending up with me getting kicked out because I can be pretty violent) I took my mum. I warn you, "Holier than thou," another piercing studio in the centre of Manchester, do not pierce under sixteens due to company policy, its not illegal they just like to be awkward. So, because of this, I had to walk to Afflecks Palace around the corner. I had looked up videos of people getting ... read more

A second try at my eyebrow

I have wanted my eyebrow pierced since I was in 5th grade approximately but my parents are very anti-body modification. Of course my mom is the one who introduced me to piercings by letting me get my ears pierced when I turned 10 because that's what every other girl I knew was doing but little did she know it would become somewhat of an addiction. Until very recently I had stuck with ear piercings because I could hide them easily from my family and even when my parents found out about them I could keep them covered by wearing my ... read more

Tonight's Entertainment - a bridge piercing!

I'm a regular at my piercing/tattoo studio. They see me at the very least every couple of weeks, but recently it's been more like once a week as my artist Sam works on my big leg piece tattoo. Anyway, the point is – we all know each other, which makes it so much more fun! Tonight when I walked in, the shop girl looked up and right away said "Hand on a minute – let me get Sam". I had to stop her with "Actually, hang on, I want piercings – is Block here?" Block is the main piercing guy, ... read more

My brow piercing, and how my labret told me something was wrong.

I'll try to make this experience as interesting as possible, though really it's nothing more then a sad story of love found and love lost. If this manages to bring a tear of empathetic pain to your eye, then I suppose my goal is accomplished. Last year, when I was 17, I struck a deal with my mom. If I passed all my classes in the first semester, she'd let me get my eyebrow pierced. Now, math is a very difficult subject for me, but somehow, someway I managed to even pass that. She was so impressed when the midterm ... read more

My First Body Piercing Experience

I have loved piercings for as long as I could remember. My mom was very much into metal, and she always had me around pierced and tattooed people. It was common and not shocking for me to see SOMEONE with some sort of body modification. I could never decide which one I wanted first, but on a spontaneous whim, I decided that I really truly wanted an eyebrow piercing. I began my quest to find a quality piercer, because that sort of thing should NEVER EVER be rushed. It was important that I found a quality piercer that would not ... read more

One Of The Best Things I've Ever Done

Ever since I was about fifteen years old, I knew I wanted to get a piercing. At that time, it didn't matter what kind of piercing it was. I simply wanted it. I approached my friends with the subject of getting my eyebrow pierced. Promptly, and without hesitation it seemed, they said it wouldn't look good on me. Turned off of the idea, I played around with the notion of piercing my belly button. Well, needless to say that never happened. Parental interference, friends having bad experiences, and an honest fear over the pain and procedure stopped me from going ... read more

Is it in yet?

About a month ago I had like a emotional shut down over random crap, and I decided that I'm getting something pierced. Dropped by a local place and asked if lips with braces were a good idea. Cool guy, he said he had braces and it didn't work good. He went on to recommend the eyebrow, and he's like here's the paper work you need. A paper to get signed by your parents, have it notarized, copy of both peoples License/ID, and then come back when your ready. Okay, go home and talk to the parents about it. Mum is ... read more

My Re-Pierced Eyebrow

Hi, my name is Synie (okay, its my nickname but deal with it.), I'm 17 years old. I just got my eyebrow re-pierced last night for the second time (I had it once before but I lost the top ball and before I could replace it, it fell out while I was sleeping). I've wanted my eyebrow pierced for a really long time now. I had it before and when it fell out I was devastated, but I couldn't get it again cause my dad HATED it. I went back to the piercing place where I got it originally, because ... read more

By Thine Eye

Had I waited a few more days it would have been one year and four months since I had acquired any new body modifications. Sitting at the 32 mark for piercings I had almost abandoned my desire for any additions, mainly working on stretching various ear work and my septum for the past year. Flipping through magazines and exploring the wonderful world of piercings across the internet has both captivated me and caused me to fall in love with them all over again. Unfortunately I'm not one for crowding and am particular about the piercings I sport. Many of my ... read more

"Well what else can I do![for my bridge]"

Ever since I got my first piercing, I've always wanted something not many people have. Living in a somewhat country town, there were a lot of things nobody had. Then suddenly a lot of kids started popping up with septum and lip piercings. It didn't bother me that much, that I didn't have something nobody else did, but I still wanted something else. I'd been leaning towards a bridge piercing, but as I have a very flat nose I wasn't sure if it would work out alright. Months later I began to get that itch that a lot of people ... read more

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