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First Time Getting Pierced, Loved It

I was walking down the street and saw my friend and he had a guy with him, and I saw that he had an eyebrow piercing, and I really liked how it looked. I had been looking at pictures of tattoos and piercings a lot lately, and after seeing his piercing, I decided that it would be an awesome experience to get one. That night, I researched local piercing places and the types of piercings, barbells, rings, checked out some pictures and compared what I liked and what I didn't. I read stories about the piercings, what would happen if ... read more

Adrenaline and Pain

Pain. Pain is something that many people fear, and many people welcome. I have never been the type of person that feels like they need to make up their mind on something. I do not take pleasure out of pain, usually, but am not afraid of what it is or what it omits. Because of my mind and thoughts contradicting themselves, all that came was nervousness. I had made the choice to get my Bridge pierced. The only other piercings I had were my ears multiple times and my labret. I knew that the pain of these were different and ... read more

This is Why I Respect My Piercer

Since I was fourteen I liked the idea of facial piercing. I don't know what started me on the idea, but it has always intrigued me. From the start the three that I wanted were labret, eyebrow, and industrial. The other day I was having a bad day, I won't go into any details because that's not what's important here, but since my bad day happened to fall on a pay day, I decided that a good thing to do would be to get a new piercing. It wasn't my first piercing; I've already got the labret. I knew the ... read more

The Quest of the Piercing of the Flesh of Betweenst Thine Eyes

T'was a recent occurrence, barely three moons have passed since I acquired a new addition to the temple that is my body. I was to visit a piercer of the flesh, a young wench that goes by the name of Gillian. T'were a sunny day, and upon my awakening in the early hours of the morn, husband exclaimed: "Thou hast been pining for new holes, and I shalt travel with thee in my horseless cart to the village of Carlisle, and we shall visit a piercer of the flesh. T'is a day of leisure for thou and I." I was ... read more

Eyebrow Piercing

It was midway through my senior year in high-school. It seemed like everyone was getting something pierced, kind of like a graduation present to themselves. I had been considering a few piercings, but I had been holding off at my family's pleas. After seeing everyone else's piercings, and adoring their unique appeal, I decided I wasn't going to be waiting any longer. I had asked a friend where she went to get her eyebrow pierced, and she referred me to a local tattoo shop called Lucky Thirteen. I went and checked it out before I would allow myself to go ... read more

Conquering my sad --but true-- fear

I am probably the worst person to get a piercing, ever. I flinch at the sight of needles, and hyperventilate when I think of pain. That didn't deter me from getting an eyebrow piercing though! I had been contemplating getting an eyebrow pierced, since you don't see an abundance of them in Winnipeg. I just wasn't the type for a belly-button piercing, as I never show off my stomach. And the nose is just too common. I was always nervous thinking about getting my eyebrow pierced, but completely excited! I never actually thought I'd do it, but that was the ... read more

Another hole in my face...Anti-Eyebrow

Okay so, I'm just like every other body modification fan, visiting BMEZINE everyday...I'm14 years of age. I'm a Christian and I believe in enhancing the "temple" a.k.a. my body so for those so called "Christians" against body modification, I ask you not to preach. Trust me, if I had read all of bible parts concerning piercings and tattoos and found that they were against my religion, I wouldn't be drooling over these wonderful works of art daily. To begin my story, I usually looked at the piercings most familiar to me until some random day I come across the not-so-famous ... read more

Another one [piercing] bites the dust!

Hello? God damn it! The phone's dead again! Ah, what to do to pass the time? Hmm.... I walked towards the light. The bathroom light. I hopped up onto the camera and sat on the edge. I stared in the mirror. Eww. I hated that image. I hated looking at myself. This isn't helping... I ought to do something interesting or productive while I wait for the phone to charge. Maybe something I can talk about when I get back on the phone? It's Saturday night. As usual, I spend the majority of my time on the phone. The phone ... read more

Double Brow, the more the merrier!

Well I wanted my right eyebrow pierced twice for a while. I don't remember what made decide to get it, the only thing I do remember is think "I want that so bad!". I live with my dad (parents are divorced) and of course he immediately said no. (he has a huge problem with facial piercings) We fought about it a lot and he never ever agreed to it, so I said I'd get Brenda (my mom, I call her brenda because she did some stuff to make me literally hate her so I didn't think she deserved to be ... read more

yay! my new happy eyebrow piercing

Body mods have always held a fascination for me, and when I was little I would be drawn to people who had them and wonder when I would be able to have them for myself. I had had my lobes pierced when I was 3 or so, and I had wanted them so badly my dad took me to the mall and got them done, much to my moms surprise. But I loved them. At 14, I had my second holes pierced with a mall gun (bad, I know...) and had to take them out because they had been completely ... read more

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