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My Eyebrow Piercing

My Eyebrow Piercing Around the time I told my boyfriend that I was going with two friends to get my belly button pierced he began talking about getting his eyebrow pierced. I too had considered getting my eyebrow pierced in the past. The day I got my belly button pierced he told me that he really wanted to get his eyebrow pierced soon. I told him that if he waited a month to see if my belly button piercing healed properly I would get it done with him. He agreed and the subject of piercing came up a few times. ... read more

Bridge Again!

This all started kind of randomly about a week ago when I met up with an old friend that I hadn't seen in ages down the pub that I work at for a few drinks and we got onto the subject of body modification. He then proceeded to tell me that a well known piercer in my area called Tamsin will pierce people she knows 'out-of-studio' with all the proper equipment and procedures of a general well run studio for reduced prices. I thought that I couldn't say no to that sort of deal and I had wanted to get ... read more

A bridge to the future

Bridge piercings have always been one of my favourite piercings. Along with septums and central lips/labrets I have always found these to be the most stand out, expressive piercings. There's something special about centrally located piercings for me. I guess its probably because they just draw in the attention of others so much. I had thought casually about the idea of a bridge piercing for some time, but for whatever reason I had never given it any really serious thought. I'd got my septum done some time earlier, and then had later had my labret pierced, more recently adding a ... read more

My painless pride

I think I was about 14 when I developed an obsession for my eyebrows and having at least one pierced. The reason I waited so long to actually get it pierced was because I lived in a small town and the people who did body piercing there where real amateurs and lots of people I knew had really disgusting ugly piercings that were constantly infected. So even if I had of wanted to get my eyebrow pierced there my mum wouldn't let me. This year my family moved to a bigger city. I was at school one day and my ... read more

The First Non-Conventional Hole!

I've always loved the look of facial piercings of any kind. However, my parents have never expressed the same passion for them that I do, so when it came down to my begging and pleading for an eyebrow piercing six months before I turned eighteen, their response was "what are you, crazy!?" Still, nearing the month of September and the infamous eighteenth birthday, they gave it more consideration, and finally agreed to let me have it pierced. My mother was adamant about checking local shops, scoping them out for how sanitary they were, what the people there were like, and ... read more

Eyebrow 14g barbell curved piercing

This is about my eyebrow piercing experience. This was the second piercing I've ever had, the first I got in grade 3 which was my ear, and I remember I didn't leave that one in for long. I remember one night last week, I was just lying in my bed when I said to myself, "you know.. I'm gonna get my eyebrow pierced." It was totally random and weird since I have never thought about doing this before. The next day after school I immediately looked in the yellow pages and found a place down town, I phoned and made ... read more

My first facial piercing

Intro I was a couple months away from finishing up grade 11, and for some reason the mood really struck me to get pierced. At this point, I only had my lobes done, so it was pretty out of the blue. I talked to my mom about it, and my choices were septum, or labret, which she, of course, did not agree to. I mulled it over in my head for a while, and one day in the car, "eyebrow" just popped into my head. I'd never thought of it before, and luckily for me, my mom agreed! Back then, ... read more

My Eyebrow Ring

Ever since I was a little girl, I've always wanted my eyebrow pierced. So one day, after I'd just turned 15, I finally asked my mom. I didn't think she would take me seriously, she wasn't the type of mom who would. She hesitated, and after a few random questions, she talked with my step dad. After a little while, they agreed to it, as long as I paid for it. I had a good job at that time, I worked part time at a restaurant, bussing tables. I didn't mind paying sixty dollars, I was getting my eyebrow pierced! ... read more

my bridge piercing

Being someone who's never fit in adequately and loves it, I thought it was about time I got a piercing that didn't really 'fit in'. One that wasn't very common. Having been 15 at the time, it was a bit of a challenge to get my moms permission beforehand. I'd done my nose by myself as well as a few holes in my ears. She decided she better let me get something done professionally before I went and did something dangerous (more so than my nose) myself. I guess it was a bit of a spontaneous decision to get my ... read more

mon perçage dans le bridge

Il y a un peu plus d'un an à 18 ans, je me suis lancée dans l'aventure d'un perçage de surface. Je ne sais pas trop si je savais dans quoi je m'embarquais. Après avoir expérimenté le perçage du labret à 15 ans, le perçage de la narine à 16 ans et quelque tatouages peu douloureux je pris goût aux perçages plus rares et plus recherchés. Après une longue période de réflexion, arriva Pâques. Mon copain décida donc de m'offrir ce perçage en guise de cadeau. Beaucoup mieux qu'un chocolat n'est ce pas! Avant de partir pour le salon de ... read more

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