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Muay Thai and an Eyebrow

Hello, my name is Tark and I am going to share with you my horrible experience about removing my barbell. To start things off I had my eyebrow done approximately Christmas of 2004. I was first told that it would take more healing time than most other piercings I would ever decide to get. This can't possibly be more true. For the first ten months, I spent training myself not to sleep on the left side of my face, being cautious of the left side of my body in general. On occasion I had times where I would get smacked ... read more

Fun while it lasted

Well as many of you probably know, body modification is highly addictive. Once you start you actually cant stop.. and I started with my belly button, tongue, then got my temple pierced which was probably the first piercing that I actually consider to be a piercing. Tongue, ears, bellybutton... they're all fairly common, but not the temple. So id been thinking about it for a while and asking people but deep down I knew I had to have it so finally I decided to just get downtown and do it. I knew all the risks involved, rejection, infection scarring bla ... read more

My double eyebrow piercings

While browsing through the pictures of eyebrow piercings on BME, I came a across a picture of somebody with eyebrow piercings, not off to the side like most, or nearer to the bridge. Right smack in the middle of their eyebrows. I immediatly fell in love with them. I couldn't recall ever seeing these before, and until now had never really wanted any jewellry adorning my eyebrows. But now, that had changed. After saving up enough money, I was off to my regular peircing studio with a couple of my faithful companions who regularily join me on trips over there. ... read more

Nervous About Piercing Your Eyebrow?

I remember being 11 and seeing my friend get her piercing at 11. It was the first time I ever had taken notice that "normal" people had piercings too. She got her belly pierced and I was intrigued ever since. I never got my own piercing though, that is until I started college. I didn't move away off campus or anything alike. Instead, I felt I would express my freedom through getting a piercing. Since I was 14 I had been working it a high paying job. I was ready to throw it all away. It's not like I loved ... read more

Bridging the gap.

To be honest, when I went to Borderline Tattoos (my tattoo parlour & piercing place of choice) to first to inquire about getting my bridge pierced I was nervous. This was mainly because when I told my parents I was going to get my bridge pierced, that after the initial, "Where is your bridge?" (My first answer, me, ever the witty one: over my river. Which sounds like a urination-related response in retrospect, but they didn't pick up on that) when I actually told them what a bridge piercing was there were sharp intakes of breath and a hasty joint ... read more

Attacked Eyebrow

For about a year I had wanted my eyebrow done, my mum had said no, which kind of is but kind of isn't mush of a surprise, my mums weird with piercings she let me get my navel done when I was 12, she pierced my ears the second time when I was 11 and doesn't mind how many I get in my ears (I do most of them myself which I do not suggest unless your stupid like me), let me get my nose done when I was 13 and after awhile warmed up to my self pierced labret ... read more

Young, but still got it done

Well, first off I'm 13 and I know that's young compared to all the other people that write their experiences, but I have been fascinated with eyebrow piercing for the longest time now. It started I think when I first saw an eyebrow piercing on a girl, I thought it looked so cute and cool. I told my mom about it, but she disagreed. My mom has 3 piercing other than her ears. She has her nose, tongue, and belly button. She would've let me get any of those, but I wanted the eyebrow piercing, but she didn't like it. ... read more

The piercing that parents hate

Getting a bridge was never one of my piercing goals. Actually it was my boyfriend who had always wanted one. It wasn't until after I had gotten most of my planned piercings that I thought about a bridge for myself. It's true for me that piercings and tattoos become like an addiction, so after getting a good deal of the mods I wanted, I got an itch for another piercing. I compulsively look at BME every day, and I found myself being drawn into looking through the bridge piercings. There were a lot of girls on there who looked damn ... read more

Finally built up the courage

I've always been so worried about what people would say if I tried something out of the ordinary. I've always been thought of as the little 'goody two shoes' that would never have anything done apart from her ears pierced. I did have my nose pierced at one point in the past and as much as I liked it I kept catching it all the time and it slowly became very sore and I gave up on it. Since then I have been craving to get another piercing and I had decided on an eyebrow piercing. Now as I have ... read more

A Piece of Americana

It is getting closer and closer to January 14th, 2006, my 30th birthday. Is there then any more appropriate time than now to go back in time? It was the end of August 2002. I graduated from the university with my second M.A. two months prior and was getting ready to go to the States to continue my education for one year longer. I was excited and had many plans, none of them, though, involved body modification. I have already had 12 (?) earrings, both lobe and cartilage piercings, very short hair and this somewhat alternative look I was born ... read more

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